UPDATE! Driver Wanted is now in post-production.

DRIVER WANTED, which recently wrapped filming on July 24th, is about senatorial candidate, Kirk Wakeman and his search for a new driver; however, he comes to find out that this is no ordinary job interview.  

We are happy to share the news that Alex has just finished doctoring the RED footage (the term is called one-lighting for those who are more tech savvy) and is now cutting away!  This time around we used three cameras meaning we have three angles of the same take allowing our editor to flow from shot to shot seamlessly.  Pretty awesome, right?

Speaking of awesome: Tom Gurnee who played the role of Kirk Wakeman in DRIVER WANTED sent us the most beautiful note about working with the Tallgrass team and we had to share it with you all!  


“Thank you as well for treating the three of us with such dignity and respect.  Thank you for your hospitality there at the studio and for being so gracious to set us up with accommodations and with such wonderful food... Absolute first class from the get-go.”

“If I may say, one thing that really impressed me was your team and how well all of you work together.  There's an amazing and unique synergy happening with all of you there and I believe it to come from your professional leadership and obvious, excellent management skills.”


Thank you Tom, William, and Nicole for your hard-work and dedication to the story.  Can’t wait to work with each of you again!