That's A Wrap!

Does a self-absorbed politician, a vendetta and a can opener sound like a recipe for disaster?  Here at Tallgrass Pictures we think it sounds like a recipe for a brilliant short film!

One day, three cameras and many brilliant minds came together to produce what is known as our new short entitled, “Driver Wanted.” 

Unbelievably we shot the whole thing in one day. Starting at sunrise and ending late into the night, the Tallgrass team made it appear as if the film happened within only 15 minutes.  How you might ask?  Although light changes throughout the day, we rigged lights into all the windows making it appear to be 5:00pm for the entire shoot.  Crazy, right?!

Stay tuned for more updates as we move into post-production.  You’re not going to want to miss anything!

On Set 8_Driver Wanted (cover image) On Set 7_Driver Wanted On Set 6_Driver Wanted On Set 5_ Driver Wanted On Set 4_Driver Wanted On Set 3_Driver Wanted On Set 2_Driver Wanted On Set_Driver Wanted