San Diego local, Rita Hanscom, was selected for the One Eyeland Gallery!

Our photo of Master Athlete and San Diego local Rita Hanscom, was just selected for the One Eyeland Gallery! Part of our Passion of Sport photo series, she was a age 55 when she earned her title of WMA Master Athlele of 2009. As an All Time World Ranked track and field competator she has traveled extensivly across the globe to go up against the best. Rita is not only an 100, 200, and 400 meter sprinter (with a time of 28.16 seconds on her 200 meter Dash), she is also accomplished in the Short Hurdles, High Jump, Pole Vault and Long Jump events. Check out our viedo installment to the Passion of Sport series, Play: The Passion of Sport Vol. 1 , inspired from our work with Rita we strive to capture others with her same athletic spirit.