eNews - Issue 02 October 2011

issue 02 // October 2011


Busy days….We were shooting / traveling 24 out of 31 days in August. Bringing our hybrid productions on the road to tell our client’s stories in compelling and beautiful ways. It’s been fun to visit different regions of the United States, reconnecting with old friends and making new. We love to collaborate and see the subtle cultural and workflow nuances around the country. Tallgrass Pictures Production Coordinator Aly Bucholz as Salome. Don’t miss your call time!


Our “Lunch & Learns" have been tremendously popular. We have been visiting advertising agencies throughout San Diego, Orange County, and LA. We come in with the RED camera, show reel, print portfolio, and most importantly lunch and cocktails! It’s a great opportunity for everyone to learn about cutting edge technology, workflows, and the creative process we use to create stunning visuals for our clients. If you would like to schedule a “Lunch & Learn" at your office, contact Aly Bucholz at aly@tallgrasspictures.com


The Salton Sea was the perfect location for our edgy fashion shoot “Pulp Fiction II." What better place to fight with knives, kick up clouds of dirt, and burn flares in eerie, crumbling shacks?


A new 30 second TV spot, written, produced, directed, and edited by Tallgrass Pictures broke nationally on ESPN September 8th. “I Believe" was inspired by the SDSU basketball chant “I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN!", made famous during their 2010 journey to the NCAA Sweet 16. “We are using this chant as a metaphor for San Diego State’s momentum and leadership across all areas," said director of the spot, Jeffrey Lamont Brown. To illustrate how deeply SDSU is woven into the fabric of San Diego, we filmed Aztecs across the county: surfers, nurses, teachers, entrepreneurs, and San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders. Then we finished strong with a shot that had 500 extras. The production attracted media coverage on NBC, Fox, and other news stations. Also as part of this hybrid campaign, we did a 10-shoot still campaign for brochure, web, billboard and magazine ads, and produced a web film that follows 4 Aztecs, as they show us why “Leadership Starts Here." "To say the new commercial is a hit is an understatement. In four days it has become the second most watched video we’ve ever produced, " said Greg Block, SDSU Director of Media Relations and New Media.


We had the pleasure to fly to Dallas in August to work with our friends and collaborators at Interlex, a multicultural advertising agency lead by Heather and Rudy Ruiz. Because of the extreme heat, we shot lifestyle images on green screen and composited them onto existing backgrounds to produce stunning visuals. We had a great time, sampling Dallas food and nightlife. GO ALY, GO ALY! A little word of advice from JT, our amazing gaffer on the shoot, “Everbody’s carrying in Texas, so don’t mess with them, just go out and have a good time." We’ll show the final images in next month’s newsletter!


We shot 28,800 pictures around the clock for 3 days in Dothen, Alabama for US Airways. The images were combined into a time-lapse film that documents the installation of a luxurious new first class section into a US Airways EMB-175. While we were down South we got to enjoy some fine southern cooking: fried chicken, black-eyed peas, collard greens, squash, lemon cake, and sweet tea for $6.35! " I’m in heaven", said Tsukuru. Special shout out to the PEMCO Mechanics for making this all possible. 01 // Brandtailers awards Tallgrass Pictures a 5 spot package for Toyota San Diego. 02 // Luerzer’s Archive chooses 4 of our images for the upcoming 200 Best Ad Photographers. 03 // Our RED EPICs are on their way!!!! 04 // Assistant Editor Kate Szalay joins Tallgrass Pictures. 05 // The Americas: Chapter 03, a lush photobook for PCI heads for press.

Tsukuru here, I’m tech maestro at Tallgrass Pictures and I’ll be writing an occasional series about the cool technology that we use here. camera One of the most important pieces of technology that we’re using today is the RED ONE MX Digital Cinema Camera. By now, all of you know it, most have worked with it. However, since this is one of our first issues of The Lounge, I’d like to do a RED primer. RED ONE MX is an industry changing piece of equipment that captures ultra high definition video, called 4k (4520 x 2540px = 11.5MP) with amazing feature film looks and it’s flexible enough to use on everything from small documentary shoots to commercials to feature films. We are able to save the time and money and raise the creative yield because it’s easier to collaborate and there is tremendous flexibility in the digital post workflow. The RED ONE MX captures in a RAW format that makes for beautiful color, perfect exposure and contrast. Many films and TV shows are being shot on RED. (E.g. Pirates of the Caribbean, Contagion, The Hobbit) red.com/experience And with proper planning, amazing 13 inch wide x 300 dpi stills can be pulled from the data stream. The quality is outstanding. In fact, one of our frame grabs just won Luerzer’s Best 200 Ad Photographers Worldwide contest. Famous fashion photographers have used the RED ONE to make beautiful images for Vogue, Vanity Fair, Esquire. red.com/experience/photography We’ve used prints from RED stills to great success for some of the largest companies in the US. For more information or to schedule a demo, email Tsukuru@jeffreybrown.com.