Drones in commercial film magic


 It’s a bird, it’s plane…no it’s new filmmaking technology in action, right in the heart of Palm Springs Motors!


In fact, it’s our director JLB using FPV (first person view) goggles for a production with Palm Springs Motors. With these goggles, JB was able to see live footage transmitted from a helicopter mounted GoPro that he controlled.


What’s it like, you ask? Imagine taking a ride on a roller coaster and that feeling you get over that 1st big drop - a truly amazing experience! And the shots? Well, take a look for yourself. We were able to capture great aerial footage of the expansive Palm Springs Motors facility!

YouTube Preview Image

This technology makes it possible for filmmakers to expand their creative reach (literally) and explore new views for storytelling success. We’re excited to have it in our filmmaking arsenal and glad we got to bust it out for our friends at Brandtailers. Many thanks to Cheril from Brandtailers for a cool project! And a special shout out to Juan, the fantastic porter, who moved over 500 cars for us - a true MVP of the shoot.

(Cheers to getting some sweet footage!)