2014 in the Life of Production At Tallgrass

Ever wonder what a year is like in the life of a production company?

As we head into the new year, we can’t help but spend a little time reminiscing on what 2014 held. From traveling the US to muddy productions, we’ve had a blast in 2014. We asked the Tallgrass team to share their favorite TGP moments from the year and here’s what they said….

Laurelena, our glowing graphic design intern ninja said:

“My favorite memory is decorating christmas stockings and seeing the surprises inside.”


Christiaan, our battle dancing new account exec said:

“1. My favorite moment would have to be the time I had to shoot down a pretend helicopter with a super soaker. It was the first time being out with the crew shooting test shots for “Under my Roof”.

2. Surprise Bday up stairs. Was definitely surprised, took shots, and ate cake. 

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 4.55.44 PM jack

Katsie, our brand new ball of energy PC shared:

  “Some of my favorite Tallgrass moments from 2014:
- Helping on the TruGreen location shoot.
- Cooking for the Tallgrass team at the Wrap Beach Party for TruGreen
- Laurelena loving Spencer's cream filled pancakes
- The table read for UMR
- Making origami swans with Rachel for our shoot with Digitaria
- Watching JB fly the helicam for the first time"


Spencer, our walkin' on sunshine 2nd AC said: 

"My favorite time at Tallgrass so far in my 1 3/4 months working here would have to be the Under My Roof test shoot.  It was a Friday so everyone was in good spirits and we got to get pretty creative with production because it was ours.  My favorite part of the night was when we had to tie a rope around Josh and pull him to the ground as if he got shot. Or having Jordan and Katsie dance in front of the Kino lights to simulate fire.  Also when Jordan sweetalked security because we didn't have a permit. Or when JB, Keith and I we  re blinded because Michael had to point the 1600 watt joker at the camera for a shot."

IMG_2470  IMG_2525

Keith, our fierce and coffee addicted 1st AC said:

“Definitely flying out to Dallas, then coming back to JB’s street to find my car was parked in the middle of a destroyed street, perfectly on a tiny piece of pavement they had left. Erik and I had to drive through the rubble to get out. Haha."

IMG_20141104_235452340 IMG_3173-20141104-140810

Angellyne, current blog author & digital marketing coordinator said: 

"My favorite moments would include - 
1. Being able to work on the digital marketing for our first feature movie; thinking of ways to promote it online & observing this story come to life.
2. Working as a production coordinator for Publicis Hawkeye for the TruGreen Project...a lot of stuff going on there but really enjoyed it all.:) Especially meeting awesome folks from Texas and seeing the advertising collateral from the other side.
3. A tiny part of me will always have to laugh at how I jumped in mud for a test shoot...see story below..."

IMAG3050  Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 5.29.31 PM

Jordan, our champion production coordinator said:

“If I had to choose a favorite moment here at Tallgrass - it would be tough, but one that makes me laugh every time I think about it was during our time test shooting for Spot Shot.
We created a mud pit up in the North 40 (our director’s expansive farm in the middle of urban San Diego) for kids and dogs to get crazy muddy for the day of the shoot. To make sure it was the right muddy consistency for maximized success during our shoot we decided to recruit a little help from our very own, adorably child size Angellyne - who thought we were joking when she accepted the task. 
As Angellyne sat in the muddy pool, JB felt that more mud was merrier…I was then tasked to muddy up Angellyne, and had to take a huge scoop of mud and plop it directly on top of Angellyne’s sad, beautiful head.”

jordan spot shot  1924343_874639575898621_6537626965703063399_n

Beau, our senior VFX rockstar & Rachel, our VFX magician both agreed:

“Grip Olympics”*

*Grip Olympics was a friendly production competition on setting up and breaking down shoot equipment.*

_MG_9961 _MG_9885

Nico, TGP’s one and only fantastic French editor:

“My best moments of 2014:
1. The whole CH in PA shoot
2. Spot Shot shoot day in the studio. I was a hybrid 1st AC, B camera operator and coffee/grease thrower for extra slo-mo shots
3. World Viz shoot in Santa Barbara
4. Ingram Micro Shoot”

IMG_5540 1506473_948233585205886_4605737831734915173_n

Gavin, our mix masterin' senior editor said:

“For me, it was Coordinated Health because it was close to home.”


Aly, our expert socialite business development director said:

“The Addy Raid - we hosted the Addy Raid at the studio with a live green screen…helped with the Addy Awards promotional pieces, watched them play on the big screen in front of all the Addy Awards participants and cut the video announcing the new SDX.”


And finally…our director, principal photographer & fearless founder JLB shares his top moments:

“Top TGP Memories from 2014:
PreProduction on Under My Roof (Script Development, American Film Market, Casting) 
Coordinated Health - meeting the great people of central Pennsylvania and the honor of filming student athletes. 
Spot Shot - a kickass shoot making big messes.”

IMG_20141012_152509373   10626199_926934980669080_4733501047275357205_o

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 4.10.30 PM

It's been a great time 2014...we're looking forward to more adventures and fun in 2015!