Behind the scenes, Oscar Vine Parodies

The 86th Academy Awards are tomorrow so we at Tallgrass figured it be fun do Oscar Vine Parodies with a few of our new interns.

Enjoy these behind the scenes photos and be sure to mark your calendar for March 2, 2014 because we'll be live tweeting the Oscars at @TallgrassFilms and you don’t want to miss our Best Picture Vine Parodies!

TallgrassPictures-86thOscarsVineParodies-12YearsASlave TallgrassPictures-86thOscarsVineParodies-Her TallgrassPictures-86thOscarsVineParodies-Frozen TallgrassPictures-86thOscarsVineParodies-CaptainPhillips TallgrassPictures-86thOscarsVineParodies-AmericanHustleTallgrassPictures-86thOscarsVineParodies-TheWolfOfWallStreet

 Check out our :30 version on Youtube!