2 days and 27 shot locations in Burbank.

Over the weekend Tallgrass Pictures had the privilege of working with Scott Phillips and Donna Mulgrew of Agency 51 producing a shoot for Burbank Hospitality Association. This dynamic shoot intended to give you the best of “the town behind the tinsel”. With that idea in mind, two teams set out on this 2 day shoot and shot 27 locations exploring unique Burbank experiences such as their downtown art fair with incredible sidewalk masterpieces and their annual Monster Palooza! 
Despite working with great people, in beautiful places, good vibes are no match for bad weather. Ultimately, we were able to retreat indoors during the worst of it, and with a little post production no one will believe a cloud ever passes over Southern California. And next Tuesday (4/23) we will be back to do all over again, this time with talent in studio, so stay tuned!