Tallgrass in the city of angels

Team TGP heads to the city of angels to take on 8 meetings with creative agencies in 2 days. 

Beforehand, the team prepped 40 gift boxes filled with prints, postcards and handpicked hot sauce. Our marketing rockstars also loaded up our iPads to display our latest reels, still photography and VFX projects. Then we sent JB, Katsie and Christiaan off to LA to meet with friends both new and old.

The first stop was Saatchi & Saatchi, meeting both the art buying and broadcast team. After a number of conversations on the phone, it was great to meet the Saatchi crew in person. They were impressed with JB’s work and the delicious San Diegan pastries. 

Next was a quick lunch at korean bbq ….but not too long after, Tallgrass was back on the road dropping off more gift boxes in the afternoon. Then the three hustled over for a quick meet with the talented minds at World Wide Minds. 

The last meeting of day 1 was with the awesome Innocean producers in Huntington beach. A great way to end the day - cocktails as the sun set.

Early the next morning, the 3 Tallgrassans hit the road for a meeting with Guthy-Renker for hot coffee and an introduction of our capabilities and work. Then it was off to lunch with friends from Deustch at Whiskey Red’s. After that delicious lunch was a late snack with Ignition. A short hop over and TGP was at Ignition with wraps from LYFE kitchen…yum! And to round out this group of new friends was Lenny from R&R partners….dropping off one last batch of goodies for the end of his day.

To wrap up the trip, they met up with an old friend - David Aktary - who helped connect us to our award-winning Hot Pockets project. An amazing 2 days….and we’re sure to be back soon!





Meetings in the City of Angels

Screening at SaatchiLA
In an effort to start the month of September off right, a quartet of Tallgrassers travelled up the coast to meet, greet, and mingle with Los Angeles’ hottest creative shops. First stop on the Tallgrass express was Saatchi & Saatchi LA. There we screened our latest lifestyle and automotive work while getting to know more about their pleasant Art Production team.  

For lunch we were joined the by the lovely Danixa Diaz, executive producer at iartists. Not only were our meals fantastic, but we had a wonderful time exchanging stories and sharing experiences. After we had thoroughly satisfied our hunger, we made way over Omelet LA. There we met a trio of creative celebrities and screened our very own comedy short film, American Sock. 

To round out our day, we met with Kristy Davis the creative team at RAPP to discuss an upcoming shoot for Flemings Restaurants. We also took a tour of their office, and their sophisticated coffee machine, before brainstorming shoot ideas. 

All in all, it was beautiful excursion through the City of Angels and our team is already itching to get back! 

Omelet LA
Lunch  at J. Nichols
Client Meeting at RAPP
Client Meeting at RAPP