Tallgrass Pictures Documents Passover Seder

The Jewish Federation of North America assigned us with a very special assignment: to document photographs of Passover Seder for their website: jewishfederations.org Seder is a religious ceremony and feast that marks the beginning of Passover, the Jewish holiday. But this isn’t just any-old family get together dinner - each piece of food in the meal is symbolic, and there’s a special ritual that celebrates the freedom of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt.  For this ceremony, the Sisk family had their entire extended family over, which meant the house was packed full of life, laughter, and song. It wasn’t hard to capture a great moment with this family, and we managed to shoot over 2500 images in just 6 hours! It was a great experience and we were happy to collaborate with our friends at Jewish Federations of North America again - thanks for the great opportunity! image