Tallgrass + Coffee = Love

If there’s one thing Tallgrass loves, it’s coffee. There’s nothing better than coming into the studio and filling up your favorite mug with a big cup of caffeinated goodness. Hence, panic struck in everyone’s hearts when the news spread…The coffee maker was out of order.    We contemplated all possible substitutions. Tea. Red bull. 5 hour energy. None came close to our true craving, but we bravely carried on. (And by carried on, I mean there was a Starbucks run.)    The team was fading slowly, trying to use grapes for glucose & pump 80s jams to raise our energy levels. It wasn’t until 4 pm that JB asked us: “Guys, don’t you know there’s another coffee pot? It’s on top of the fridge.”   The moral of the story is…You learn something new every day!