National Spot for San Diego State

Tallgrass Pictures shoots it’s fourth national spot for San Diego State University. The assignment: To highlight the research and science opportunities the school has to offer. Boring you say? Not! We open the spot to a lab full of students making bionic limbs; then walk directly onto the deck of a 100ft boat doing cutting-edge virus research, launch the Mars Rover, and end with an ensemble cast at Hepner Hall, all in one continuous shot. Cheers to our CGI team for all their hard work to make those transitions flawless! 

Shooting at sea can be rough and even seasick we didn’t fall overboard. The team stayed strong and got incredible footage. Great job! It was a combination of every team members’ individual efforts that let us get so many shots that appeared effortless. 

We also couldn’t have accomplished getting that warm atmosphere of campus without the Aztec students who volunteered as extras. We’re excited to premier the SDSU spot; look out for it this coming spring! 

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SDSU features our commercial in their newspaper!

One of our interns, a current student at San Diego State, was power walking to class when she spotted something unexpected. It was the cover story on the front page of the Daily Aztec, the university’s newspaper. She had seen this work before, here at Tallgrass Pictures as a matter of fact!

The Mars Rover commercial featuring the alumni of SDSU was a national spot Tallgrass Pictures proudly released this year. The article says that “Our students go big places and do big things”.

That was the intended message, and we’re thrilled to see the school and its students proud to air our commercial!

Watch the SDSU Mars Landing :30 TV Spot!

Here it is!!! The SDSU Mars Landing :30TV spot, airing now during SDSU sports games on ESPN. We had so much fun putting this production together, we can’t wait for the next SDSU spot! Thanks goes out to Jack Beresford and all those who helped make this commercial possible!

Sneak Peek: San Diego State's new "Mars Landing" commercial

Check out this behind the scenes video of our collaboration with San Diego State on the new “Mars Landing" commercial!