Tallgrass hits NYC

As a part of our ongoing efforts to meet new collaborators, our Head of Business Development, Aly Bucholz, traveled to New York last week. There she met with producers and creatives from 15 of the country's top advertising agencies, from Ogilvy to the Wall Street Journal. 

These stylish New Yorkers are always busy, but they have appreciation for seeing quality work, so they were more than happy to meet with Aly. During her visit, Aly found that the offices were impressive and the pace incredibly fast, yet all of the people were laid back. 

Besides making new friends and eating some great food, Aly enjoyed discussing the new and innovative projects underway at some of the world’s best ad shops. We are looking forward to working with them soon!

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Marketing Muscle sets high and colorful goals

The Tallgrass marketing team is, pardon the sports metaphor, setting goals and hitting them out of the park. We’ve developed a fun and effective way of tracking our progress by utilizing a giant white board as a palette for canny illustrations of each of our forms of outreach. By tracking our efforts in this colorful manner, we’re able to visually monitor the progress of our marketing strategies - both individually and as a team. When we’re able to see the progress & results of a specific campaign - it’s easier to see where to enhance the focus. Not to mention, it is that much more motivating to achieve a goal when it means you get to color with fun markers afterwards. :-)