Tallgrass greets Surf City USA with flying drone helicopters!

Guess who drew crowds all over Huntington Beach yesterday? If you were thinking it was Tallgrass Pictures flying drone helicopters to and from on the downtown strip, you would be right. We had the privilege of shooting commercial footage, care of Surf City USA, and it was blast! In this, our second shoot in Huntington Beach we highlighted the other more professional side of the renown surf city. It was a beautifully long and sunny day, full of unexpected challenges but we always triumphantly pull through.   Honestly, it’s pretty hard to have a bad time in Huntington Beach when we’re all out there doing what we love to do. In addition to the fun and sunshine, we got a chance to work with awesome talent, Noel and Josh: our heli-cam cinematographer and pilot, and our wonderful clients: John and Briton from Surf City USA. All in all it was a fantastic shoot, and we got some great footage that we can’t wait to share!

We like playing with drone helicopters...

What does one do on a rainy day in typically sunny San Diego? Here at Tallgrass, we like to work on perfecting our aviation skills with our latest camera equipment - drone helicopters.    After hearing an alluring newscast on NPR, Jeffrey eagerly purchased two of these nifty new gadgets this week. He mastered the remote control himself, and then the rest of the Tallgrass team each stepped up to play pilot.    The bigger of the two is the Hexacopter 3DR ArduCopter. This baby can house a GoPro camera for capturing photographs at high elevations, is GPS enabled, has built-in stabilizers, is telemetric and can even fly itself!    Not only is the drone helicopter going to take our work to a whole new level and bring a great new perspective, but it’s just a cool f**king toy!” - JB