Christmas Week Lifestyle Shoot Day 3

On our last day of our lifestyle shoot Christmas week, we headed to the cliffs of Torrey Pines, where we had 2 cameras right at the cliff’s edge. Our talent were champions, running up narrow goat trails and posing in stretching positions above the legendary Black's Beach. 

We ended the week of shooting in the chic offices of Digitaria. We capture amazing views of both our talent and "aerials" down into PETCO park baseball stadium at sunset. To get so many great images in such a variety of places took complete commitment from everyone involved, and, wrapping that day, everyone felt extremely proud to be a part of this dedicated team. 

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Beau shared his work at AI's annual portfolio show!

Beau demonstrated how much he’s accomplished during his time at the Art Institute in their annual portfolio show today, where graduating seniors get to showcase their work.    Beau shared work from both his internship here at Tallgrass and projects developed in classes, demonstrating highly advanced skills in programs such Maya Cut Pro and his color correction mastery. And, of course, he had his marvelous animation reel playing - dancing robots included.   We were pleased to show our beloved graphic effects artist just how proud by gifting him with a “masculine” bouquet of balloons and flowers. At the end of the day, holding his roses, Beau told us, “I felt like a queen for a day”. And we say, “As you should Beau, well deserved!”