We're excited that Brandtailers has awarded us another shoot for Palm Springs Ford Motors!

Looking forward to collaborating with Kate Szalay again, and of course, Dane and Cheril!

We felt pretty macho using a massive 24-foot long jib in our shoot...

Last week we were back in the house with our great friends over at Brandtailers, this time for a shoot at Cerritos Ford to show off their brand new dealership. Our mission for this production was to shoot enough content for four spots in one day. Not only did we accomplish that, but we were also able to capture some footage for their B-roll Library. Our favorite part of the shoot was working with the massive 24-foot long JIB we used inside and outside of the dealership… made us feel pretty macho. Another fun part was going out for margaritas afterwards with Brandtailers new Creative Director Dane Larsen to celebrate our success. *Cheers to Dane and our friends at Brandtailers for another great collaboration!*

Great shoot at Estancia!

Estancia shoot was a great success! Thanks to Cheril Hendry, Laura Wakeman and Sean Gilpin on the Brandtailers team. And to the Estancia La Jolla Hotel + Spa team led by GM Terry Bucholz, you rock!