Vanquishing the Flames

It’s going to a big, balloon-filled week at the Tallgrass Pictures studio. We have both senior editor Gavin Filipiak and audio master Yoshi Kameyama gearing up for birthdays in the next few days.   Ready to utilize their wishes this year, both of these guys have been practicing blowing out candles for weeks now. You wouldn’t believe countless extra hours these men have dedicated to the cause. So let’s all have our fingers crossed, to hoping that after all their hard work, they can vanquish all the candles’ flames in one attempt! 

Happy birthday, Lily!!!!

Sunday marks the birthday of our spunky script-skimming intern, Lilianna, which gave us a good excuse to get all secret-agent-like & covertly pass around a birthday card without her knowing, then sneak a cake in the studio before she could realize we were up to something! You see, we’re cross-trained over here at Tallgrass Pictures. We’re good at production, creative planning, sneaky cake smuggling & birthday surprises! Happy birthday Lily!