Poison oak won't even stop us!

The Napa Valley: Shoot Day 2 We started the day off right by heading into the woods to do some foraging with Triple-Michelin Star Chef Christopher Kostow and his team. JB came across some poison oak, but that didn’t stop him, he just kept on shooting! Next, we moved to the amazing kitchen at the Restaurant at Meadowood to see where all of the magic happens. From grill to plate, we shot high-end dishes beautifully garnished with wild herbs that grow in the woods surrounding the restaurant. After a delectable lunch we headed over to film a lovely evening dinner amidst the vines. After propping the set with a little over 50 candles, we tamed the talent with a couple glasses of red wine and filmed until sunset. Afterwards, the crew treated to a tour of the cave where they store all their precious wine. It was a perfect ending to a magnificent day!