La Jolla Cove Shoot

Once a month we concept and produce a shoot that is all our own. It gives us a chance to express our creativity and train our production team. This month it’s a water-based shoot at La Jolla Cove by our creative director, Brad Copeland.  The cove is an amazing location, full of wildlife and beautiful vistas. 

The greatest challenge on the shoot was managing a dozen cast and crew on paddleboards, kayaks & rafts, which was extremely demanding both technically and logistically. It was amazing to see how we kept everyone safe, had fun and kept $50,000 worth of cameras and equipment safe and dry. We got to do all of this in the company of several sea lions, some of them brushing us underwater!

Another obstacle we faced was the weather, as real world ocean conditions make for challenging shooting conditions. While paddling in these waves, JB broke a paddle. Jeni saved the day when she hooked his boat onto her paddleboard and towed him away from the cliffs.

It’s adventures like these that demonstrate how the Tallgrass team is always there for one another. We’re excited that the product of our teamwork on this shoot is a collection of fantastic photos for our ever-changing portfolio.

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Tallgrass greets Surf City USA with flying drone helicopters!

Guess who drew crowds all over Huntington Beach yesterday? If you were thinking it was Tallgrass Pictures flying drone helicopters to and from on the downtown strip, you would be right. We had the privilege of shooting commercial footage, care of Surf City USA, and it was blast! In this, our second shoot in Huntington Beach we highlighted the other more professional side of the renown surf city. It was a beautifully long and sunny day, full of unexpected challenges but we always triumphantly pull through.   Honestly, it’s pretty hard to have a bad time in Huntington Beach when we’re all out there doing what we love to do. In addition to the fun and sunshine, we got a chance to work with awesome talent, Noel and Josh: our heli-cam cinematographer and pilot, and our wonderful clients: John and Briton from Surf City USA. All in all it was a fantastic shoot, and we got some great footage that we can’t wait to share!

Freshening up our beach portfolio!

With summer right around the corner, we figured now is a good time to freshen up our beach portfolio work. Yesterday, we headed out to a secret surf spot in La Jolla to do a lifestyle shoot based on a simple concept - having an utterly-amazing day at the beach! The kind of shoot that makes you wish that there were 8 days in a week; the last one to be saved for a day in the sun.  It turned out to be a foggy day, but that didn’t stop us from chugging on and catching some great photos and footy. The models, whose ages ranged from 6 years old to adult, were total troopers. They splashed about in the frigid ocean and leapt into chilly tide pools with nothing but smiles and positivity.  As we have steadily gotten more into Travel & Tourism, this shoot was a great way to add to our repertoire. It may have been a little colder than we anticipated, but with enough hot chocolate and hot coffee coursing through us, anything is possible.