La Jolla Cove Shoot

Once a month we concept and produce a shoot that is all our own. It gives us a chance to express our creativity and train our production team. This month it’s a water-based shoot at La Jolla Cove by our creative director, Brad Copeland.  The cove is an amazing location, full of wildlife and beautiful vistas. 

The greatest challenge on the shoot was managing a dozen cast and crew on paddleboards, kayaks & rafts, which was extremely demanding both technically and logistically. It was amazing to see how we kept everyone safe, had fun and kept $50,000 worth of cameras and equipment safe and dry. We got to do all of this in the company of several sea lions, some of them brushing us underwater!

Another obstacle we faced was the weather, as real world ocean conditions make for challenging shooting conditions. While paddling in these waves, JB broke a paddle. Jeni saved the day when she hooked his boat onto her paddleboard and towed him away from the cliffs.

It’s adventures like these that demonstrate how the Tallgrass team is always there for one another. We’re excited that the product of our teamwork on this shoot is a collection of fantastic photos for our ever-changing portfolio.

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Road Trip! LA Meetings

Marketing team at Deutsch LA

Marketing team at Deutsch LA

Marketing team & Mara Serdans

After meeting with Art Buyer, Mara Serdans

Mini golf at ignited

Putting around the mini course at Ignited

Art Producers TWBA/Chiat/Day

Aly sharing with Art Producers at TBWA/Chiat/Day

A trio of us tenacious Tallgrassers traveled to the City of Angeles today meet & share with with agency creatives, and what a day it was! Always happy to spread the good news about Tallgrass, We went all over, everywhere from Santa Monica to El Segundo.

First stop on the Tallgrass Express was Baker Brand Communications, where Senior Designer Eric Graves charmed our team with tales of projects past 

We then sashayed on over to the architectural eye candy that is TBWA/Chiat/Day where we linked up with Parvin Guiv & the Art Department, as well as our digital pen pal Joe Haldeman from the Broadcast team. It was a great time getting the scoop on their current events. After lunch we a took a tour of the campus and almost started a rousing game of hoops on their indoor basketball court, which is brilliantly situated next to a facade adorned by a print of Lee Clow’s Beard! 

After soaking in all the TBWA/Chiat/Day goodness we met with Sam Helphand & Diego Espana at Ignited. After a sparkling discussion of all things film & broadcast we played a mini round of golf on the in-office green near their huge waterfall; it too was a great time.  

To keep the good times rolling, we caught up with Mara Serdans at Deutsch and per her suggestion were able to find the quaintest restaurant for dinner; Gjelina. Marketing team at Deutsch LA

Later while sampling the delicious appetizers at Gjelina, we sat down with Adam Bright & old friend John Carpio of SpinachLA for cocktails. The only thing that makes a great meal and good drinks grand is even better company, and we found that with these two gents! 

All in all it was an eventful day! One filled with the kind of excitement and camaraderie we cherish here at Tallgrass. Until next time Los Angeles!