Go Aztecs! Tallgrass Shoots National Spot for SDSU

Our Aztec alumni at Tallgrass were stoked when SDSU came to us with a National TV Spot early this summer. Armed with the Tallgrass production prowess and a superb script written by Brandon Reif; we headed to San Diego State to craft another great spot for the Aztecs.


On our first day we captured a private performance of The Great American Trailer Park by the TTF department. How lucky we felt to watch these big dreams in action. In fact, JB was so inspired...he decided to try out his own sweet dance moves.


Then we visited the college of Engineering for a quick lesson in "body building". We filmed these Aztecs putting the final touches on their robot. For the robot stand-in, our awesome sound designer Josh bravely slipped into a green morph suit. 

To finish up, we went networking...with "The Show" and the SDSU cheerleaders also known as the loudest, proudest Aztecs around. 


These SDSU students will make you "Think Again" and be pleasantly surprise. Glad to have partnered with SDSU and our friend Greg Block for another spectacular shoot!