General Motors Photoshoot

Tallgrass welcomes Campbell-Ewald and General Motors to San Diego for a “Traveling With Kids” social media shoot for the On Star product line.  

Art Directors Phil Foster and John Kalmar from CE were amazing collaborators, true pros”, said photographer Jeffrey Lamont Brown. “Brown said, “it was uncanny, on some shots it was like we had a Vulcan mind meld and they really know how to nuance the images to tell the brand story.”  2 days, tons of great images and GIF’s and beach bonfire wrap party. Woot!

OnStar Pg1 OnStar Pg2 OnStar Pg3 OnStar Pg4

Tallgrass heads to Oregon

JB and Christiaan headed North to Portlandia to hang with some of the best agencies in the US.  Chillin with the hipsters, for great coffee and of course microbrews.  

Portland CA
First stop: Wieden & Kennedy.  Shouts out to Grace, Mari, and Ben for making us feel right at home.  And if you didn’t know Oregon's state animal, you’ll be greeted by it when you walk in their office door   .

Portland 3 Portland 4
Next, more coffee. Woot! Then on to R2C: Great to connect with Sara, Kristen, and Alison in a chill setting. They are on fire. Tons of productions, multiple buildings...taking over the world.    

Saving the best for last: CMD agency! Cindy Marks, you are our hero! Thanks for taking the meeting, even on crutches.  Double order of TGP hot sauce for you.

Portland 9

Tallgrass Pictures Latest Broadcast Reel

We're excited to present our very latest broadcast reel. It's freshly cut, shinier than ever and, as always, filled with  hand-crafted stories.

At Tallgrass, we're passionate about making breathtaking films and photographs AND building nimble, high yield productions. 

Here's a sneak peek at the first page: 

Want to see the whole thing? Tallgrass Pictures Broadcast Reel

Show-n-Tell: Los Angeles

Heads up Christiaan! 

Midnight oil pic 1

Great trip to LA to visit Midnight Oil, TBWA\Chiat\Day and Ignited.

Midnight Oil:  40 ft tall superhero wraps, sick theater displays, posters, 3d builds. Amazing. Creative and manufacturing all in one bldg. A frickin huge building. 

Ignited: A creative community built by the power of curiosity. Hanging with Sam and showing our skills on the ping-pong table.

I like the way you roll TBWA\Chiat\Day:  be more human (and if in doubt) be more dog ~ Plus a full size Bball court.  Respect to 
Womack, Michael and Max for hookin it up.  Enjoyed spreading the MARDI GRAS love:  Hurricane style.

TBWA pic 4

"Mother's against gun violence" shoot, goes to the stage!

One of JB’s images will appear onstage in 'The Gospel of Loving Kindness” opening Dec 9th in Washington, D.C.

The play is a edgy, hymn-and-hip-hop-musical.  It’s about a 17 year old boy who sings for President Obama at the White House, and is shot to death 3 weeks later.

Produced by the Mosaic Theater Company (, written by Marcus Gardley and directed by Jennifer L. Nelson.  Shout out to NJ Mitchell (Mosaic Board Member) for inviting us to participate.

Mothers against gun violenceMo

Tallgrass Films Unleashed! Commercial

In late September this year, Tallgrass went dog-gone mad! We had the pleasure of working with Vitro in creating a :15 sec TV spot for their client Unleashed! by Petco. The production was a blast and at the center of it all? Three very talented, adorable canines.


The hilarious spot followed a chubby dog as he runs in for dinner...and sadly squeeze in through the doggie door. After weeks of searching for the perfect talent, we were very lucky to have Lola, Penny Lane and Spike join us on set.


Tallgrass was joined by some talented folks in production, props, g&e, animal training and location management who really helped the day run smoothly and efficiently. We even had custom doors built thanks to our accomplished set constructors.
IMG_1416 (3)


At the end of the day, we had the chance to run through the spot with all 3 dogs to make sure our client’s creative got the best treatment.

Want to find out who made it into the final spot? Check it out below:


And here's another version with JB's favorite pup - Spike:


We’re so glad we got to collaborate with the great minds at Vitro and Unleashed! by Petco. Looking forward to our next one...fingers crossed for more new, furry friends!

"This Goes Out to You" Music Video

Tallgrass Pictures is lucky to have team members who are passionate about storytelling…and do it exceptionally well. Over the summer, our very own Gavin Filipiak (TGP Sr. Editor) was tapped to create a music video for San Diego rockers P.O.D. The project was commissioned by Universal Music Group, who reached out to Gavin after seeing his work on Vice - the music video “Young Gods” for Prayers and Blink 182’s Travis Barker.


LoRiderGavin took on the challenge of creating the music video, just a few weeks before album release. With the support of TGP, he directed and shot the video for P.O.D.’s latest single “This Goes Out to You”.

To kick-off production, Gavin and Nico first traveled east to Michigan for the Common Grounds Music Festival. Enthusiastic fans gathered around as P.O.D. performed, while Gavin and Nico maneuvered on stage to capture the energy from both the band and fans. Before and after the show, we were lucky enough to hang out with the band in a different setting: with their family.


Then we were back to San Diego to finish up the rest of production. It was a blast getting to work with our local community. First stop: Undisputed Gym in downtown, where we were lucky enough to film San Diego boxing champs and learn how to throw a strong right hook from their trainers.

Next, we headed towards the Mexican-Californian border to capture the beautiful visuals of towering fence and explore the story of separated families. The weather fit the mood perfectly and our talented actors nailed the scene.

But our day was far from over...we were off to another location. Luckily, the sun peeked out for the rest of the day and we ended with a beautiful shot of 2 friends riding to Sunset Cliffs; celebrating the power of friendship on a motocross bike.

For the next scene, we were honored to be able to ride around town with the guys of Tribal Gear. We captured footage of their gorgeous low-riders cruising through the historic Barrio Logan district. To finish the day, we filmed the proud owners at a BBQ scene while enjoying delicious tacos, courtesy of San Diego Taco company.


Gavin and Nico created a truly authentic, compelling music video reflecting the anthemic song and a unique San Diego vibe. We’re proud of their work and invite you to check out the full video below  -

Tallgrass National Commercial on Monday Night Football

What’s great about Mondays? It could be one of two things:

1) Monday Night Football
2) A Tallgrass produced national commercial airing on ESPN during Monday night football

This week, we’re leaning towards #2. On Monday, we were stoked to see our spot UCI “We Believe” break on Monday Night Football. It was a fantastic collaboration with Skiver Advertising, University of California Irvine and Tallgrass Pictures.


The 9 day production took us all around southern California, shooting everything from medical labs to ballerinas to farms...and we couldn’t be happier with the final result!




JB worked closely with Sean, Rob and RG from Skiver to create a visually beautiful and compelling story about the incredible work coming from UCI - a place where great minds can truly shine brighter.



From the initial creative to pre-production, production, post and final broadcast delivery - we’re thankful for such awesome collaborators! A special shout-out to the fantastic staff and students of UCI who shared their stories with us, inspiring us to make the commercial as authentic as possible.



Missed our spot this Monday? Don’t worry, you can check it out below.

And keep a look-out for our second UCI spot “See Differently” made in collaboration with “We Believe”...breaking soon on a TV near you!


Go Aztecs! Tallgrass Shoots National Spot for SDSU

Our Aztec alumni at Tallgrass were stoked when SDSU came to us with a National TV Spot early this summer. Armed with the Tallgrass production prowess and a superb script written by Brandon Reif; we headed to San Diego State to craft another great spot for the Aztecs.


On our first day we captured a private performance of The Great American Trailer Park by the TTF department. How lucky we felt to watch these big dreams in action. In fact, JB was so inspired...he decided to try out his own sweet dance moves.


Then we visited the college of Engineering for a quick lesson in "body building". We filmed these Aztecs putting the final touches on their robot. For the robot stand-in, our awesome sound designer Josh bravely slipped into a green morph suit. 

To finish up, we went networking...with "The Show" and the SDSU cheerleaders also known as the loudest, proudest Aztecs around. 


These SDSU students will make you "Think Again" and be pleasantly surprise. Glad to have partnered with SDSU and our friend Greg Block for another spectacular shoot!


Under My Roof wins at film fests

In the latest Weinbergian news, “Under My Roof” takes home two more film fest laurels.



At the River Bend Film Festival in April, UMR won Best Independent Screenplay. At the Sacramento Film Festival, UMR won Best Comedy Screenplay. These are exciting wins for Jennifer de Poyen and Tallgrass.

It’s honor to see the UMR story making waves in the indie film fest circuits while still in development. Cheers to the little guy!

Tallgrass in the city of angels

Team TGP heads to the city of angels to take on 8 meetings with creative agencies in 2 days. 

Beforehand, the team prepped 40 gift boxes filled with prints, postcards and handpicked hot sauce. Our marketing rockstars also loaded up our iPads to display our latest reels, still photography and VFX projects. Then we sent JB, Katsie and Christiaan off to LA to meet with friends both new and old.

The first stop was Saatchi & Saatchi, meeting both the art buying and broadcast team. After a number of conversations on the phone, it was great to meet the Saatchi crew in person. They were impressed with JB’s work and the delicious San Diegan pastries. 

Next was a quick lunch at korean bbq ….but not too long after, Tallgrass was back on the road dropping off more gift boxes in the afternoon. Then the three hustled over for a quick meet with the talented minds at World Wide Minds. 

The last meeting of day 1 was with the awesome Innocean producers in Huntington beach. A great way to end the day - cocktails as the sun set.

Early the next morning, the 3 Tallgrassans hit the road for a meeting with Guthy-Renker for hot coffee and an introduction of our capabilities and work. Then it was off to lunch with friends from Deustch at Whiskey Red’s. After that delicious lunch was a late snack with Ignition. A short hop over and TGP was at Ignition with wraps from LYFE kitchen…yum! And to round out this group of new friends was Lenny from R&R partners….dropping off one last batch of goodies for the end of his day.

To wrap up the trip, they met up with an old friend - David Aktary - who helped connect us to our award-winning Hot Pockets project. An amazing 2 days….and we’re sure to be back soon!





UMR: an official selection at the Sacramento International Film Festival

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 11.06.30 AM

In the latest "Under My Roof" news...The 2015 Sacramento International Film Festival chose the screenplay as an official selection. The screenplay, written by Jen de Poyen, is among just 50 scripts being reviewed for honors…a fantastic achievement! 


Congrats to Jen and Jeffrey for developing the funny, ambitious and surprisingly tender storyline. “Under My Roof” is the first feature film for Jen, Jeffrey and the Tallgrass team. The story? Daniel Weinberg strikes a blow for freedom by planting a nuclear garden gnome in the front yard of his suburban home and seceding from the USA in order to protect his son when the draft age is 13!

"Under My Roof" is currently in development. Keep up to date with Daniel and production for UMR by following Tallgrass. The SIFF runs from April 25th to May 3rd.

For now, here's a look at our latest test footage of the epic battle scene! #TeamDaniel


"Leave With Me" scores with SD Film Consortium

Earlier this month, a few of the fine gentlemen at Tallgrass stepped out on to the red carpet for a night celebrating the filmmaking arts. The event? The 2015 San Diego Film Awards. Tallgrass Pictures' collaboration with Joshua Danyel on our first music video "Leave With Me" was up for 3 nominations - best cinematography, best editing AND best music video. Our director Jeffrey, senior editor Gavin and editor Nico shared a toast for the hardwork that went into that late night shoot! 

After that, they hit the carpet enjoying the bubbly and company of some talented artists. 



Our senior editor Gavin was also in the running for his personal project - music video "Gothic Summer". We waited for the drumroll to finish and bam! Found ourselves with a shiny award. Best Cinematography to Jeffrey Lamont Brown for "Leave With Me". Gavin also won Best Music Video and Best Editing. 



What a rockin' night with an award-winnin team! 



Thank you to the SD Film Consortium for the fantastic night. 


Under the sea & shooting it

Before founding Tallgrass Pictures 10 years ago, chief creative officer Jeffrey, was a solo photographer traveling the world and exploring the beauty of it all. He was able to photograph some of the world's most gorgeous places...and we're taking a look at one of those amazing experiences - these gorgeous photos from the Mentawai Islands.

For these shots, JB chartered a yacht and brought a few friends along for a week of shooting, surfing and swimming. A truly fantastic trip! He filmed underneath the waters for these shots using a Canon 1DMkIII and 16-35 lens. 

28_V9Y8906_C (1)

For underwater shots, you'll need underwater housing to keep the camera dry...and a good set of lungs to stay under. 


And the end result? Some amazing images....


34_V9Y1260_B copy


Those experiences allowed JB to build a company versed in many styles of work and trained in all sorts of terrain. We can't wait for our next under water project!


"Under My Roof" wins 3rd place!

Roll out the red carpet because “Under My Roof” was just honored with 3rd place for Best Unpublished Screenplay from the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival 2015! The award is going to the fantastic Jennifer de Poyen, screenwriter of “Under My Roof”.

Hollywood Reel Independent Film Fest

On the script itself, Jen says she was drawn to it because “It’s messy, it’s unwieldy kind of like life…but it’s so full of life.”  And this messy story of life will be Tallgrass Pictures’ first feature film; a project headed by Tallgrass Pictures founder & director Jeffrey Lamont Brown and screenwriter Jennifer de Poyen. 


The feature tells the tale of Daniel Weinberg who protects his son Herbie the best way he knows how - he builds a nuke, hides it in a garden gnome, and secedes his suburban home from the USA to form the sovereign nation of Weinbergia.

Stay tuned for more updates on the messy adventure of the Weinbergs and production for UMR. 

Under My Roof

BTS: I Wanna See You Vogue

It was a another fine Friday in January and the Tallgrass studio had been taken over by fierce models for our fashion test shoot. The challenge: an enticing lingerie shoot, a Vogue inspired dance number, portraits embracing florals and this season's spring color palettes, and number in an elevator...all in just 24 hours. Madness? No, just another Friday in production.

To kick off the day was an Armani inspired lingerie shoot. One of our MUAs Hayley Havick and our VFX artist Rachel Alberto created tattoos for our model to complete the look. When the camera rolled, the fantastic Olga Glenn brought out her sultry side with a riveting performance. 

The energy kept rolling along as our 2nd model Olivia Brower displayed her best “So You Think You Can Dance” moves. With Beyonce playing in the background; she showed off some moves that would make Queen Bee proud.


Next up was Lizzy Grove, bringing disco back. We were back in the 70's with an "All Shiny Look" from SAKS Off Fifth.  She also rocked a series of fierce portraits with colorful flowers in hand...and mouth!

As the sun went down and the evening approached, the lights were bright just like our next model. Aoydele delivered exquisite poses and looks - dripping with jewelry in her designer dress.
imagejpeg_0_16_1_MG_0923_v1 _MG_0936_v1
To top off the studio shoot; was Jenny Purtee “wigging out” in hot pink with matching make-up and glitter. She was a vibrant beauty and was perfect for our mono-colored concept portrait.


Did we finish all four concepts? Guess you’ll have to check back with us to see the finished product. 

Leave With Me at the Bare Bones International Independent Film & Music Fest

Some exciting mid-week news: “Leave With Me” made it into the Bare Bones International Independent Film & Music Festival in Oklahoma. Our first music video which we collaborated on with friend and musician Joshua Danyel is making it’s rounds on the film fest circuit and kicking butt!

We're stoked to have had the chance to bring his musical story to life.
The Bare Bones International Film and Music Festival happens in April, but you can catch our music video here: 

North Island Credit Union: Capturing the San Diego lifestyle

4 days. 12 locations. As we reminisce on the fun we had in 2014, there's no forgetting the shoot that had us running all over sunny San Diego, showing off the greatness that is our beautiful city. We happily jumped into this collaboration with Fresh Form Interactive (the brilliant minds of Ali Palmer & Seth Gravette) and reunited with an old friend & Creative Director, Tracy Meiners.

Our goal: to create a beautiful photo library for use by North Island Credit Union (NICU).  With stops at places like Hodad's, OB Dog Beach, Mission Trails - each day brought it's own adventure....   


Day 1: Undoubtedly, one of the greatest things about San Diego are our micro-breweries and killer food. Our gracious and wonderful hosts  Societe Brewing Co. & Hodad's in OB made our first day a real treat -


IMG_0647  IMG_0645
Day 2: Carlton Oaks Golf Course showed us some real VIP treatment, as we zipped around in their golf carts from hole to hole. We also ventured to Mission Trails and Morley Park - with a few stops in between.


Day 3: Shop til’ you drop!  A cute couple contemplated their first home and Tallgrass was there to capture that significant moment. The rest of the day was spent at the lovely boutiques in La Jolla and the North Park Farmer's Market.


Day 4: When one of our locations fell through, we were saved and treated by our friends from Pappalecco, in Little Italy.  Pappalecco not only welcomed us with open arms but fed us like family. The rest of the day was filled with what San Diego is known for best - sunny, sandy, San Diego beaches.

And of course, we stopped by North Island Credit Union to grab the brand shots. 


This was a blast of a shoot - we hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them!

Under My Roof VFX Test Shoot

Here’s a sneak peek of what we’re working on for “Under My Roof” - our very first Tallgrass Pictures feature film.

It was a fine Friday night for a test shoot…which is a favorite past time of Tallgrass Pictures. A test shoot is where our director and team experiment with  shots before a production to ensure high quality work. On this particular Friday night, the scene was set for Under My Roof’s big battle scene and a VFX test shoot was under way.


Our very own TGP boys stepped in as the war heroes going against invisible helicopters and enemies:

Meanwhile, our production coordinators helped set the mood by creating a flickering light through some very sophisticated dance moves:


All in all, it was a very successful night with lots of fun. But this was just the first step. The footage is now in the tender hands of our VFX artists who are adding chaos and mayhem to the scene. Spoiler alert - there will be explosions galore.

We can’t wait for the finished footage. For now, we’ve got some great BTS videos to share. Check out how Tallgrass Pictures gets down on Friday nights:

YouTube Preview Image

 YouTube Preview Image

“Under My Roof” is a Tallgrass Pictures feature production scheduled for 2015.

Keep up with all the Under My Roof news and happenings in Weinbergia by following us!

2014 in the Life of Production At Tallgrass

Ever wonder what a year is like in the life of a production company?

As we head into the new year, we can’t help but spend a little time reminiscing on what 2014 held. From traveling the US to muddy productions, we’ve had a blast in 2014. We asked the Tallgrass team to share their favorite TGP moments from the year and here’s what they said….

Laurelena, our glowing graphic design intern ninja said:

“My favorite memory is decorating christmas stockings and seeing the surprises inside.”


Christiaan, our battle dancing new account exec said:

“1. My favorite moment would have to be the time I had to shoot down a pretend helicopter with a super soaker. It was the first time being out with the crew shooting test shots for “Under my Roof”.

2. Surprise Bday up stairs. Was definitely surprised, took shots, and ate cake. 

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 4.55.44 PM jack

Katsie, our brand new ball of energy PC shared:

  “Some of my favorite Tallgrass moments from 2014:
- Helping on the TruGreen location shoot.
- Cooking for the Tallgrass team at the Wrap Beach Party for TruGreen
- Laurelena loving Spencer's cream filled pancakes
- The table read for UMR
- Making origami swans with Rachel for our shoot with Digitaria
- Watching JB fly the helicam for the first time"


Spencer, our walkin' on sunshine 2nd AC said: 

"My favorite time at Tallgrass so far in my 1 3/4 months working here would have to be the Under My Roof test shoot.  It was a Friday so everyone was in good spirits and we got to get pretty creative with production because it was ours.  My favorite part of the night was when we had to tie a rope around Josh and pull him to the ground as if he got shot. Or having Jordan and Katsie dance in front of the Kino lights to simulate fire.  Also when Jordan sweetalked security because we didn't have a permit. Or when JB, Keith and I we  re blinded because Michael had to point the 1600 watt joker at the camera for a shot."

IMG_2470  IMG_2525

Keith, our fierce and coffee addicted 1st AC said:

“Definitely flying out to Dallas, then coming back to JB’s street to find my car was parked in the middle of a destroyed street, perfectly on a tiny piece of pavement they had left. Erik and I had to drive through the rubble to get out. Haha."

IMG_20141104_235452340 IMG_3173-20141104-140810

Angellyne, current blog author & digital marketing coordinator said: 

"My favorite moments would include - 
1. Being able to work on the digital marketing for our first feature movie; thinking of ways to promote it online & observing this story come to life.
2. Working as a production coordinator for Publicis Hawkeye for the TruGreen Project...a lot of stuff going on there but really enjoyed it all.:) Especially meeting awesome folks from Texas and seeing the advertising collateral from the other side.
3. A tiny part of me will always have to laugh at how I jumped in mud for a test shoot...see story below..."

IMAG3050  Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 5.29.31 PM

Jordan, our champion production coordinator said:

“If I had to choose a favorite moment here at Tallgrass - it would be tough, but one that makes me laugh every time I think about it was during our time test shooting for Spot Shot.
We created a mud pit up in the North 40 (our director’s expansive farm in the middle of urban San Diego) for kids and dogs to get crazy muddy for the day of the shoot. To make sure it was the right muddy consistency for maximized success during our shoot we decided to recruit a little help from our very own, adorably child size Angellyne - who thought we were joking when she accepted the task. 
As Angellyne sat in the muddy pool, JB felt that more mud was merrier…I was then tasked to muddy up Angellyne, and had to take a huge scoop of mud and plop it directly on top of Angellyne’s sad, beautiful head.”

jordan spot shot  1924343_874639575898621_6537626965703063399_n

Beau, our senior VFX rockstar & Rachel, our VFX magician both agreed:

“Grip Olympics”*

*Grip Olympics was a friendly production competition on setting up and breaking down shoot equipment.*

_MG_9961 _MG_9885

Nico, TGP’s one and only fantastic French editor:

“My best moments of 2014:
1. The whole CH in PA shoot
2. Spot Shot shoot day in the studio. I was a hybrid 1st AC, B camera operator and coffee/grease thrower for extra slo-mo shots
3. World Viz shoot in Santa Barbara
4. Ingram Micro Shoot”

IMG_5540 1506473_948233585205886_4605737831734915173_n

Gavin, our mix masterin' senior editor said:

“For me, it was Coordinated Health because it was close to home.”


Aly, our expert socialite business development director said:

“The Addy Raid - we hosted the Addy Raid at the studio with a live green screen…helped with the Addy Awards promotional pieces, watched them play on the big screen in front of all the Addy Awards participants and cut the video announcing the new SDX.”


And finally…our director, principal photographer & fearless founder JLB shares his top moments:

“Top TGP Memories from 2014:
PreProduction on Under My Roof (Script Development, American Film Market, Casting) 
Coordinated Health - meeting the great people of central Pennsylvania and the honor of filming student athletes. 
Spot Shot - a kickass shoot making big messes.”

IMG_20141012_152509373   10626199_926934980669080_4733501047275357205_o

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 4.10.30 PM

It's been a great time 2014...we're looking forward to more adventures and fun in 2015! 

Drones in commercial film magic


 It’s a bird, it’s plane…no it’s new filmmaking technology in action, right in the heart of Palm Springs Motors!


In fact, it’s our director JLB using FPV (first person view) goggles for a production with Palm Springs Motors. With these goggles, JB was able to see live footage transmitted from a helicopter mounted GoPro that he controlled.


What’s it like, you ask? Imagine taking a ride on a roller coaster and that feeling you get over that 1st big drop - a truly amazing experience! And the shots? Well, take a look for yourself. We were able to capture great aerial footage of the expansive Palm Springs Motors facility!

YouTube Preview Image

This technology makes it possible for filmmakers to expand their creative reach (literally) and explore new views for storytelling success. We’re excited to have it in our filmmaking arsenal and glad we got to bust it out for our friends at Brandtailers. Many thanks to Cheril from Brandtailers for a cool project! And a special shout out to Juan, the fantastic porter, who moved over 500 cars for us - a true MVP of the shoot.

(Cheers to getting some sweet footage!) 

 Mini-Coopers & Micro-Climates

What do mini-coopers & micro-climates have in common?

....a hilariously chaotic production with Tallgrass Pictures!

Earlier this year, we shot a spot called “Climate Change” - a wacky concoction conceived by creative directors (and TGP friends) Robert Borges and Brad Copeland. In it, we find two scientists on a thrilling ride in a bright, red Mini.

For this shoot, the Tallgrass team took a little trip into the mountains of Julian, CA. Our action packed day included taking over Sunrise Highway with corrupt cops and then off-roading at Lake Cuyamaca (yes, in the mini cooper). We even sprinkled in some movie magic, literally - with a homemade rain machine! The rangers pumped water from the lake into the machine and created a whole new stormy scene for us - no rain dance needed - just PVC pipes and a little elbow grease. 

_MG_1580 IMG_1642

We brought some devious fun to Julian mountains! Check out the full video below:

First Music Video Success

Tallgrass Pictures collaborates with Joshua Danyel to create a musical dream.

One day. One song. One killer music video.

Tallgrass Pictures recently collaborated with musician and friend Joshua Danyel to create our very first music video for his song “Leave With Me”. With the vision of a Shakespearean world,our director and crew headed to Santa Barbara to make music video magic!

Santa Barbara High School (our musician’s alma mater) generously gave us access to their grand theater as well as their fantastical props, wardrobe & stellar fog machines. The team was armed and ready for the one day production! Our director JB along with Jordan, Keith & Josh crafted a Midsummer Night set better than we could have dreamed up. From sunrise until midnight, they captured ethereal images creating a visual story for Joshua's passionate song.


When they got back, it was our champion editors’ Nico & Gavin’s turn! Mixing together the images and sound, they finished the story in time for Josh’s album release party.

And now we’re so excited to hear that our music video has been selected to be screened at the inaugural San Diego Fall Film Festival! Cheers to a beautiful collaboration coming together on the silver screen.

For your viewing pleasure, we present Joshua Danyel's "Leave With Me"

MoHo Productions
Buy on iTunes here:

Casting Under My Roof in Los Angeles, California

This Week Casting Under My Roof in Los Angeles with Gabrielle Schary 

The latest news at Tallgrass Pictures this week is that Jeni, Jennifer, JB, and casting director Gabrielle Schary are heading to Studios West in Santa Monica to cast the leads in Under My Roof. With hundreds of submissions our team is sure to have an action packed a couple of days. Over the next that week couple weeks the team will be casting in Los Angeles, San Diego, and New York. For more information about this casting find us on IMDB.


Stay tuned or more production updates @TallgrassFilms & @_UnderMyRoof 

Bet Performances GIF

American Sock Now Available in 4K

Big things are happening at Youtube as 4K, or Ultra HD video becomes available on the prolific service. An article by Mashable’s Pete Pachal stated earlier this year that 4k, or Ultra HD footage will come in a new format called VP9, a royalty-free codec that will also reportedly offer a better experience with Google Hangouts, according to GigaOm. Pachal also states that the VP9 codec consumes considerably less data than other commercial codecs (such as H.265), letting the service stream higher-quality streams with less bandwidth.

For us at Tallgrass Pictures this is fantastic news! As a commercial production company, we produce everything from high speed motion capture, to aerial helicopter footage, computer generated graphics, and feature films all in High Definition.  

For Gavin, TGP senior Editor, his interest in UHD started at NAB last year when he got to screen video on an 8K tv. “It was like looking out a window” Gavin remembers while explaining the differences between 4k and 1080p mastering. According to Gavin,  there are not many differences in mastering 4k versus 1080p, except for increased render times and larger files; but beyond that 4k monitors are not household items, at least not yet. For us  this had meant that  the Ultra HD footage we’ve been shooting for 5 years can now finally be realized in online video, creating a richer viewing experience for our clients.

In the past with sites like Youtube our crisp, surreal imagery would lose and great deal of its luster when compressed to for web, it simply did not do it justice. Today that is a thing of the past, now with this new codec TGP and creators of all sorts are able to more easily share beautifully crafted content online!

This is exciting news to our team, and we’d like celebrate by sharing one of our Award Winning comedy shorts American Sock.


American Sock now available in 4k.

American Sock now available in 4k.

Under My Roof, A Tallgrass Production

Under My Roof poster gif

Production begins this November!

Herbert Weinberg’s father is striking a blow for freedom. Implanting a nuclear device within a garden gnome in the front yard of their Southern California home, he’s declared independence from the U.S. The household is understandably is an uproar. Mother’s gone, the local weatherman has moved in, and 13-year-old Herbert is simultaneously a hostage and the Minister of Information. Even while troops surround the belligerent house-state of Weinbergia, the call to freedom has been sounded. The house is rapidly filling up with American refuseniks. Can the refrigerator hold out? Will Herbert’s and Daniel defeat imperialism and reunite the family?  Based on Aristophanes’s Archanians, Under My Roof is funny, ambitious film.

For more live updates and behind the scenes content through out production, follow @_UnderMyRoof on twitter and check us out on Facebook.

Under My Roof  Movie Poster

Three New Faces!

The men are taking over Tallgrass Pictures!

We'd like to formally introduce a couple of the newest faces at Tallgrass. Please join us in welcoming Marvin, Keith and Josh to the Tallgrass Pictures team.

NewHires-Fall2014-Josh NewHires-Fall2014-Keith NewHires-Fall2014-Marvin

Spot Shot TV Commercial: messy fun

Mud pits, coffee stains, and erupting marinara sauce. Some people may call this their worst nightmare, but Tallgrass Pictures calls it a great day at the office.

Over the summer, we filmed a commercial for Spot Shot carpet cleaner with the fun team at O'Leary & Partners. Our shoot was a wild ride including mud flinging from dogs and children, tossing mugs of coffee around the studio, to Zorro initiating a sword fight. 

Team members went home covered in mud, marinara, lipstick, and smiles. Thanks Spot Shot and O'Leary & Partners for a great shoot! 


2-Day Roloxin Shoot

Kicking off a busy week of shoots was Roloxin Lift; a two-day shoot where we produced both a brand video and tutorial for Roloxin.

Day one focused on the Roloxin Lift brand video showcasing various women’s bathrooms. This shoot took place in Mission Viejo, CA at The Bath Company, a bathroom fixture superstore featuring several bathroom vignettes making it the perfect location for this shoot. After a little prop styling and strategic camera angling we had four beautiful bathrooms and you’d never know that we were in an operational store with looky-loo customers surrounding our set!

On day two, we were back at Tallgrass Pictures studio where Tsukuru built a working sink in the middle of the studio for the Roloxin tutorial! The natural light from our open studio made for beautiful imagery with light reflecting off each drop of water as our talent splashed water on her face.

The only thing more breathtaking than the shots were the instant results our talent got from Roloxin Lift itself. It left all of the women (and men) asking where they can get themselves some Roloxin!

_X3F5570 Roloxin1

Guild Mortgage

On Wednesday, Guild Mortgage welcomed us into their offices to film the company’s brand video._X3F8842 Guild Mortgage

We got amazing time lapse footage in front of the building and captivating shots of the Guild Mortgage staff hard at work; all narrated by their President and CEO Mary Ann McGarry. We loved spending the day at such a beautiful location and working with everyone from Guild Mortgage who, we must say, are naturals in front the camera.


Filming into the Future with Ingram Micro

As part of a new brand video for Ingram Micro, we shot a futuristic scene of a young couple announcing an upcoming baby. How did we make the scene look like 2030 and not 2013? By shooting at a stunning, mostly glass, modern-style home at the top of Mt. Helix, a small mountain right here in San Diego.

We captured the soon-to-be grandfather video chatting with the expecting couple on a 2D holographic image projected on glass. Since it’s still 2014, we used blue lighting to create the visual effect of a hologram shining on the actor’s face. In post-production, our very talented Beau Runnells worked his magic with the footage, making the couple look as if they are the ones in the hologram!

We had a blast capturing the essence of a precious family moment and highlighting the role of Ingram Micro’s technology in creating it. All while getting to pretend it was high-tech 2030!

Shooting the Skype scene

A Proposal to Remember, Ingram Micro

Ingram Micro, a global Fortune 500 technology company, assigned us to collaborate on a brand essence video for use company wide capturing technology in life's biggest moments.

Ingram’s Dan Iorgulescu, Ewan Pidgeon and Jason Williams have been invaluable collaborators, writing a fantastic script based in human emotion and experience, being very helpful on set and in the editing bay. 

We shot footage from 3 continents including India and Africa, but one of our favorites? The Japanese Friendship Garden, where friendships grow! Set in the lovely Balboa park, this venue captured the perfect mood for the ultimate Geo Cache adventure. 

With two talent and one GPS, you’ll see a couple hunting for treasure with nothing but a set of coordinates. The prize you ask? A wedding proposal! Recording one of life’s biggest moments, and highlighting how GPS technology was able to help make this memorable moment come to life? Mission accomplished!  

Thank you to the Japanese Friendship Garden for allowing us to film at such a fantastic location!

unnamed PreRough_V5.1.Still011
photo 3


Masculinity: Concept Shoot

Joselle Mariano for Masculinity Concept shoot
We love shooting so much, once a month we become our own client, concepting and assigning a Tallgrass creative shoot for our ever-expanding portfolio. For March, beards tickled our fancy. Nothing is more classic than a man’s most masculine accessories—beards and ‘staches. 

There’s plenty of discussion on the ideal definition of femininity. But what about the men?! A beard or mustache can range from rugged and unruly to clean and defined. What an extraordinary range of expression that is displayed through facial hair. Here was a fun, creative shoot that had us glorifying not just our own studio of bearded men, but the diverse local talent that came in to help.

Check out our wicked bewhiskered final images!

_MG_6503_V1 _MG_6770_V1 _MG_6890_V1 _MG_7045_V1 _MG_7418_V1 Abbas Abraham Sultan


Graduating Tallgrass Style!

No more classes! No more books! No more teachers’ dirty looks! That’s right - we’re talking Grad Night at San Diego State University! And the Tallgrass Team was there to join in on the celebrations. We wanted to send the graduating class of 2014 off the funnest way we knew how, but also with something that really hit home and summarized their year.

At the studio we compiled the graduates’ pictures, memories and current events that defined this year, everything from the viral hit “What Does the Fox Say” to the election of Pope Francis. But we didn’t stop there. On campus we set up our Slow-Mo booth and armed graduates with silly-string, confetti and a bumpin’ beat to get down and party to! It was a joy to watch friends and classmates uniting, laughing, and celebrating over their grand accomplishment. 

Everybody was super stoked…“Thank you so much JB. I knew you guys would pull it off but this truly exceeded my expectations. You guys are amazing” said Melissa Henss, the Assistant Director of Presidential Events at San Diego Staten University.

Congratulations Class of 2014, and good luck from all of us here at Tallgrass!

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 12.06.24 PMScreen Shot 2014-05-14 at 12.06.48 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 12.05.56 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 12.05.33 PM

Game of Thrones: Concept Shoot


Who was elated for the Season Premiere of Game of Thrones?

Spoiler Alert: the Tallgrass Pictures Team! And who could cast blame upon us?! In honor of the upcoming premiere, we held this TV show inspired shoot. With the help of some local talent and a fantastic makeup artist - we were ready to get our Game of Thrones on! 

Our quest: To create portraits that mimicked the creative lighting effects found in the third season’s promo-posters. It was an entirely experimental shoot. A chance for us to have fun, get creative and practice with some new technology and different effects.

  Our holy grail? These final images!


Welcome Summer Interns!

Please join us in welcoming our newest interns for Summer 2014.

On the marketing team, we have: Kendra, Angellyne, Jordan and Greice.

Supporting the production team are Chloe and David.

Assisting with editing and production is Steffen.

We have a ton of fresh faces at Tallgrass Pictures and we’re thrilled to have such wonderful talent on our team this summer.


EPIC Series

Tallgrass Pictures got a crash course in what it means to be EPIC this past weekend, at the EPIC Series Fitness Challenge Course. Athletes of all levels gathered Saturday & Sunday at the Del Mar Fairgrounds to compete in a workout like no other. No mud, no long runs - just intense plyometric, strongman inspired, challenge course fun! 

Our goal: To capture the EPIC adventure for all future participants. Alex, Rachel, Gavin and Nico were appropriately decked-out with our RedEpic cameras to capture every moment that unfolded throughout the day. While Tsukuru and our pilot Russell, strapped a Go-Pro to our Heli to seize a truly EPIC view. 

We didn’t even compete yet the course left us exhausted and exhilarated by the end of the day.

Check out the tractor pulling, tire flipping, even wall climbing insanity!

 Epic Still 4Epic_Still 1Epic Still 7Epic-Still-5

Aly & Allison take on S.F.


Here’s to new friends and old! Ten meetings. Two days. Aly and Allison rocked their way through San Francisco, ’wining and dining’ with SF’s top ad agencies and mastering its public transport. 

By BART, bus, trolley and foot, these ladies made it everywhere from the beautiful shorelines of the Embarcadero to the historical docks of Fisherman's Wharf! Our friend, Angus at Dolby, welcomed us by taking us back to school. Wait, we mean Skool - a delightful lunch spot in SF where the menus were appropriately printed on binder paper! While our new friends at First Person were introduced to us over cocktails at a hip speakeasy bar named Local Edition. 

We also had the opportunity to meet with Doremus, Eleven Inc., and OneWorld…just to name a few. Everyone is so busy! So it was a great time for our team to see what these agencies are working on, and share our own work as well.





Harrah’s “See it up close”

Filming at Harrah's Resort, Southern California what a blast! A strong collaboration between I.D.E.A. creatives Ryan Berman and Joe Nafziger, Harrah’s Ryan Thompson and Jeffrey Lamont Brown. With 9 setups in one day, we were lucky to have the incredible Nicole Miller, Amy Lorenzen and Harrah’s very own Patty Olvera making everything flow as smooth as the lazy river.

The concept: “See it up close” opens with extreme closeups of guests enjoying the key amenities of the property. Massage, juicy steak, beautiful hotel room, lazy river and a win in the casino. We cover a lot of ground in 30 seconds with this spot. And oh yeah, we shot some cool slow-mo helicopter footage of the new hotel tower for the end card!

Look out for this television commercial; it’s enough to make you say, “DAMN!”


He blinded us with Science!

Bigger, Better, Faster! Tallgrass

Over here at Tallgrass not only are we picture people, but every once in a while we build a computer! A spiffy new animation workstation at that…

Stay tuned for more about our graphics and animation capabilities! 

_MG_6454 _MG_6416 _MG_6420 _MG_6430

Time Lapse San Diego

YouTube Preview Image

Tsukuru has been shooting a ton of beautiful time lapses around San Diego with our new Kessler Crane.

Check out this sample of the awesome results he is getting!


Congratulations Tallgrass Pictures Interns

Congratulations are in order for our student filmmakers Monica Nguyen & Alex Drachnik!

Check out their films below or you can attend the showcase at San Diego State University this Thursday, May 15th!


Hard Lemonade


Tallgrass Pictures at the San Diego Film Awards

It was a great time last night at the first ever San Diego Film Awards, and we're happy to announce that Tallgrass short American Sock took home an award for Best Writing! So we'd like to send out a big thanks to screenwriter Jason K. Allen, the Film Consortium of San Diego, and our wonderful team!

TallgrassPictures-SanDiegoFilmAwards-BestWriter-ShortFilm-RedCarpet TallgrassPictures-SanDiegoFilmAwards-BestWriter-ShortFilm-Winning TallgrassPictures-SanDiegoFilmAwards-BestWritier-ShortFilm-Marquee TallgrassPictures-SanDiegoFilmAwards-BestWriting-ShortFilm-GreenHornetCar TallgrassPictures-SanDiegoFilmAwards-BestWriting-ShortFilm-StreetInterview

Behind the scenes, Oscar Vine Parodies

The 86th Academy Awards are tomorrow so we at Tallgrass figured it be fun do Oscar Vine Parodies with a few of our new interns.

Enjoy these behind the scenes photos and be sure to mark your calendar for March 2, 2014 because we'll be live tweeting the Oscars at @TallgrassFilms and you don’t want to miss our Best Picture Vine Parodies!

TallgrassPictures-86thOscarsVineParodies-12YearsASlave TallgrassPictures-86thOscarsVineParodies-Her TallgrassPictures-86thOscarsVineParodies-Frozen TallgrassPictures-86thOscarsVineParodies-CaptainPhillips TallgrassPictures-86thOscarsVineParodies-AmericanHustleTallgrassPictures-86thOscarsVineParodies-TheWolfOfWallStreet

 Check out our :30 version on Youtube! 

ADDY Awards Gala!

Happy awards season everyone!  Yes, it that time of year once again. Time for the annual round up of everything awesome in advertising, the ADDYs! Every year the American Advertising Federation hosts an event to showcase the best in the business and this year Tallgrass Pictures is a big part of the festivities.  The local chapter of San Diego's AD Club enlisted our help  in hosting their annual ADDY Raid, we were to  happy to oblige. (Stay tuned for the behind the scenes photos)


JB christening the Slomo Booth, ADDY Raid 2014

JB christening the Slomo Booth, ADDY Raid 2
San Diego AD Club, ADDY Raid Slomo booth at Tallgrass Pictures Studio

San Diego AD Club, ADDY Raid Slomo booth at Tallgrass Pictures Studio

San Diego AD Club, ADDY Raid Slomo booth at Tallgrass Pictures Studio

San Diego AD Club, ADDY Raid Slomo booth at Tallgrass Pictures Studio

The ADDY's awards gala is this Friday at 6pm at the Gaslamp's US Grant Hotel, this  Gatsby themed event promises to be swinging time! 

ADDYs | San Diego Ad Club

National Spot for San Diego State

Tallgrass Pictures shoots it’s fourth national spot for San Diego State University. The assignment: To highlight the research and science opportunities the school has to offer. Boring you say? Not! We open the spot to a lab full of students making bionic limbs; then walk directly onto the deck of a 100ft boat doing cutting-edge virus research, launch the Mars Rover, and end with an ensemble cast at Hepner Hall, all in one continuous shot. Cheers to our CGI team for all their hard work to make those transitions flawless! 

Shooting at sea can be rough and even seasick we didn’t fall overboard. The team stayed strong and got incredible footage. Great job! It was a combination of every team members’ individual efforts that let us get so many shots that appeared effortless. 

We also couldn’t have accomplished getting that warm atmosphere of campus without the Aztec students who volunteered as extras. We’re excited to premier the SDSU spot; look out for it this coming spring! 

_MG_3319 _MG_3454 IMG_4452

Harrah's Rincon Casino & Resort

Our recent shoot at Harrah’s Rincon Casino & Resort was like the great casino itself, big and bold. It was a nicely sized production with 30 cast & crew. We shot with a couple of RED epics, capturing both stills and video. The stills looked amazing and, at 50 MB, huge. Harrah’s also hooked us up with their amazing buffet, providing steak and lobster for everybody. (Many thanks for Ryan, Amber & Patty for that!)
Production base was composed of 2 of the casino’s largest suites, jacuzzis included. This housed all the wardrobe and the equipment that we couldn’t haul to our 8 shooting locations. It was certainly our first time having hair, make up & wardrobe in the same room as a jacuzzi.
In our assignment, we illustrated Harrah’s Rincon Casino & Resort's transition to a luxury resort, so we spent the day capturing several of their upgraded amenities, like Dive, their new outdoor pool area, which is complete with lazy river, swim up bar and spa. By wrap time, we had shot 10 talent in 8 places in 12 hours, and had plenty of great footage to show for it.

_MG_6857 _MG_6853
_MG_6875 MRCblogpic1 _MG_6914

Mitsubishi Rayon Golf Shafts

We were thrilled when our friends at Simpler & Simpler asked us to do another video shoot for Mitsubishi Rayon Golf Shafts. Last year we found and executed a unique way to capture this company’s premium and super-premium golf shafts golf shafts, and we were ready to step up to the challenge once again.

For this shoot we took a normal-sized production and made it miniature. We shot the golf clubs with macro lenses, which let us make the products appear far bigger than their actual size. This made the shots very dramatic because of the great level of detail these cameras capture. Making slight lighting adjustments or moving the camera a mere 1 mm would change the composition. 

With the hands of “surgeons”, we were able to get all the shots we wanted with great precision. The videos, once edited & finalized, will be used in both the American and Japanese markets.

_MG_9570 copy

Christmas Week Lifestyle Shoot Day 3

On our last day of our lifestyle shoot Christmas week, we headed to the cliffs of Torrey Pines, where we had 2 cameras right at the cliff’s edge. Our talent were champions, running up narrow goat trails and posing in stretching positions above the legendary Black's Beach. 

We ended the week of shooting in the chic offices of Digitaria. We capture amazing views of both our talent and "aerials" down into PETCO park baseball stadium at sunset. To get so many great images in such a variety of places took complete commitment from everyone involved, and, wrapping that day, everyone felt extremely proud to be a part of this dedicated team. 

  a_1 a_2 _MG_0636 _MG_0719

Christmas Week Lifestyle Shoot Day 2

Day 2: Downtown San Diego. We were immersed in San Diego’s downtown Gaslamp quarter. The weather was sunny and beautiful for shooting, but so warm that it posed a threat to the "Ice Cream" scene. APC Britney, literally ran from the ice cream shop to our set to keep the tub of cones from melting! 

By the time the sun was setting that same day, we decided to capture some extra shots at our final location: Goorin Brothers, a stylish downtown hat shop loaded with Fedoras, Boaters and many other cool hats. To get enough light in the store’s second floor terrace, G+E  stood in the street with shiny boards to capture the remaining sunlight. Inside, JB shot above from a bird’s eye view, while Gavin rolled low angle "B" camera.   By the time the sun had gone down, we knew our clients were going to be spoiled.

_MG_0402 _MG_0431 _MG_0477

Christmas Week Lifestyle Shoot Day 1

With 3 days notice, we pulled together a rocking 3 day lifestyle shoot the week of Christmas. From the Torrey Pines cliffs to downtown, our crew of 13 shot 14 talent in 8 locations in 3 days. 

The first day we shot at beautiful home in Bay Ho, a cool neighborhood overlooking Mission Bay, where our team had fun assembling our largest prop to date, a 14 ft trampoline. It was a great team building exercise to build it "on the day" with agency/client in the house. Our "boss" set dec team took the house from Christmas to "Season Agnostic" and back to it's festive state. JB and the A + B camera teams rocked it, keeping 4 kids (and "Parents") happy throughout the day. One 5 year old had so much fun her mom sent this email. "Alana had such a great day today!  In the car she told me that she wishes she could wake up "at night" and do this every single day.

_MG_0015 _MG_0051 IMG_9980

New Year, New Interns. Welcome Lauren, Monica & Alex!

Say hello to our new nuggets Monica, Alex, & Lauren! We’re so happy to have these wonderful ladies in the studio.
All SDSU students, Lauren joins our marketing team, and Monica & Alex come on in production. Welcome Ladies!

Lauren Walberg, Monica Nguyen, Alex Drachnik

Lauren Walberg, Monica Nguyen, Alex Drachnik


Friendsgiving 2013

To celebrate the season of thanks, we invited our friends from Digitaria over for Friendsgiving 2013. We’ve really enjoyed getting to know the folks from this great company throughout the year and couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate our new friendship than with pink champagne & homemade crumble!

Each attendee arrived with their own home-cooked dish to impress. We had traditional Thanksgiving cuisine such as stuffing and green bean casserole, along with more unique dishes like Tsukuru’s nico jaga and Beau’s jambalaya. But the cherry on top, so to speak, had to be Sarah’s homemade apple pie.

After a fantastic meal and pink champagne, we headed to the main event...a slow motion booth! Earlier that day we’d built a set complete with a green screen and props, which included everything from confetti to silly string. We spent the next hour throwing glitter, blowing bubbles and dancing up a storm. 

The great thing about being a one-stop production company is that our team is able to build a set in-house incredibly quickly, and then edit the work right after. Our editing team took clips from the afternoon madness and used them to make one hilarious video. For your viewing pleasure, Tallgrass Pictures & Digitaria give you... Friendsgiving 2013: slow mo style! 

We're in the Unofficial Google+ Film Festival

Hilarious Tallgrass short, American Sock, has been selected to screen in the Unofficial Google+ Film Festival this Friday 12/13/13 at 10pm pacific standard time. Our film, and many other great short films will screen in this, the 3rd Annual Unofficial Google+ Film Festival. This Festival, unlike any other, takes place completely online and is simulcast live across the globe!

Join us this Friday in the Official Google+ Hangout.  

For more information about the Unofficial Google+ Film Festival click here.

Follow the Tallgrass Pictures Google+ & Youtube pages.  

Unofficial Google+ Film Festival

Unofficial Google+ Film Festival

Hot Pockets: You Got What I Eat

San Diego, CA, Oct 14, 2013  -  Tallgrass Pictures just completed an ambitious 3D animation project in collaboration with Ferguson Presents for Nestle's Hot Pockets Brand Sandwiches on their latest music video titled,  “You Got What I Eat”. The spot is a mouth-watering spoof starring Snoop Dogg & Kate Upton, capturing the epic battle of Team Crust vs. Team Meat. 

Our task was to create 13 seconds of 3D animation that links two live action worlds.  Tallgrass Pictures’ lead animator, Beau Runnels, created an 8-bit world complete with pepperoni nunchuck fights and flying bad guys.  By taking frames from the live action footage and using them as a base for the animated characters, Beau was able to make a seamless transition from the dueling celebrities to the animated world and back.  When the animated character, Oliver, twirls his pepperoni nunchucks, our animators made sure that the motion was identical to the live action nunchucks. These smooth transitions that the team meticulously perfected are what give the viewer the feeling of floating along in a dream sequence. 

Within days of its release, the video was featured on a handful of leading news sites and reached #6 on the Ad Age Viral Video Chart with 3.3MM views. AdWeek named it one of the top ten commercials of the week. According to an AdWeek article about the video, it’s the combination of hilarious lines “and psychedelic imagery [that] produces a crispy finished product” that is being so well received.

To keep updated on our activities, follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest or visit our main site at


Animation: Tallgrass Pictures

Client: Nestle

Agency: Threshold Interactive

Director: John Montgomery

Copywriter: James Littlejohn

Producer: Jessica Mingo

Production Company: Ferguson Presents

Director: John Montgomery

Producer: Jesse Trott

Production Designer: Tomas Verde

Hair/Make up Designer: Stella Tzanidakis

Storyboard Artist: Rudi Liden

Editor: Cameron Rumford

Compositor: Ferguson Presents LLC

Creative Director: Michael Grgas


Tallgrass hits NYC

As a part of our ongoing efforts to meet new collaborators, our Head of Business Development, Aly Bucholz, traveled to New York last week. There she met with producers and creatives from 15 of the country's top advertising agencies, from Ogilvy to the Wall Street Journal. 

These stylish New Yorkers are always busy, but they have appreciation for seeing quality work, so they were more than happy to meet with Aly. During her visit, Aly found that the offices were impressive and the pace incredibly fast, yet all of the people were laid back. 

Besides making new friends and eating some great food, Aly enjoyed discussing the new and innovative projects underway at some of the world’s best ad shops. We are looking forward to working with them soon!

Image 1 
IMG_0276 Image 7IMG_0724

La Jolla Cove Shoot

Once a month we concept and produce a shoot that is all our own. It gives us a chance to express our creativity and train our production team. This month it’s a water-based shoot at La Jolla Cove by our creative director, Brad Copeland.  The cove is an amazing location, full of wildlife and beautiful vistas. 

The greatest challenge on the shoot was managing a dozen cast and crew on paddleboards, kayaks & rafts, which was extremely demanding both technically and logistically. It was amazing to see how we kept everyone safe, had fun and kept $50,000 worth of cameras and equipment safe and dry. We got to do all of this in the company of several sea lions, some of them brushing us underwater!

Another obstacle we faced was the weather, as real world ocean conditions make for challenging shooting conditions. While paddling in these waves, JB broke a paddle. Jeni saved the day when she hooked his boat onto her paddleboard and towed him away from the cliffs.

It’s adventures like these that demonstrate how the Tallgrass team is always there for one another. We’re excited that the product of our teamwork on this shoot is a collection of fantastic photos for our ever-changing portfolio.

_MG_1769_V1 _MG_1822_V1 _MG_2170_V1

Huntington Beach Ad

We're thrilled to announce that Huntington Beach Marketing and Visitors Bureau is going to be using one of our photographs from our Huntington Beach shoot in several of their media outlets. The ad will first be released on the State of CA Visitor Guide and then in various magazines like Sunset and Coastal Living. 
The bureau's director of marketing and communications, Madison, had us blushing when she said, "This Image is absolutely stunning and really makes the ad! You guys are just so darn talented." We are honored for such a compliment and can't wait to see the ad come out. :) 

Huntington Beach Sunset

'American Sock' wins Best Narrative at Barrio Film Festival 2013

Over the past weekend AMERICAN SOCK was screened at the 2nd Annual Barrio Film Festival to a crowd of giggling audience members.  Although the highlight of the festival was getting to meet and share our work with local filmmakers, we have admit that winning ‘Best Narrative’ was the icing on the cake!

If you haven't gotten the chance to see AMERICAN SOCK, check out the link below!

Meetings in the City of Angels

Screening at SaatchiLA
In an effort to start the month of September off right, a quartet of Tallgrassers travelled up the coast to meet, greet, and mingle with Los Angeles’ hottest creative shops. First stop on the Tallgrass express was Saatchi & Saatchi LA. There we screened our latest lifestyle and automotive work while getting to know more about their pleasant Art Production team.  

For lunch we were joined the by the lovely Danixa Diaz, executive producer at iartists. Not only were our meals fantastic, but we had a wonderful time exchanging stories and sharing experiences. After we had thoroughly satisfied our hunger, we made way over Omelet LA. There we met a trio of creative celebrities and screened our very own comedy short film, American Sock. 

To round out our day, we met with Kristy Davis the creative team at RAPP to discuss an upcoming shoot for Flemings Restaurants. We also took a tour of their office, and their sophisticated coffee machine, before brainstorming shoot ideas. 

All in all, it was beautiful excursion through the City of Angels and our team is already itching to get back! 

Omelet LA
Lunch  at J. Nichols
Client Meeting at RAPP
Client Meeting at RAPP

Tallgrass Pictures is moving into pre-production on a new short film!

Nuclear attack.  There is not a soul left on this earth besides me.  Where am I?  Trapped in this abandoned fallout shelter.  If only I could get more than static on the f***ing radio.  Wait.  What is that?  It sounds like...breathing.  Who is in here with me? 

Stay tuned as we move into pre-production on our new short, FALLOUT.


Jeffrey's Travels

Jeffrey is currently traveling with his family across Italy, Singapore & Thailand on a well-deserved vacation. Though he was able to take time away from California, he couldn't take time off from being a photographer. He's captured some truly amazing images, and we can't wait to see more of them upon his return!

Congratulations to Jennifer de Poyen!

Tallgrass’ UNDER MY ROOF has just been selected for the 2013 Oaxaca Film Festival!  Written by the lovely Jennifer de Poyen, UNDER MY ROOF is the story of a young boy who, with his father, builds a nuclear weapon in order to secede from the United States.  The screenplay is based on the satirical novel of the same name written by author Nick Mamatas.  Jen has created a messy dystopian future full of complex characters that will translate to the screen beautifully.

We’re so proud of what Jen has done and could not be more thrilled to have UNDER MY ROOF recognized by the Oaxaca Film Festival.  As this is Tallgrass' first feature, we're looking forward to the opportunity to meet potential collaborators for the project.

Check out our ‘Meet the Screenwriter’ segment and stay tuned for more information as we continue developing UNDER MY ROOF!

UPDATE! Driver Wanted is now in post-production.

DRIVER WANTED, which recently wrapped filming on July 24th, is about senatorial candidate, Kirk Wakeman and his search for a new driver; however, he comes to find out that this is no ordinary job interview.  

We are happy to share the news that Alex has just finished doctoring the RED footage (the term is called one-lighting for those who are more tech savvy) and is now cutting away!  This time around we used three cameras meaning we have three angles of the same take allowing our editor to flow from shot to shot seamlessly.  Pretty awesome, right?

Speaking of awesome: Tom Gurnee who played the role of Kirk Wakeman in DRIVER WANTED sent us the most beautiful note about working with the Tallgrass team and we had to share it with you all!  


“Thank you as well for treating the three of us with such dignity and respect.  Thank you for your hospitality there at the studio and for being so gracious to set us up with accommodations and with such wonderful food... Absolute first class from the get-go.”

“If I may say, one thing that really impressed me was your team and how well all of you work together.  There's an amazing and unique synergy happening with all of you there and I believe it to come from your professional leadership and obvious, excellent management skills.”


Thank you Tom, William, and Nicole for your hard-work and dedication to the story.  Can’t wait to work with each of you again!

Creative Commando - Bradley Copeland

Creative Comando: Bradley Copeland

Creative Comando: Bradley Copeland

Today at Tallgrass we were honored to welcome our new Creative Director Brad Copeland.  Brad comes to us hot off scintillating a career in advertising, and after 20 plus years in art direction Brad is to pumped to join the Tallgrass team. Working on accounts like California Pizza Kitchen, Asics, Oakley, Red Bull and Newcastle Brown Ale he is a welcomed addition to this passionate bunch of picture makers. Citing the creative freedom and flexibility that this position offers Brad is gladly assumes his role on this side of production.  

A true creative thinker Brad notes his background  art and musical appreciation as his source of inspiration. This free spirit bikes to work to clear his mind and hates being tethered to a desk, he certainly brings a lot to our team and we can’t wait for him to get his hands dirty.  

Audio Training Time


We have always been proud to say that everyone here gets to wear many hats. A marketing team being cross-trained on microphones and booms just happens to be the perfect example. :)

Today Yoshi set up an equipped station to train the whole studio, pair by pair, on the fundamentals of capturing audio on a production. Whether a video intern or an animation artist, everybody learned how to handle the basics so that they can now step into that role on any given shoot.

Drumroll, Please! A new Tallgrass Pictures Short Film

Tallgrass Pictures could not be more excited to announce the release of AMERICAN SOCK, a short film of a woman looking to find love online only to fall in love with a sock puppet.

From the witty mind of writer Jason K. Allen and brought to life by the zany crew at Tallgrass Pictures, we are proud to present Angela Gulner and Sto Strouss in AMERICAN SOCK!


"I love it!  Seriously, you all did fantastic work - it turned out better than I could have imagined.  Very clever with the graphics, title page, closing credits, music, etc.  The whole piece just has a lot of energy to it - fun and lighthearted, just what I was hoping for.  Good acting, too.  Yep, I'm certain I made the right decision giving the script over to you guys.  Thanks for everything - it was great working with you.  Who knows, maybe we'll work together again someday.  In the meantime, I'll continue to be a big Tallgrass Pictures fan and I look forward to seeing what you do next."

-Jason Allen (writer)


Workbook uses our astronaut image for promotion

A the backstory on the image from Jeffrey's perspective:
Being fascinated with Battlestar Galactica as a sci-fi fanatic growing up in the mid-70s, astronauts were like knights and Neil Armstrong was my King Arthur. To rekindle my childhood fantasy, I designed a shoot that my 7-year old imagination would’ve been proud of. I found a antique Russian space suit and strategically captured the right angle inside of an old bomber plane’s cockpit at the Air & Science Museum to make it look like the inside of a space station. I may not have become an astronaut, but that day I certainly felt like one.

That's A Wrap!

Does a self-absorbed politician, a vendetta and a can opener sound like a recipe for disaster?  Here at Tallgrass Pictures we think it sounds like a recipe for a brilliant short film!

One day, three cameras and many brilliant minds came together to produce what is known as our new short entitled, “Driver Wanted.” 

Unbelievably we shot the whole thing in one day. Starting at sunrise and ending late into the night, the Tallgrass team made it appear as if the film happened within only 15 minutes.  How you might ask?  Although light changes throughout the day, we rigged lights into all the windows making it appear to be 5:00pm for the entire shoot.  Crazy, right?!

Stay tuned for more updates as we move into post-production.  You’re not going to want to miss anything!

On Set 8_Driver Wanted (cover image) On Set 7_Driver Wanted On Set 6_Driver Wanted On Set 5_ Driver Wanted On Set 4_Driver Wanted On Set 3_Driver Wanted On Set 2_Driver Wanted On Set_Driver Wanted

Tallgrass has a new Motion Graphics Reel!

Check it out here: Tallgrass Pictures NEW GFX Reel 2013

Beau, Gavin, and Yoshi have produced a great new GFX reel for Tallgrass Pictures. Nice job, guys!

Maddy's Fashion Shoot

Last week we had JB’s niece, Madeleine, in-house for a fashion shoot. As soon the shutter began snapping, the natural model came out! Maddy was confident under the spotlight and striking stunning poses without direction.    Maddy’s brother, Oliver, and JB’s son, Sacha, couldn’t resist the fun and hopped into the shoot with her, soon followed by Maddy’s mom, Catherine, and JB’s wife, Jen. It was a delight to see this young woman glow and look ready to take on the world. Taking pictures is our joy, but to take them of the ones we love, that’s a treasure.   

Huntington Beach Testimonial

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 4.27.04 PM
Here at Tallgrass we love what we do. Every partner, every meeting, every project is a special experience where clients become family whose interests become our interests, whose priorities become our goals. We forge bonds and build relationships because that’s how you create great work; and thats why we’re here. We put our everything into each project. And with we are honored and humbled to share this feedback from our recent commercial shoot for the Huntington Beach Visitors Bureau: 


We didn’t think it was possible to have the emotion, feel and vibe of Huntington Beach captured so beautifully on film, but Jeffrey and his incredibly hard working team at Tallgrass Pictures managed to do just that, and far beyond. They thought outside of the box for us to ensure that our video was special, unique and would stand out from a sea of other destination videos. The team over delivered on that promise and far exceeded our expectations. In addition to being creatively talented, the entire crew at Tallgrass has been so easy and enjoyable to work with, making a process (that would normally be very tedious), a fun, exciting, and incredibly seamless one.

-Steve Bone, President & CEO, Huntington Beach Marketing and Visitors Bureau

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 4.27.12 PM

Way to go, Beau!

Congratulations to our digital effects master, Beau, on graduating from the Art Institute. You wrapped up your academic career with a speech that left your fellow graduates in tears and in a standing ovation; we feel so lucky to have you!

Beau shared his work at AI's annual portfolio show!

Beau demonstrated how much he’s accomplished during his time at the Art Institute in their annual portfolio show today, where graduating seniors get to showcase their work.    Beau shared work from both his internship here at Tallgrass and projects developed in classes, demonstrating highly advanced skills in programs such Maya Cut Pro and his color correction mastery. And, of course, he had his marvelous animation reel playing - dancing robots included.   We were pleased to show our beloved graphic effects artist just how proud by gifting him with a “masculine” bouquet of balloons and flowers. At the end of the day, holding his roses, Beau told us, “I felt like a queen for a day”. And we say, “As you should Beau, well deserved!”  

Road Trip! LA Meetings

Marketing team at Deutsch LA

Marketing team at Deutsch LA

Marketing team & Mara Serdans

After meeting with Art Buyer, Mara Serdans

Mini golf at ignited

Putting around the mini course at Ignited

Art Producers TWBA/Chiat/Day

Aly sharing with Art Producers at TBWA/Chiat/Day

A trio of us tenacious Tallgrassers traveled to the City of Angeles today meet & share with with agency creatives, and what a day it was! Always happy to spread the good news about Tallgrass, We went all over, everywhere from Santa Monica to El Segundo.

First stop on the Tallgrass Express was Baker Brand Communications, where Senior Designer Eric Graves charmed our team with tales of projects past 

We then sashayed on over to the architectural eye candy that is TBWA/Chiat/Day where we linked up with Parvin Guiv & the Art Department, as well as our digital pen pal Joe Haldeman from the Broadcast team. It was a great time getting the scoop on their current events. After lunch we a took a tour of the campus and almost started a rousing game of hoops on their indoor basketball court, which is brilliantly situated next to a facade adorned by a print of Lee Clow’s Beard! 

After soaking in all the TBWA/Chiat/Day goodness we met with Sam Helphand & Diego Espana at Ignited. After a sparkling discussion of all things film & broadcast we played a mini round of golf on the in-office green near their huge waterfall; it too was a great time.  

To keep the good times rolling, we caught up with Mara Serdans at Deutsch and per her suggestion were able to find the quaintest restaurant for dinner; Gjelina. Marketing team at Deutsch LA

Later while sampling the delicious appetizers at Gjelina, we sat down with Adam Bright & old friend John Carpio of SpinachLA for cocktails. The only thing that makes a great meal and good drinks grand is even better company, and we found that with these two gents! 

All in all it was an eventful day! One filled with the kind of excitement and camaraderie we cherish here at Tallgrass. Until next time Los Angeles! 


Aly takes on the Windy City!

Aly, our fearless marketing director, headed to Chicago on Thursday for her annual marketing seminar. She went ready to absorb knowledge and, at the same time, met up with some of our friends over in the windy city.
She is well-known for her energy and ambition, but really outdid herself by having a record-breaking 10 meetings across 2 days. Aly navigated through Chicago like a native, loving every minute of her Midwest adventure. :) She came back filled with new ideas and pumped for where Tallgrass is headed!

From SDSU students to Aztec Alum...Congrats Jeni and Allison!

Two Tallgrass team members just went from being San Diego State students to Aztec alumni. After four years of hard work and late nights in the on-campus library, we are very proud of our college graduates.    Jeni, our television show buff, graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Television & Film studies and, for fun, a minor in Political Science. Allison, our avid alliteration admirer, graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in English and minor in Marketing.   We know that they will carry their knowledge & success from university to even higher achievements at Tallgrass, where the learning never stops! 

We love pizza...

We’ve got a penchant for pizza and definitely has the hook-up! Thanks again for having us.

We made "Image of the Day" on DesignTAXI yesterday! :)

We made "Image of the Day" on DesignTAXI yesterday! :)

Tallgrass + Coffee = Love

If there’s one thing Tallgrass loves, it’s coffee. There’s nothing better than coming into the studio and filling up your favorite mug with a big cup of caffeinated goodness. Hence, panic struck in everyone’s hearts when the news spread…The coffee maker was out of order.    We contemplated all possible substitutions. Tea. Red bull. 5 hour energy. None came close to our true craving, but we bravely carried on. (And by carried on, I mean there was a Starbucks run.)    The team was fading slowly, trying to use grapes for glucose & pump 80s jams to raise our energy levels. It wasn’t until 4 pm that JB asked us: “Guys, don’t you know there’s another coffee pot? It’s on top of the fridge.”   The moral of the story is…You learn something new every day!

Tallgrass' newest animated short film!

Jenny and Beau have made some major headway on Tallgrass’ newest project: an animated short film. They’ve been hard at work turning the idea into reality today through some rough sketches that will lead us into the animatic phase. Here’s the plot…The tale is set in an elementary school classroom, but we find ourselves in a World War II like battle when a paper airplane fued transforms into a 2D B-52 attack between the fighter pilot of love and the Japanese zeros. “War: a Love Story” is something very new for Tallgrass. We enjoy trying new things, so this new animated short film is raising the excitement of the studio…this is something you don’t want to miss!

Wonderful Machine featured us on their blog!

View from the top. Photo by Jeffrey Lamont Brown

Puppy Love.

  The Tallgrass team has been hit with a bad case of puppy love. Two of our team members adopted puppies over the weekend, and we were pumped to have them join us in the studio today.  These two new additions to the Tallgrass family are Ada and Olive. Ada’s a social one; her hobbies include cuddling on peoples’ laps and playing with her toy dinosaur. Olive is a little more on the shy side; she’s sweet as can be and can usually be found by her owner’s side. One simply cannot help but smile when seeing either of these two darlings.   With puppies in the studio, our working environment is just that much more enjoyable. They say that a happy worker is a productive worker, and with these pups here, we’re elated. So watch out world, Tallgrass is about to take things to a whole new level!

Potlucks turn into Photoshoots

We’ve been long awaiting having lunch with our friends at I.D.E.A. It’s been a very busy time for both parties, so we were excited when we finally found a date that worked. We just finished our second day of shooting for Huntington Beach Tourism yesterday, and what better way to celebrate than having a potluck? In preparation, the Tallgrass team came together to create a mouth-watering menu. All of the team’s different cultures came out on the table. There was everything from Southern boudin to Greek salad to tiramisu. Gavin brought party crackers, a British party favor in which two people pull at either end and the winner gets the prize inside. After we ate, everybody ended up in the colorful crowns hidden in the crackers. This quickly led to a highly energized photo shoot, props and fake mustaches included! Why go through so much effort for one lunch? We love to stay in touch people in the industry. We’ve been privileged in the companies we’ve worked with, but it’s the one-on-one interactions that make us go above and beyond!   

Tallgrass greets Surf City USA with flying drone helicopters!

Guess who drew crowds all over Huntington Beach yesterday? If you were thinking it was Tallgrass Pictures flying drone helicopters to and from on the downtown strip, you would be right. We had the privilege of shooting commercial footage, care of Surf City USA, and it was blast! In this, our second shoot in Huntington Beach we highlighted the other more professional side of the renown surf city. It was a beautifully long and sunny day, full of unexpected challenges but we always triumphantly pull through.   Honestly, it’s pretty hard to have a bad time in Huntington Beach when we’re all out there doing what we love to do. In addition to the fun and sunshine, we got a chance to work with awesome talent, Noel and Josh: our heli-cam cinematographer and pilot, and our wonderful clients: John and Briton from Surf City USA. All in all it was a fantastic shoot, and we got some great footage that we can’t wait to share!

Happy Birthday, JB!!!!

Saturday was none other than JB’s 46th b-day. Friday we brought in a classic Cookie Monster cake to celebrate the occasion & dye our tongues blue!
Today the festivities continued when we implemented our secret mission with one objection: to decorate JB’s office as insanely as possible.
We converted his chair into a throne of crazy colors, covered the floor in balloons that had funny messages written on them, then we had strobe lights flashing at maximum capacity, the mission was deemed successful by JB’s first reaction, " HOLY $#@! I got glitter bombed!!" 
The final aspect of our endeavor? A little birdie told us that Jeffrey has some interest in photography. We wanted support his interest in the hobby, so we found him the perfect gift… a disposable Kodak camera! Complete with film! :) 

We're excited that Brandtailers has awarded us another shoot for Palm Springs Ford Motors!

Looking forward to collaborating with Kate Szalay again, and of course, Dane and Cheril!

We are Family! I got JB, Tallgrass, and Britney!

Today we welcomed a new member to the Tallgrass Team, our new creative marketing assistant, Britney! With a background in marketing, photography and graphic design, this enthusiastic lady is going to bring a lot to the table. (Literally; on Friday she’s cooking her first family lunch for the team!) 
Fun facts about Britney: If there’s one things she loves, it’s lions. If there’s one thing she loves more, it’s Beyonce. :)

Jeffrey, Gavin & Tsukuru report back from the 2013 NAB Show!

Jeffrey, Gavin & Tsukuru journeyed to Las Vegas last week to attend the NAB Show, an event boasting ten city blocks of the latest broadcasting technologies. This industry is always changing, and Tallgrass loves keeping up to date on the new and exciting developments. (As you can tell from the video, these innovations really bring out the inner-children in Gavin & Tsukuru.) Some of the favorites Jeffrey highlights in the report include the Red Dragon 6K Sensors, the green friendly LED Lights that produce amazing quality for very little energy and the increased energies of digital workflows. And of course, as you’ve seen on our blog, the helicopter drones that we’ve recently introduced in our regime! 

Aly takes on Grapevine, Texas!

Here at Tallgrass, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve in every facet of every department. Part of that improvement is investing in new technology, new methodology, and the top notch training by leading experts. Our marketing director, Aly Bucholz, just returned from a 3-day seminar program in Grapevine, TX where she filled up on knowledge of new marketing strategies and sales techniques that she’s ready to share with the team. With this new found knowledge, we intend on enhancing out outreach skills and better satisfying the needs of our clients.

SDSU features our commercial in their newspaper!

One of our interns, a current student at San Diego State, was power walking to class when she spotted something unexpected. It was the cover story on the front page of the Daily Aztec, the university’s newspaper. She had seen this work before, here at Tallgrass Pictures as a matter of fact!

The Mars Rover commercial featuring the alumni of SDSU was a national spot Tallgrass Pictures proudly released this year. The article says that “Our students go big places and do big things”.

That was the intended message, and we’re thrilled to see the school and its students proud to air our commercial!

2 days and 27 shot locations in Burbank.

Over the weekend Tallgrass Pictures had the privilege of working with Scott Phillips and Donna Mulgrew of Agency 51 producing a shoot for Burbank Hospitality Association. This dynamic shoot intended to give you the best of “the town behind the tinsel”. With that idea in mind, two teams set out on this 2 day shoot and shot 27 locations exploring unique Burbank experiences such as their downtown art fair with incredible sidewalk masterpieces and their annual Monster Palooza! 
Despite working with great people, in beautiful places, good vibes are no match for bad weather. Ultimately, we were able to retreat indoors during the worst of it, and with a little post production no one will believe a cloud ever passes over Southern California. And next Tuesday (4/23) we will be back to do all over again, this time with talent in studio, so stay tuned!

Agency 51 Awards Tallgrass Pictures Production Contract for Burbank Tourism

Allison volunteers in Guatemala for Spring Break!

Last week our studio was one person short due to a case of the travel bug. Our creative marketing intern, Allison, headed off to Guatemala for spring break with a group of inspired SDSU students whose mission was to volunteer at an elementary school in a rural village.

They spent the week transforming the drab grey school into a declaration of gold and maroon, and compiling school supplies for 200 students. When they weren’t bringing color and joy to the children, Allison was exploring Guatemala, hiking ceremonial Mayan caves, zip lining through the forest and walking the cobblestoned streets of Antigua.

She came back rejuvenated from her amazing experience with the kids, sporting a tan and even more in love with guacamole!

The boys are in Las Vegas today!

The boys are in Las Vegas today, getting their geek on at the 2013 NAB Show! As you can see, they’re very excited to explore all the cool new tech devices out there and just discovered a box from black magic that converts 2D footage into 3D automatically! The rest of us here at the studio anxiously await news updates and have our fingers crossed for new state-of-the-art gear. It feels like Christmas!

Tallgrass Pictures Documents Passover Seder

The Jewish Federation of North America assigned us with a very special assignment: to document photographs of Passover Seder for their website: Seder is a religious ceremony and feast that marks the beginning of Passover, the Jewish holiday. But this isn’t just any-old family get together dinner - each piece of food in the meal is symbolic, and there’s a special ritual that celebrates the freedom of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt.  For this ceremony, the Sisk family had their entire extended family over, which meant the house was packed full of life, laughter, and song. It wasn’t hard to capture a great moment with this family, and we managed to shoot over 2500 images in just 6 hours! It was a great experience and we were happy to collaborate with our friends at Jewish Federations of North America again - thanks for the great opportunity! image

The Mustache Marvels are at it AGAIN!

The Mustache Marvels are at it AGAIN! :) As we start the branding process of our new hot sauce, we realized that it was time for a new team photo for the label. So we’ve upgraded our new photo with our favorite element - mustaches! Keep your eyes out for our new hot sauce labels coming soon…

Sneak Peek: Huntington Beach Tourism

Our behind the scenes video from HB tourism is finally available for your viewing pleasure! Check it out… there’s some sneak peaks of the actual spot in here! Shhh, don’t tell anyone ;)

Watch the SDSU Mars Landing :30 TV Spot!

Here it is!!! The SDSU Mars Landing :30TV spot, airing now during SDSU sports games on ESPN. We had so much fun putting this production together, we can’t wait for the next SDSU spot! Thanks goes out to Jack Beresford and all those who helped make this commercial possible!

Happy Birthday Yoshi!!!!

Our audio engineer is turning __ today! Rumor has it he’s mid 20’s… we’ll let you guess for yourself. image Thanks for keeping us entertained with your Keanu Reeves impersonations! :) On behalf of the whole Tallgrass family, we love you and wish you a happy birthday! Cheers

SDSU Awards Tallgrass Pictures Another Spot!

We’re excited to announce that right after finishing the Mars spot, we’ve been awarded to do another spot for SDSU titled “Vignette", which we’ll be gearing up the pre-production for very soon. We can’t wait to get started!

Thanks Alana & Joi!

Today we were feeling the love here at the studio. Our models from the beach & surf shoot last week sent us wonderful letters to say how much they enjoyed working with the team and thanked us for our “kindness and professionalism”.  :) We always strive to create a positive environment with great energy for our shoots, & we’re glad it doesn’t go unnoticed. Thanks Alana & Joi, for filling our hearts with happiness and our bellies with cake pops!

Vanquishing the Flames

It’s going to a big, balloon-filled week at the Tallgrass Pictures studio. We have both senior editor Gavin Filipiak and audio master Yoshi Kameyama gearing up for birthdays in the next few days.   Ready to utilize their wishes this year, both of these guys have been practicing blowing out candles for weeks now. You wouldn’t believe countless extra hours these men have dedicated to the cause. So let’s all have our fingers crossed, to hoping that after all their hard work, they can vanquish all the candles’ flames in one attempt! 

Freshening up our beach portfolio!

With summer right around the corner, we figured now is a good time to freshen up our beach portfolio work. Yesterday, we headed out to a secret surf spot in La Jolla to do a lifestyle shoot based on a simple concept - having an utterly-amazing day at the beach! The kind of shoot that makes you wish that there were 8 days in a week; the last one to be saved for a day in the sun.  It turned out to be a foggy day, but that didn’t stop us from chugging on and catching some great photos and footy. The models, whose ages ranged from 6 years old to adult, were total troopers. They splashed about in the frigid ocean and leapt into chilly tide pools with nothing but smiles and positivity.  As we have steadily gotten more into Travel & Tourism, this shoot was a great way to add to our repertoire. It may have been a little colder than we anticipated, but with enough hot chocolate and hot coffee coursing through us, anything is possible. 

We like playing with drone helicopters...

What does one do on a rainy day in typically sunny San Diego? Here at Tallgrass, we like to work on perfecting our aviation skills with our latest camera equipment - drone helicopters.    After hearing an alluring newscast on NPR, Jeffrey eagerly purchased two of these nifty new gadgets this week. He mastered the remote control himself, and then the rest of the Tallgrass team each stepped up to play pilot.    The bigger of the two is the Hexacopter 3DR ArduCopter. This baby can house a GoPro camera for capturing photographs at high elevations, is GPS enabled, has built-in stabilizers, is telemetric and can even fly itself!    Not only is the drone helicopter going to take our work to a whole new level and bring a great new perspective, but it’s just a cool f**king toy!” - JB

Sneak Peek: San Diego State's new "Mars Landing" commercial

Check out this behind the scenes video of our collaboration with San Diego State on the new “Mars Landing" commercial!

We felt pretty macho using a massive 24-foot long jib in our shoot...

Last week we were back in the house with our great friends over at Brandtailers, this time for a shoot at Cerritos Ford to show off their brand new dealership. Our mission for this production was to shoot enough content for four spots in one day. Not only did we accomplish that, but we were also able to capture some footage for their B-roll Library. Our favorite part of the shoot was working with the massive 24-foot long JIB we used inside and outside of the dealership… made us feel pretty macho. Another fun part was going out for margaritas afterwards with Brandtailers new Creative Director Dane Larsen to celebrate our success. *Cheers to Dane and our friends at Brandtailers for another great collaboration!*

Tallgrass Pictures came out with not 1...but 8 awards

'Tis the season of award events. The Oscars, The Golden Globes, and for us… The San Diego ADDY awards. Walking the walk in both photography and broadcast, Tallgrass Pictures came out of the event with eight awards - one gold, four silvers and three bronzes.    Earning silver we had : Showreel  Snow Adventures Marie Antoinette And earning bronze we had: Legendary Napa Valley Salton Sea   Our collaboration with I.D.E.A. on the Villages of La Costa earned us a Silver and Bronze.   Although we are simply bursting to share which piece won gold, our lips have to remain sealed. Who knew production work was such top secret business?! It feels good to have our hard work recognized.

Pyro, steam machines and ingredients falling from the sky = huge success with our second shoot with BJ's restaurants!

Our second TV commercial shoot with BJ’s restaurants was a huge success, we’ve exceeded everyone’s expectations. Our challenge was to get 10 shots in one shoot day, with every shot having several moving parts: pyro, steam mechanics, ingredients falling from the sky! It took the complete effort of 14 team members, but we did it! The spot will air in selected markets in the US on March 17th… keep your eyes peeled!

Happy birthday, Lily!!!!

Sunday marks the birthday of our spunky script-skimming intern, Lilianna, which gave us a good excuse to get all secret-agent-like & covertly pass around a birthday card without her knowing, then sneak a cake in the studio before she could realize we were up to something! You see, we’re cross-trained over here at Tallgrass Pictures. We’re good at production, creative planning, sneaky cake smuggling & birthday surprises! Happy birthday Lily!

Yoshi is testing out our Zaxcom Digital Wireless System!

Today Yoshi, our master of all things audio, was testing our Zaxcom Digital Wireless System. In order to do this, he asked two of our Tallgrass team members to read off the latest scripts they have been reading, in the Alvin and the Chipmunk voices of course. ;-) The Zaxcom company is a pioneer of professional audio equipment, and Tallgrass is excited to be utilizing this ground breaking technology. As you can see, Yoshi is configuring the wireless system to work with our RED Digital Cinema cameras, bringing our overall filming quality to a whole new level.

The newest addition to the family: Lola.

 There’s been a new and energized addition to the Tallgrass studio this week, one with a lot of zest and a lot of wag in her tail. Her name is Lolo; She likes long walks on the beach, her hobbies include chewing on shoes… and well, chewing on everything.  Welcome to the family Lolo!

Marketing Muscle sets high and colorful goals

The Tallgrass marketing team is, pardon the sports metaphor, setting goals and hitting them out of the park. We’ve developed a fun and effective way of tracking our progress by utilizing a giant white board as a palette for canny illustrations of each of our forms of outreach. By tracking our efforts in this colorful manner, we’re able to visually monitor the progress of our marketing strategies - both individually and as a team. When we’re able to see the progress & results of a specific campaign - it’s easier to see where to enhance the focus. Not to mention, it is that much more motivating to achieve a goal when it means you get to color with fun markers afterwards. :-)

Mitsubishi Rayon web commercial is released in Golf World today!

Mitsubishi Rayon web commercial is released in Golf World today! This shoot was a new, unique experience and one that we very much enjoyed. It’s great to see the final product released… especially because we’ve been waiting to share it with all of you!!! :) We hope you enjoy.



It's a wrap!

It’s a wrap!  Last weekend we finished shooting AMERICAN SOCK and the footage looks fantastic! The project has now been passed on to post-production for them to work their magic and assemble the final product.  Thank you to Gavin who snuck us a few stills from the film to share with you guys… Enjoy!

"The Sockfather"

This week we are finally filming the long anticipated short AMERICAN SOCK which means our studio is overflowing with sock puppets and very random props for the film (some which include a wholly trash can…)
One of our favorite props for this film (besides our star Bob, or course) is our “Sockfather” poster.  This set piece took about an hour to create and will only have about 2 seconds of screen time!
Stay tuned for more funny updates as we film this hilarious little number :)

Bring out the plates!

BJ’s Restaurants awards production contract to Tallgrass Pictures for another :30TV spot! We’re looking forward to this second annual shoot and we’re excited to create another beautiful spot that will make their ratings go even higher than the spot from last year! Check out our spot from last year…  

Palm Springs Motors: Round 8!

We produced another TV spot for Palm Springs Motors in collaboration with our amazing friends at Brandtailers. The spot is airing now in Palm Springs… so keep your eyes peeled! ;)

"Shoot For The Stars" Makes PDN's Newsletter

Love "Socks"

We all know the dating scene can be quite rough. That’s why in this digital age the use of dating websites has skyrocketed in hopes to weed out incompatible mates. But what would you do if you got a message from…a sock puppet? Yes, a sock puppet. And that sock puppet turned out to be everything you’ve been searching for in your wildest dreams. Here at TGP we’ve been having a blast gearing up for our new short film, “American Sock." We’ve had great laughs watching team members stand in as characters in the film, test shooting everything from dinner scenes with the sock puppet, to green screen tests, and even “sexy" bedroom scenes. So stay tuned for “American Sock." We hope you’ll have just as much fun watching it as we’ve had making it!

White Board Portrait Game - Congrats Alex!

We had a friendly little competition on the studio white board today. Everyone had to draw someone else on the board, and the most creative (or hilarious) illustration won a hug & a beer! Congratulations Alex for making an awesome rendition of Rusteen AKA “The Situation" ;)

Shout out to the talented Greg Keuhn!

YouTube Preview Image

Today we take some time to send a shout out to a special collaborator of ours, the talented Greg Keuhn. Greg has been a very special sound designer and composer for us, and has worked with us for the past three years, always creating something unique and original out of nothing.

Greg got his start in a little band called T.S.O.L., who’s tunes have rocked the punk scene since the late 70s. We’re lucky to work with such a talented musician like Greg, and we’re always glad to see how well he’s doing.

To find out more about Greg Keuhn and his work, check out his website at

The start of a new scene

Today we welcomed the lovely Jennifer Atlas into the family as our new script developer. And with that, we also just purchased the rights to two new scripts that we can’t wait to get started on: “Touring Toilets" and “American Sock". Stay tuned for more updates on these projects coming soon.



‘Tis the season to spend time with the ones you care about, so today at the Tallgrass studio we took a special three hour lunch to ring in the holiday season with our good friends at Oster & Associates and our new friends from Parallel 16. We spent the morning fixin’ up holiday home cookings for our guests, complete with rotisserie chicken, scalloped sweet potatoes with creamy goat cheese, artisan mac and cheese, and Tsukuru’s Japanese masterpiece “Konnyaku" topped off with sweet pumpkin pie and hot coffee! Yum!

After a joyous and belt-loosening meal we were swamped with leftovers. We didn’t want it to go to waste, so we loaded up some plates and extended our “Friendsgiving" to those in need. From everyone here at Tallgrass Pictures, we hope you enjoy this holiday season with the ones you love!

Legendary Napa Valley spot wins silver!

We were all very proud of our Napa tourism commercial, and it turns out we are not the only ones. The Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International awarded our spot a silver medal at their annual Adrian Awards! This one goes out to our dear friends at Burghardt+Doré who made it all possible.

Adrian Award

Welcome Yoshi to the Tallgrass Pictures Team!

You may know Yoshi as Super Mario’s reptilian companion, but after today you’ll know him as the newest Tallgrass Pictures employee! We’re all glad to see him join our team full time. What a great way to end Thanksgiving, don’t you think? Yoshi

Huntington Beach AKA Surf City USA

The latest Tallgrass Pictures journey sent us to the one and only Surf City, USA - Huntington Beach. Its not that we don’t get enough beach time here in San Diego, but what makes Huntington Beach so different are the miles of unobstructed beaches and roaring waves just waiting to be surfed. When you think of Southern California, this is the place you picture in your mind. What makes Huntington Beach so unique is that even though its a surfer’s paradise, there’s even more to do for those who want to stay dry. We explored all the unique Huntington Beach sights, like the leisurely gondola ride that allows you to enjoy the water while relaxing, we piled into a four seater surrey bike with camera gear in hand and performed some drive by filming. We plopped down in the sand right beneath the net of a volleyball game going and discovered that the games can get pretty competitive! When the sun set the bonfires light up and the sounds of crackling embers and crashing ocean waves was the perfect place to call a wrap on our perfect shoot. Surfing isn’t just one of the many activities here, it’s a lifestyle that touches every one of its residents. That unbelievably relaxed atmosphere worked its way inside all of us, and soon our spot will do the same for you. Special thanks to Madison and Jamila at Huntington Beach Marketing and Visitors Bureau!

Shoot for the stars!

With several SDSU alumni working at Tallgrass Pictures, returning to the campus to shoot our third commercial was a nice homecoming. This year the spot featured the lives of the 8 alumni who helped NASA land the “Curiosity” rover on Mars.

By focusing on SDSU’s talented aerospace and astronomy department, we captured some of the years of training and experiences that these alumni gained from their alma mater. We started right at the beginning with children dreaming of space, transitioning to college students studying in high tech labs, and finally launching their dreams into action inside NASA mission control, celebrating as the rover set down on Mars. It was truly a cinematic tribute to their hard work and accomplishments made possible by SDSU.

We had so much fun on this shoot. It's not too often that you get to play with giant telescopes, wind tunnels, and rockets. Many thanks to Jack Beresford and everyone at SDSU for letting us shoot for the stars!



Spend some quality time at the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe!

Some things are inherently romantic: two chilled glasses of chardonnay, starry winter nights, and horse back riding at dusk. What better way to experience this then spending some quality time at the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe. This San Diego gem has been accommodating locals and tourist for over half a century and are currently going through a complete transformation. So, Tallgrass Pictures has been to ask to create some beautiful lifestyle still images to lure visitors to this brand new experience.

We had two shoot days, which consisted of capturing many activities the Inn has to offer, such as a romantic picnic, court side cocktails, lounging beside a sublime pool, and 5 star dining delights that made everyones stomach’s beg for a bite!

Don’t worry, we didn’t go hungry, the staff at IRSF spoiled us with exceptional dinners such as mouth watering filet mignon and local mussels cooked to perfection. Not only that, but they put us in their best rooms and allowed the crew to get a first hand feel of what the Inn is truely about.

Special thanks to Rob Stirling, Brad Copeland, The Starmack Group, and the entire staff at the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe who made this so enjoyable. Stay tuned for our final photos that will be posted on

Behind the Scenes: The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe

Take a look behind the scenes of our hospitality shoot at The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe… We had fun, can’t you tell?

Making specks of dust appear Godzilla-sized!

We’ve all heard stories of awful Mondays spent in a cubicles staring at an Excel spreadsheet for hours on end, but we don’t believe in that here at Tallgrass.

This week we’re starting out our Monday doing a very special shoot of Mitsubishi Rayon golf shafts. They will be captured with an Innovision Probe snorkel lens that will give these shafts their ultimate close up. To give you an illustration of how amazing this lens is: it makes specks of dust appear Godzilla-sized!

With a bug’s eye view on these shafts we’re capturing something totally unique from a perspective you haven’t seen before, and boy is it going to be good!

Everyone watch out, because we’re on fire!

We’re closing in on the end of 2012, and we’re going out strong! We’ve jam packed back-to-back-to-back productions, so everyone is kicking it into high gear to keep this barreling production on the tracks.

But our schedule is not the only thing we’ve jam packed; the whole studio has been taken over by shoots and pre-production. Even our old painting studio in the back has been put to good use as the new home base for the super powered pre-production ameoba. Everyone watch out, because we’re on fire!

What do you get when you combine the forces of Danica Patrick, Bon Jovi, and “America"?

What do you get when you combine the forces of Danica Patrick, Bon Jovi, and “America"? The Tallgrass trick-or-treating A-team!! This year Halloween fell mid-week on a Wednesday, but that did not stop the marketing team here at Tallgrass from spreading its spooky spirit. Danica (Aly), Mr. Bon Jovi (Kyron), and “America” (Lindsey) went on an afternoon excursion through downtown San Diego stopping in at some local agencies. The adventure began at the Jacob Tyler Creative Group, where CEO Les Kollegian was festively dressed as a cute little girl scout. Next the gang headed to San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau, where Annie Pearson gave the crew a marvelous tour of the haunted halls. A few other highlights of the day included visiting our friends at Fuelhaus and I.D.E.A, and finishing the day at Oster and Associates where the team got to spend some time swapping scary stories over a batch of delicious Jack-O-Lantern frosted cookies. We sure do love trick-or-treating!

At the crack of dawn

We started our latest still-­‐photo shoot at the crack of dawn in a scenic pumpkin patch with talent bundled up in trendy winter clothes from Gabriel Brothers, a department store based out of West Virginia. Shortly after the sunrise, the heat reminded us that SoCal weather and East Coast threads are not the best combination. But we braved the sweat with big smiles and soon were relieved to be back in our cool and shaded studio. We took a quick break to enjoy Alex’s chili potluck, before shooting another anomaly: a nighttime football scene at noon on green screen. For our last setup we made our way to Mission Bay, which we creatively shot to look like an idyllic lake with bonfires and s’mores. Bringing an East Coast feel to Southern California was a fun challenge; one that we were excited to accept. Thanks goes out to the amazing creative director Sunshine Stevens, who was and always is, right on point. 

We're making it snow in San Diego!

We’re making it snow in San Diego! 12 tons of snow in the front yard and we’re about to have a snowball fight in 70˚ weather!!! :)

To Eat and Drink in LA :)

Isn’t summer supposed to be over?  "As if!" Aly and Linds spent a lovely afternoon in Los Angeles meeting with a few clients and friends.  Topping off the day with a stop at our beloved Brandtailor’s, only to find it was Thirsty Thursday!  The girls enjoyed awarm catch-up session and introduction to the newest members of the agency. Sending out our TGP love and thanks to the entire Brandtailor’s team for having us, with special thanks to Cheril Hendry, Kristen Roberts, Laura Wakeman, and Sean Gilpin for always “hangin’". CHEERS!!

Wonderful Machine Shares New Tallgrass Pictures Showreel To Discovery!

On Kayleen & Sean’s most recent portfolio sharing adventure, they brought along our iPad portfolio to share, and it turned out to be a great hit! :) Here is a little photo-excerpt from their blog post this morning… (click image to visit their blog) Thank you for sharing the love Wonderful Machine! We are very thankful of your support.

Fun in the Del Mar Polo Fields!

This weekend we decided to make use of the Canon 800mm 5.6 lens by bringing it out to the Del Mar Polo Fields! It was a great time for everyone, especially Jeffrey’s son Sacha who was able to hang out with Dad and run around barefoot on the soft grass of the polo fields. We can’t wait to share what we captured so stay tuned…

Our brand new showreel!

It's here!!  We’ve been long awaiting and now ecstatically present to you…for your viewing pleasure…our brand new showreel!!

The Countdown To The New Showreel Release Continues...

2 more days!!! Aren’t you excited?


END OF SUMMER BBQ!!!  Thanks to all friends and family of Tallgrass Pictures! The weather was sunny, the ocean was warm and welcoming, and thanks to chef Jeffóis, the burgers were absolutely tasty! But what we enjoyed the most was wrapping up this beautiful summer with the folks we love. We’re looking forward to a great fall :)

Chargers Cheerleaders take over the studio for a workout video

Former San Diego Charger’s safety Jason Perry brought over his entourage of beautiful and spunky Chargers cheerleaders to participate in his first workout video. This 30 minute video is called Exercise With Benefits and features his personalized workout regiment that he uses when training the Chargers cheerleader squad. After hosting a live editing session in our viewing theater, we are well under way of completing this project. It will soon be released and available for purchase on Jason’s website:

We’ll work for Skateboards!!!

Today we accepted the delivery of two custom made Loyal Dean longboards made from recycled organic materials. We’re going to take these beauties out and film what they can do on the glorious streets of SD, and afterwards we get to keep them! Man, it feels just like Christmas! Thanks Shawn Gill and all the folks at Loyal Dean!! :)

Did you watch the commercial we filmed air nationally during the America's Cup on NBC Sports?

What did you do this weekend? Oh, went to the park, that’s nice. What did we do? Oh, you know… watched the commercial we filmed air nationally during the America’s Cup on NBC Sports!!! :) As you can tell we are very proud of this accomplishment. But we couldn’t have done it without great creative from Jeff Burghardt and Nicole Doré.  Thanks Tallgrass team, your focus and passion your focus and passion from pre-pro to mastering was amazing.   Enjoy!

Tallgrass' spot for The Napa Valley is running nationally on NBC Sports now!


Workbook 34 Spread Goes Lucha!

This still image was pulled from RED camera footage and has been iconic in our marketing materials for the past couple of months. You’ll find this happy luchador on our postcards, leave-behinds, and even featured in action on our brand new showreel. Our new showreel debuts on September 12!! If you’re expecting a copy of the new Fall 2012 Workbook that’s shipping out soon, check out our spread on pg 346-347!:)

Jeffrey is featured on today!

Check out this special feature of Jeffrey Lamont Brown at

Jeffrey Named Member of Advisory Committee at Kroc School of Peace Studies

Continuing with his commitment to social issues, Jeffrey has been named as an honorary member of the advisory committee for the Re-Imagining Border Photography Contest at the Kroc School of Peace Studies, University of San Diego. The contest will give young students and younger audiences a chance to explore border related issues and challenges. Jeffrey was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for his photo essay which chronicled a young man’s migration across the border from Mexico to Chicago.

Picture-Lock on The Napa Valley TV spot!!!

What better way to end the week then celebrating? Only 7 days after wrapping our shoot in The Napa Valley, with a record-breaking 3 TB of footage, and we already recieved picture-lock! Cheers to the editing team who has worked around the clock to achieve this success. Now we are moving on to color-correction and final touch ups. We can’t wait to deliver the final product!

Wrapped with a Splash!

Just finished a week of shooting in The Napa Valley’s blistering heat, now it’s time to cool off! To celebrate, everyone jumped in the pool and played a good ole fashion game of water volley… well, that was until somebody popped the the beach ball. …It wasn’t me.

Day 3 of the incredible Napa Valley shoot!

The Napa Valley: Shoot Day 3 Today began up valley at Auberge Du Soleil where we filmed the incredible scenic views from the infinity pool at the spa to the gorgeous balcony suite. We later moved back down valley to The Carneros Inn to film hospitality shots. The suites at Carneros are amazing, with apple and pear orchards down the walkways, outdoor claw foot bath tubs, and a pool that looks over sweeping vineyards. We were very fortunate to film here and all of the other magnificent locations. If you would like to check out the final spot, it will be airing nationally during the America’s Cup on NBC Sports on Sunday August 26th between 2:30pm - 4pm (EST) Our Napa behind-the-scenes video is coming soon!

Poison oak won't even stop us!

The Napa Valley: Shoot Day 2 We started the day off right by heading into the woods to do some foraging with Triple-Michelin Star Chef Christopher Kostow and his team. JB came across some poison oak, but that didn’t stop him, he just kept on shooting! Next, we moved to the amazing kitchen at the Restaurant at Meadowood to see where all of the magic happens. From grill to plate, we shot high-end dishes beautifully garnished with wild herbs that grow in the woods surrounding the restaurant. After a delectable lunch we headed over to film a lovely evening dinner amidst the vines. After propping the set with a little over 50 candles, we tamed the talent with a couple glasses of red wine and filmed until sunset. Afterwards, the crew treated to a tour of the cave where they store all their precious wine. It was a perfect ending to a magnificent day!

Time to represent the beauty of wine tasting in Napa Valley!

The Napa Valley: Shoot Day 1 Today we were up bright and early, and to our surprise - there was NO FOG! We were graced with beautiful sunshine so we headed out to the cabernet fields of the Trefethen Vineyards to film Jon Ruel, Director of Viticulture and Winemaking. Here he used his refractometer to measure the progress on some young grapes that had just turned purple. Later, we worked our way into their old, rustic barrel room that smelled of oak and aged vino. It was here that we aimed to represent the essence of time and the beauty of wine tasting. We wrapped the day with a sweeping sunset view over the rolling hills that were woven in trailing vines. All & all it was an amazing day!

Prepped and ready for Napa Valley!

The Napa Valley: Final Prep Day We stopped by a few of our locations today to button down some final details before our shoot, and meanwhile, learned the science of making wine! After a tour through Trefethen winery, we were fascinated to see the process from the lab, to the tasting room, and into the bottles. After that, we headed for the rolling hills and mapped out a good location to film an evening dinner in the vines, where Gavin & Aly acted as stand-in models for the scene-to-be. After rallying up with the rest of the team and greeting our talent, we ended the day filming poolside at The Carneros Inn. The light, talent, and atmosphere were everything we could ever ask for to start off a great week of filming in Napa. Shout out to Diane from The Carneros Inn - you are an exquisite host, thank you for the goody bag!

Scouting in Wine Country

Relaxing on the job JB? Not for a second! This was one of the most productive Saturday’s we’ve had all summer. By 5am JB and Aly were on a flight to Napa to scout a weeks worth of shooting locations in one day! The scout was in preparation of a luxurious TV spot for the Visit Napa Valley that will air nationally during the America’s Cup at the end of August. By the luck of good graces, we had found all of our locations by 6pm and allowed ourselves a quick break to enjoy a nice chilled glass of white wine and soak in our surroundings. We were very grateful to be under the guide of Burghardt+Doré Advertising. Thanks for the wonderful tour Jeff & Nicole! *Cheers*


Just got picture-lock on our new showreel that we will be releasing on September 12th. Can’t wait to share it with you!

Image Handpicked For Creative Finder

Our image was handpicked by Creative Finder’s portfolio crew for a feature on their main page, which will appear before thousands of creative professionals who use the network daily.

Comic-Con Refugees

In order to escape the hectic craze in the downtown San Diego region, we headed to Hollywood to meet a couple different creative agencies. During a quick stop to Papa’s Beard for some cream puffs after a tragic cooking dropping incident, Aly discovered a wax Leonardo DiCaprio statue. It was almost impossible to peel her away, as she was initially convinced that he was the real thing! But we managed to escape and get to our next meeting in time to make some great new connections with some wonderful creatives. All and all, it was a magnificent day!

Tallgrass supports biotechnology!

JB and Tsukuru recently returned from the Rocky Mountains where they collaborated with Traina Design on a still photo shoot for Ciris Energy.  Using biotechnology, Ciris harvests power naturally using simple activated microbes to transform coal into natural gas.  Their production of clean energy is sustainable, environmentally conscious and we are honored to support their cause.  In order to visually articulate their efforts, we created a series of executive portraits, captured engineers in their cutting-edge laboratories and 2 sweeping environmental motifs that will be deployed on the web and new media.  To find out more about their innovative methods visit their new website at  

One Tough Tallgrasser

Even when she’s out of the office, Lindsey Irey’s running towards victory and aiming to succeed. To start July off right, Lindsey had a few challenges up her sleeve starting with an Independence Day 15K on Coronado Island, followed by the formidable Tough Mudder only 3 days later!
She ascended over walls, wriggled her way under barbed wire, and ripped through lashing taser wires… nothing can stop this girl!
We are so proud of you, great job Lindsey!

Chocolate covered bacon for all!

Del Mar Fair Lifestyle Shoot - Chocolate covered bacon for all! Thanks to Aly + Kate for the speedy pre production. And for our game-for-anything talent who rode tons of rides, ate crazy food and smiled through it all.

Cubscout graduation

Aly’s son Kaiden graduated from Tiger Scouts to Wolf Cubs, hip hip hooray!

Traina Design awards Ciris Energy still photo production to Tallgrass

eMaxx Partners awards Fisker Automotive Production/Post Contract to Tallgrass!

Tallgrass EP said, “The Fisker Karma is amazing. Beautiful design, hi performance and lower CO2 than the prius. Wow!"

Aly can take on anything...especially a 48 hour film project!

Tallgrass’s very own Aly Bucholz received 1st place “Audience Choice" at the 48 Hour Film Festival last night. Not bad, for her first year directing a 48 hour film project!

Behind the Scenes of our Marketing Team

Shooting some behind the scenes of our marketing team (Taken with Instagram)

BJ's Restaurant & Brewery FIRST EVER TV Spot!

We just finished the first ever BJ’s Restaurant & Brewery TV spot, which will be aired in different states around the US. Thanks for the excellent collaboration of Matt Hood from BJ’s Restaurants and Tim Blett from eMAXX Partners. This shoot brought a whole new meaning to “Will work for food!"

Team Trip to LA

The team took a trip to Los Angeles today to meet with a few amazing agencies. On our first stop, we were lucky enough to get a full tour of the legendary Hotrod Magazine’s photo studio while visiting Alan Alpanian at Source Interlink Media. It was tremendously difficult to keep our jaws from dropping when every corner we turned we discovered another sweet sports car! Thanks for the tour Alan. :) After that we had a nice sushi lunch with the good folks at RAPP. It was a pretty big group, we have the privilege of meeting about 20 of their creative staff, some of which really loved playing with the new RED Epic that we brought in. Then we finished the day off throwing back some Stella’s with the hilarious creatives at Skiver Advertising in Newport, who show no doubt of having a good time on a daily basis. We really enjoyed your company guys, thanks for having us over. Cheers!

"Model airplane" shot makes Photo of the Day on

ConGRADulations to our interns for graduating from their universities on Saturday!

Alex & Joe, we are very proud of you, and honored to work with such dedicated individuals :) <3 Tallgrass Family

La Costa Ad hits!

Aly had a pleasant surprise today while she was looking up a word on and ran across a photo that we shot back in March for an agency called i.d.e.a.
"There I was, just a browsing along, checking out the word of the day, and BAM! There it was in the banner ads on the side of the screen! I was so excited to see it, especially because I usually don’t notice those ads. I guess this one is just so good that it stands out on the page."
- Aly We’re happy we could collaborate with such a creative group as i.d.e.a.’s Amy Lorenzen, Kelly Day, and Adam Wagner who turned these landscape and interior stills into a "type" of living space, and a "bold" message about the luxury lifestyle of the Villages of La Costa. :)

Paralympics Ad Filmed In One Shot Without CGI Effects

In hopes of inspiring people with disabilities to take up para-sports to remain active, ad agency BBDO Toronto created an amazing commercial for the Canadian Paralympic Committee. The entire commercial was filmed in a single continuous shot without any CGI effects. In the commercial, an amputee runner (portrayed by Canadian paralympian Alister McQueen) is shown running past all the obstacles he had to overcome since his disability due to a car accident.

Cheers for Beers!

Today we continued the rally of tourism photography, this time we were at Stone Brewery in North County. We got to take a very educational tour of the brewery and while we were shooting one of the giant beer tanks showered us with fresh beer. After our tour, we nestled beneath the beautiful trees and enjoyed a tasting of Stone’s finest… and by “we" I mean our lovely talent. :) They may have had just the right amount because by the time we were shooting the conference meeting, they were drawing silly pictures of each others mothers and laughing hysterically. We couldn’t help but join with a chuckle or two. I’d like to give a shout out to the wonderful people who made this happen: Thanks Randy at Stone, Annie & Aki from ConVis, Dennis & Kristina from Mering Carson. You guys ROCK!

Reeling in Mexican Rockfish to Red Snappers!

There couldn’t have been a nicer day to shoot people enjoying a fishing trip out at sea then this Sunday! The morning started out cloudy, but by the time we reached the boats there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky and the warm sun was beaming down so nicely! We reeled in a bunch of fish from Mexican Rockfish to Red Snappers! Another successful day, but we weren’t done yet… once the boat snuggled into the dock, we headed for Belmont Park to eat some snow cones on the Boardwalk at sunset.

Super Moon De Mayo

May starts out the month right with a “Super Moon" and a super shoot! As we continue on our journey of the capturing the essence of San Diego tourism, we ventured to Hillcrest for a bit of color and craze at Urban Mo’s Bar & Grill! So many were celebrating Cinco de Drinko with their festive sombreros and endless margaritas. Afterwards, we retreated to North Park, where we enjoyed the peace and quiet of Urban Solace. The “urban to urban" was like night and day, and we were happy to wind down with our fancy steak and wine, watching the super moon rise.

Best burger join in all the land!...HODAD'S!

We cruised the streets of Ocean Beach this afternoon, adventuring around to all the tourist hot spots. Of course we had to make a pit-stop at the best burger joint in all the land: Hodad’s! The onion rings were enormous, not to mention the mouth watering burgers paired nicely with a chilled PBR. We captured some great shots and had a blast doing so, can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s shoot has in store…

Pa Party... Fiesta... Forever

Another beautiful day of shooting San Diego tourism. Today we started off at the beautiful Fashion Valley mall, where we explored Jimmy Choo and some other amazing high end stores. Afterwards the gang hit up Taco Tuesday at the best authentic Mexican restaurant in Old Town, Cafe Coyote! We learned how to make homemade tortillas, and how many margarita’s it would take to make the mariachi band sing for free!


On our first day shooting for we went to a fifties diner called Clayton’s on Orange Ave in Coronado Island for a fun filled family outing! One of the kids in our family of talent wouldn’t stop eating all the “prop" ice cream, pie and burgers! All that modeling must surely make a kid hungry! Everyone was happy with the shoot, Dennis gave the cow a smooch, and the dish ran away with the spoon! .

Lindsey's first PC Rodeo!

Our little APC is growing up… She’s packing up the gear, making schedules, and down right building her very first shoot. Before you know it she’ll be casting talent and making interns cry! We’re happy to see you step up to the plate Linds, keep up the good work. Don’t forget the Red Bull… you’re gonna need them.

Ahhh Beautiful San Diego

ConVis awards Tallgrass Pictures contract for San Diego tourism photos… We’re excited to go out and explore the beautiful city we live in with our dear friends at San Diego Convention & Vistors Bureau and we’re looking forward to getting some great photos!

Quick & Sweet - For a Good Cause

JB, Tsukuru, and Aly made a quick trip to an Orange County high school yesterday to film a documentary shoot for our dear friend and strategic partner, Cheril Hendry of Brandtailers. The plans were a bit short notice, but the shoot was for a good cause, so we jumped right in because we’re always down to help the community out. We left with spirits lifted and smiles on our faces. What a good day!

Welcome to the family...

We would like to give a warm welcome to Lindsey, our newest APC. She’s actually been a member of the family since December, (as you’ll see in the Christmas family photo) but she’s such a hard worker it’s hard to drag her away for a quick head shot!

New High-Tech Google Glasses

I totally want a pair of these…
"Through the lens of the glasses, text messages, maps, weather information, and locations can be streamed in real-time. The glasses also records videos, take pictures, sends and receives messages, and makes video calls—all of which can be done through voice commands"
- DesignTAXI

We like having company over...

Bev Oster from Oster and Associates took a break from her work to join us for lunch today. We had some tasty homemade lasagna (mom’s special recipe) and exchanged some stories about each others recent fun-filled travel experiences. It’s nice to have company over, and folks like Bev add some value to what might generally be ‘just another day at work.’ We hope you join us again soon Bev :)

Sliding Into 1st Place!

Here’s a look back at a shot captured behind the scenes during the Big Bear shoot a couple weeks ago. JB, Gavin, and Joe took a little break to race each other down the slope to see who’s got the best sledding skills… …I guess they thought that having their tongues out would make them go faster.

A Camera Fit For Outer Space

"Canon has recently unveiled a camera for astronomy enthusiasts—a camera designed specially to capture the beauty of the night sky. Called the Canon EOS 60Da DSLR Camera, the camera offers a “modified infrared filter and a low-noise sensor with heightened hydrogen-alpha sensitivity”, the company wrote on its website"

Torn Clouds

"North Carolina-based artist Scott Hazard creates clouds, smoke and secret portals on photographs by tearing shapes into multiples prints of the same image. After tearing them, he then stacks the photographs on top of each other, creating a series of abstract images, which he calls ‘Photo Constructs’."

Great shoot at Estancia!

Estancia shoot was a great success! Thanks to Cheril Hendry, Laura Wakeman and Sean Gilpin on the Brandtailers team. And to the Estancia La Jolla Hotel + Spa team led by GM Terry Bucholz, you rock!

"Waking Up" to an Award!

"Waking Up" :60TV directed by JB for Reingold Agency wins AVA Platinum Award in the TV Spot/PSA category. Thanks for Roman Wyden and the team at Creable Films. Check out our post from Behind the Scenes!

Living the Mini-Life... APRIL FOOLS!

I wish these were real…
"Taking full advantage of April Fools’ Day as well was car brand MINI. The company ‘released’ camping solutions for MINI drivers, called the “Cowley Caravan” and “Swindon Roof Top Tent”, and a boating vehicle called “Mini Cooper Yachtsman”."
- DesignTAXI

Crazy hair day at school!

Crazy hair day at school!

Refrigerator Magnet Lets You Order Pizza Simply By Tapping It -

Refrigerator Magnet Lets You Order Pizza Simply By Tapping It -

Brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm!

Thanks to my friend and mentor Cheril Hendry, CEO of Brandtailers for inviting Kate + I up to collaborate with her class of rockin Chapman University Advanced Advertising students. In the space of a couple hours they brainstormed 4 compelling :30TV scripts for a performance tire company. Love it! Cheril received this note from one of her students this morning:
"Hi Cheril, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed yesterday’s class. Jeffrey was by far the best guest speaker I’ve had in any class this semester and I really enjoyed the class activity we did. I thought it was a realistic application of subjects we’ve discussed, and it was great to get the whole class involved in a creative process. Thanks for a great class!"

Sneak peek: Big Bear Shoot!

Here’s a peek behind the scenes of our shoot in Big Bear… it was so fun, can’t wait to go back!

We just finished the second day of our Big Bear Adventure shoot...

We just finished the second day of our Big Bear Adventure shoot, and boy was it fun! After we saw the forecast for a storm front rolling in on Thursday, we started making plans. The team decided on Friday morning that the shoot was a GO, and we put it all together over the weekend. By Monday morning we were chugging up the mountain, trucks packed full of gear, the snow had just let up and the trees were crystalized with sparkling white powder. We’ve been snowshoeing all around in the fresh powder, and can’t wipe the smiles off our faces. Wanted to share some of our memories with you…

Where is the SUN?

On Thursday morning we started getting nervous as storm clouds were blanketing overhead and at sunrise, the sun was nowhere to be seen! Our task for the day was to shoot beautiful landscapes images that illustrate the luxury and beauty of living in the Villages of La Costa. Weather sure was challenge, but we managed to pull off 7 landscapes with a 4 hour break in cloud coverage. Kelly Day from i.d.e.a. was sunshine to work with, as JB says, “she’s extremely creative and very decisive." Having a great team to work with is definitely a plus when pulling off what, to some, might seem unachievable… but we did it! :)

Ahh the beautiful relaxation of production work...

Ahh the beautiful relaxation of production work. As you see here, our 1st AC Tsukuru Matsumura is sprawled out on the massage table ready for his deep tissue Shiatsu Therapy …If only he weren’t just standing in for the model! :) Although we weren’t actually getting massages, we were definitely relaxed on this creative shoot, because everything went together seamlessly. It was a collaboration with our strategic partners Cheril, Sean, and Laura from Brandtailers, and freelance Creative Director Brad Copeland, who wrote the creative. The shoot was developed to capture the sensational moments of traveling and collecting memories. We are excited about the footage we captured and can’t wait to cut it up and share it with you! A big thanks goes out to Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa, for allowing us to film at their amazing hotel, and being so accommodating. And also to the great talent we had who were fun and easy to work with. Cheers!

Definition of "Entrepreneur"

I heard a great description on NPR and I’m paraphrasing, because I, like most, get my NPR fix in the car…
"An entrepreneur is someone who seeks opportunity with resources beyond their control." 
Love this because it opens the door for all of us to harness the spirit in our creative lives.

Great collaboration with SDSU!

We had a fantastic collaboration with Coleen Geraghty, Editor of 360: The Magazine of San Diego State University, in producing this cover shot of award-winning director, and SDSU film student, Hilary Bryce.

a poem recited over breakfast at our house W.H. Auden

In Memory of W.B. Yeats

He disappeared in the dead of winter: 
The brooks were frozen, the airports almost deserted, 
The snow disfigured the public statues; 
The mercury sank in the mouth of the dying day. 
What instruments we have agree 
The day of his death was a dark cold day. 

Far from his illness 
The wolves ran on through the evergreen forests, 
The peasant river was untempted by the fashionable quays; 
By mourning tongues 
The death of the poet was kept from his poems. 

But for him it was his last afternoon as himself, 
An afternoon of nurses and rumours; 
The provinces of his body revolted, 
The squares of his mind were empty, 
Silence invaded the suburbs, 
The current of his feeling failed; he became his admirers. 

Now he is scattered among a hundred cities 
And wholly given over to unfamiliar affections, 
To find his happiness in another kind of wood 
And be punished under a foreign code of conscience. 
The words of a dead man 
Are modified in the guts of the living. 

But in the importance and noise of to-morrow 
When the brokers are roaring like beasts on the floor of the Bourse, 
And the poor have the sufferings to which they are fairly accustomed, 
And each in the cell of himself is almost convinced of his freedom, 
A few thousand will think of this day 
As one thinks of a day when one did something slightly unusual. 
What instruments we have agree 
The day of his death was a dark cold day. 


You were silly like us; your gift survived it all: 
The parish of rich women, physical decay, 
Yourself. Mad Ireland hurt you into poetry. 
Now Ireland has her madness and her weather still, 
For poetry makes nothing happen: it survives 
In the valley of its making where executives 
Would never want to tamper, flows on south 
From ranches of isolation and the busy griefs, 
Raw towns that we believe and die in; it survives, 
A way of happening, a mouth. 


Earth, receive an honoured guest: 
William Yeats is laid to rest. 
Let the Irish vessel lie 
Emptied of its poetry. 

[Auden later deleted the next three stanzas.] 

Time that is intolerant 
Of the brave and the innocent, 
And indifferent in a week 
To a beautiful physique, 

Worships language and forgives 
Everyone by whom it lives; 
Pardons cowardice, conceit, 
Lays its honours at their feet. 

Time that with this strange excuse 
Pardoned Kipling and his views, 
And will pardon Paul Claudel, 
Pardons him for writing well. 

In the nightmare of the dark 
All the dogs of Europe bark, 
And the living nations wait, 
Each sequestered in its hate; 

Intellectual disgrace 
Stares from every human face, 
And the seas of pity lie 
Locked and frozen in each eye. 

Follow, poet, follow right 
To the bottom of the night, 
With your unconstraining voice 
Still persuade us to rejoice. 

With the farming of a verse 
Make a vineyard of the curse, 
Sing of human unsuccess 
In a rapture of distress. 

In the deserts of the heart 
Let the healing fountains start, 
In the prison of his days 
Teach the free man how to praise.

Levi’s Teams Up With Korean Ballet Company, For Super-Stretchy Jeans

YouTube Preview Image Levi’s Teams Up With Korean Ballet Company, For Super-Stretchy Jeans This is a cool video. It’s a beautiful way to demo the stretchy.

OOH Campaign

I.d.e.a. awards contract to Tallgrass Pictures for print + OOH (out of home) campaign. We’re thrilled to work with this new, fresh world class agency based only 5 blocks from our studio!

Fresh Meat!!!

Tallgrass Pictures welcomes two new interns for the spring: Joe Henschel from SCU of San Marcos who’s majoring in Mass Media & Film Production. Check him out rocking a set of snow shoes on a shoot in Big Bear last week! And Alex Miyashiro from SDSU who’s majoring in Television, Film and New Media Production. Welcome! We’re looking forward to showing you the ropes …and having you mop the infinity wall a few times along the way ;)

The Gren Group shows JB's beautiful work in their video!

The Gren Group: An Introduction [on today’s Workbook Blog] The Gren Group represents number of brilliant professional photographers including Jeffrey Lamont Brown, Thomas Broening, Pete Barrett, Mark Katzman, Eric Kiel and Jonathan Chapman.

Whoa, serious production. The Guardian “Three Little Pigs" Ad.  - Whoa, serious production.  I wonder what the budget was?

What's the big I.D.E.A.?

We’re very excited about the new merger of two great companies in our neighborhood. Congratulations Bailey Gardiner & Fishtank for merging to make  i.d.e.a. - the idea brand. It’s good to see such a group of this caliber formulate and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for the future. So here’s to i.d.e.a and opening on the birthday of one of the founders of the group, Ryan… Cheers!

Helping One Another

Over the past week, Tallgrass Pictures collaborated with Children’s Initiative on a pro-bono basis to produce a capabilities video about their amazing work. If you don’t know about The Children’s Initiative yet, let me take this opportunity to fill you in… Children’s Initiative is a non-profit agency who’s main priority is to improve the well-being of children in San Diego County by aiding and supporting community based organizations, government institutions, schools and businesses. As a strategic partner of CI, we wanted to help them in creating this video because we believe in their values and encourage their movement. To learn more about The Children’s Initiative, or to help contribute to their network for good, please visit their website at

Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day

Jeffrey named "Entrepeneur In Residence"

Jeffrey has been named as an Entrepreneur’s In Residence at Chapman University’s Leatherby Center for Entrepreneurship and Ethics.  He will be mentoring MFA/MBA students at the university, participating in roundtables, and helping build credibility for the program. The Leatherby Center was named #6 Entrepreneurship Undergraduate Program by Bloomberg Businessweek 2011.

We've gone "mad" talking in strange accents...

After many long days of hanging drywall, and getting itchy with insulation, these two hard working Tallgrassers have gone “mad" and are now talking in strange accents. I guess it’s time to give them a “tea break" Hahaha!