General Motors Photoshoot

Tallgrass welcomes Campbell-Ewald and General Motors to San Diego for a “Traveling With Kids” social media shoot for the On Star product line.  

Art Directors Phil Foster and John Kalmar from CE were amazing collaborators, true pros”, said photographer Jeffrey Lamont Brown. “Brown said, “it was uncanny, on some shots it was like we had a Vulcan mind meld and they really know how to nuance the images to tell the brand story.”  2 days, tons of great images and GIF’s and beach bonfire wrap party. Woot!

OnStar Pg1 OnStar Pg2 OnStar Pg3 OnStar Pg4

Tallgrass heads to Oregon

JB and Christiaan headed North to Portlandia to hang with some of the best agencies in the US.  Chillin with the hipsters, for great coffee and of course microbrews.  

Portland CA
First stop: Wieden & Kennedy.  Shouts out to Grace, Mari, and Ben for making us feel right at home.  And if you didn’t know Oregon's state animal, you’ll be greeted by it when you walk in their office door   .

Portland 3 Portland 4
Next, more coffee. Woot! Then on to R2C: Great to connect with Sara, Kristen, and Alison in a chill setting. They are on fire. Tons of productions, multiple buildings...taking over the world.    

Saving the best for last: CMD agency! Cindy Marks, you are our hero! Thanks for taking the meeting, even on crutches.  Double order of TGP hot sauce for you.

Portland 9

Tallgrass Pictures Latest Broadcast Reel

We're excited to present our very latest broadcast reel. It's freshly cut, shinier than ever and, as always, filled with  hand-crafted stories.

At Tallgrass, we're passionate about making breathtaking films and photographs AND building nimble, high yield productions. 

Here's a sneak peek at the first page: 

Want to see the whole thing? Tallgrass Pictures Broadcast Reel

Show-n-Tell: Los Angeles

Heads up Christiaan! 

Midnight oil pic 1

Great trip to LA to visit Midnight Oil, TBWA\Chiat\Day and Ignited.

Midnight Oil:  40 ft tall superhero wraps, sick theater displays, posters, 3d builds. Amazing. Creative and manufacturing all in one bldg. A frickin huge building. 

Ignited: A creative community built by the power of curiosity. Hanging with Sam and showing our skills on the ping-pong table.

I like the way you roll TBWA\Chiat\Day:  be more human (and if in doubt) be more dog ~ Plus a full size Bball court.  Respect to 
Womack, Michael and Max for hookin it up.  Enjoyed spreading the MARDI GRAS love:  Hurricane style.

TBWA pic 4

"Mother's against gun violence" shoot, goes to the stage!

One of JB’s images will appear onstage in 'The Gospel of Loving Kindness” opening Dec 9th in Washington, D.C.

The play is a edgy, hymn-and-hip-hop-musical.  It’s about a 17 year old boy who sings for President Obama at the White House, and is shot to death 3 weeks later.

Produced by the Mosaic Theater Company (, written by Marcus Gardley and directed by Jennifer L. Nelson.  Shout out to NJ Mitchell (Mosaic Board Member) for inviting us to participate.

Mothers against gun violenceMo

Tallgrass Films Unleashed! Commercial

In late September this year, Tallgrass went dog-gone mad! We had the pleasure of working with Vitro in creating a :15 sec TV spot for their client Unleashed! by Petco. The production was a blast and at the center of it all? Three very talented, adorable canines.


The hilarious spot followed a chubby dog as he runs in for dinner...and sadly squeeze in through the doggie door. After weeks of searching for the perfect talent, we were very lucky to have Lola, Penny Lane and Spike join us on set.


Tallgrass was joined by some talented folks in production, props, g&e, animal training and location management who really helped the day run smoothly and efficiently. We even had custom doors built thanks to our accomplished set constructors.
IMG_1416 (3)


At the end of the day, we had the chance to run through the spot with all 3 dogs to make sure our client’s creative got the best treatment.

Want to find out who made it into the final spot? Check it out below:


And here's another version with JB's favorite pup - Spike:


We’re so glad we got to collaborate with the great minds at Vitro and Unleashed! by Petco. Looking forward to our next one...fingers crossed for more new, furry friends!

"This Goes Out to You" Music Video

Tallgrass Pictures is lucky to have team members who are passionate about storytelling…and do it exceptionally well. Over the summer, our very own Gavin Filipiak (TGP Sr. Editor) was tapped to create a music video for San Diego rockers P.O.D. The project was commissioned by Universal Music Group, who reached out to Gavin after seeing his work on Vice - the music video “Young Gods” for Prayers and Blink 182’s Travis Barker.


LoRiderGavin took on the challenge of creating the music video, just a few weeks before album release. With the support of TGP, he directed and shot the video for P.O.D.’s latest single “This Goes Out to You”.

To kick-off production, Gavin and Nico first traveled east to Michigan for the Common Grounds Music Festival. Enthusiastic fans gathered around as P.O.D. performed, while Gavin and Nico maneuvered on stage to capture the energy from both the band and fans. Before and after the show, we were lucky enough to hang out with the band in a different setting: with their family.


Then we were back to San Diego to finish up the rest of production. It was a blast getting to work with our local community. First stop: Undisputed Gym in downtown, where we were lucky enough to film San Diego boxing champs and learn how to throw a strong right hook from their trainers.

Next, we headed towards the Mexican-Californian border to capture the beautiful visuals of towering fence and explore the story of separated families. The weather fit the mood perfectly and our talented actors nailed the scene.

But our day was far from over...we were off to another location. Luckily, the sun peeked out for the rest of the day and we ended with a beautiful shot of 2 friends riding to Sunset Cliffs; celebrating the power of friendship on a motocross bike.

For the next scene, we were honored to be able to ride around town with the guys of Tribal Gear. We captured footage of their gorgeous low-riders cruising through the historic Barrio Logan district. To finish the day, we filmed the proud owners at a BBQ scene while enjoying delicious tacos, courtesy of San Diego Taco company.


Gavin and Nico created a truly authentic, compelling music video reflecting the anthemic song and a unique San Diego vibe. We’re proud of their work and invite you to check out the full video below  -

Tallgrass National Commercial on Monday Night Football

What’s great about Mondays? It could be one of two things:

1) Monday Night Football
2) A Tallgrass produced national commercial airing on ESPN during Monday night football

This week, we’re leaning towards #2. On Monday, we were stoked to see our spot UCI “We Believe” break on Monday Night Football. It was a fantastic collaboration with Skiver Advertising, University of California Irvine and Tallgrass Pictures.


The 9 day production took us all around southern California, shooting everything from medical labs to ballerinas to farms...and we couldn’t be happier with the final result!




JB worked closely with Sean, Rob and RG from Skiver to create a visually beautiful and compelling story about the incredible work coming from UCI - a place where great minds can truly shine brighter.



From the initial creative to pre-production, production, post and final broadcast delivery - we’re thankful for such awesome collaborators! A special shout-out to the fantastic staff and students of UCI who shared their stories with us, inspiring us to make the commercial as authentic as possible.



Missed our spot this Monday? Don’t worry, you can check it out below.

And keep a look-out for our second UCI spot “See Differently” made in collaboration with “We Believe”...breaking soon on a TV near you!


Go Aztecs! Tallgrass Shoots National Spot for SDSU

Our Aztec alumni at Tallgrass were stoked when SDSU came to us with a National TV Spot early this summer. Armed with the Tallgrass production prowess and a superb script written by Brandon Reif; we headed to San Diego State to craft another great spot for the Aztecs.


On our first day we captured a private performance of The Great American Trailer Park by the TTF department. How lucky we felt to watch these big dreams in action. In fact, JB was so inspired...he decided to try out his own sweet dance moves.


Then we visited the college of Engineering for a quick lesson in "body building". We filmed these Aztecs putting the final touches on their robot. For the robot stand-in, our awesome sound designer Josh bravely slipped into a green morph suit. 

To finish up, we went networking...with "The Show" and the SDSU cheerleaders also known as the loudest, proudest Aztecs around. 


These SDSU students will make you "Think Again" and be pleasantly surprise. Glad to have partnered with SDSU and our friend Greg Block for another spectacular shoot!


Under My Roof wins at film fests

In the latest Weinbergian news, “Under My Roof” takes home two more film fest laurels.



At the River Bend Film Festival in April, UMR won Best Independent Screenplay. At the Sacramento Film Festival, UMR won Best Comedy Screenplay. These are exciting wins for Jennifer de Poyen and Tallgrass.

It’s honor to see the UMR story making waves in the indie film fest circuits while still in development. Cheers to the little guy!

Tallgrass in the city of angels

Team TGP heads to the city of angels to take on 8 meetings with creative agencies in 2 days. 

Beforehand, the team prepped 40 gift boxes filled with prints, postcards and handpicked hot sauce. Our marketing rockstars also loaded up our iPads to display our latest reels, still photography and VFX projects. Then we sent JB, Katsie and Christiaan off to LA to meet with friends both new and old.

The first stop was Saatchi & Saatchi, meeting both the art buying and broadcast team. After a number of conversations on the phone, it was great to meet the Saatchi crew in person. They were impressed with JB’s work and the delicious San Diegan pastries. 

Next was a quick lunch at korean bbq ….but not too long after, Tallgrass was back on the road dropping off more gift boxes in the afternoon. Then the three hustled over for a quick meet with the talented minds at World Wide Minds. 

The last meeting of day 1 was with the awesome Innocean producers in Huntington beach. A great way to end the day - cocktails as the sun set.

Early the next morning, the 3 Tallgrassans hit the road for a meeting with Guthy-Renker for hot coffee and an introduction of our capabilities and work. Then it was off to lunch with friends from Deustch at Whiskey Red’s. After that delicious lunch was a late snack with Ignition. A short hop over and TGP was at Ignition with wraps from LYFE kitchen…yum! And to round out this group of new friends was Lenny from R&R partners….dropping off one last batch of goodies for the end of his day.

To wrap up the trip, they met up with an old friend - David Aktary - who helped connect us to our award-winning Hot Pockets project. An amazing 2 days….and we’re sure to be back soon!





UMR: an official selection at the Sacramento International Film Festival

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 11.06.30 AM

In the latest "Under My Roof" news...The 2015 Sacramento International Film Festival chose the screenplay as an official selection. The screenplay, written by Jen de Poyen, is among just 50 scripts being reviewed for honors…a fantastic achievement! 


Congrats to Jen and Jeffrey for developing the funny, ambitious and surprisingly tender storyline. “Under My Roof” is the first feature film for Jen, Jeffrey and the Tallgrass team. The story? Daniel Weinberg strikes a blow for freedom by planting a nuclear garden gnome in the front yard of his suburban home and seceding from the USA in order to protect his son when the draft age is 13!

"Under My Roof" is currently in development. Keep up to date with Daniel and production for UMR by following Tallgrass. The SIFF runs from April 25th to May 3rd.

For now, here's a look at our latest test footage of the epic battle scene! #TeamDaniel


"Leave With Me" scores with SD Film Consortium

Earlier this month, a few of the fine gentlemen at Tallgrass stepped out on to the red carpet for a night celebrating the filmmaking arts. The event? The 2015 San Diego Film Awards. Tallgrass Pictures' collaboration with Joshua Danyel on our first music video "Leave With Me" was up for 3 nominations - best cinematography, best editing AND best music video. Our director Jeffrey, senior editor Gavin and editor Nico shared a toast for the hardwork that went into that late night shoot! 

After that, they hit the carpet enjoying the bubbly and company of some talented artists. 



Our senior editor Gavin was also in the running for his personal project - music video "Gothic Summer". We waited for the drumroll to finish and bam! Found ourselves with a shiny award. Best Cinematography to Jeffrey Lamont Brown for "Leave With Me". Gavin also won Best Music Video and Best Editing. 



What a rockin' night with an award-winnin team! 



Thank you to the SD Film Consortium for the fantastic night. 


Under the sea & shooting it

Before founding Tallgrass Pictures 10 years ago, chief creative officer Jeffrey, was a solo photographer traveling the world and exploring the beauty of it all. He was able to photograph some of the world's most gorgeous places...and we're taking a look at one of those amazing experiences - these gorgeous photos from the Mentawai Islands.

For these shots, JB chartered a yacht and brought a few friends along for a week of shooting, surfing and swimming. A truly fantastic trip! He filmed underneath the waters for these shots using a Canon 1DMkIII and 16-35 lens. 

28_V9Y8906_C (1)

For underwater shots, you'll need underwater housing to keep the camera dry...and a good set of lungs to stay under. 


And the end result? Some amazing images....


34_V9Y1260_B copy


Those experiences allowed JB to build a company versed in many styles of work and trained in all sorts of terrain. We can't wait for our next under water project!


"Under My Roof" wins 3rd place!

Roll out the red carpet because “Under My Roof” was just honored with 3rd place for Best Unpublished Screenplay from the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival 2015! The award is going to the fantastic Jennifer de Poyen, screenwriter of “Under My Roof”.

Hollywood Reel Independent Film Fest

On the script itself, Jen says she was drawn to it because “It’s messy, it’s unwieldy kind of like life…but it’s so full of life.”  And this messy story of life will be Tallgrass Pictures’ first feature film; a project headed by Tallgrass Pictures founder & director Jeffrey Lamont Brown and screenwriter Jennifer de Poyen. 


The feature tells the tale of Daniel Weinberg who protects his son Herbie the best way he knows how - he builds a nuke, hides it in a garden gnome, and secedes his suburban home from the USA to form the sovereign nation of Weinbergia.

Stay tuned for more updates on the messy adventure of the Weinbergs and production for UMR. 

Under My Roof

BTS: I Wanna See You Vogue

It was a another fine Friday in January and the Tallgrass studio had been taken over by fierce models for our fashion test shoot. The challenge: an enticing lingerie shoot, a Vogue inspired dance number, portraits embracing florals and this season's spring color palettes, and number in an elevator...all in just 24 hours. Madness? No, just another Friday in production.

To kick off the day was an Armani inspired lingerie shoot. One of our MUAs Hayley Havick and our VFX artist Rachel Alberto created tattoos for our model to complete the look. When the camera rolled, the fantastic Olga Glenn brought out her sultry side with a riveting performance. 

The energy kept rolling along as our 2nd model Olivia Brower displayed her best “So You Think You Can Dance” moves. With Beyonce playing in the background; she showed off some moves that would make Queen Bee proud.


Next up was Lizzy Grove, bringing disco back. We were back in the 70's with an "All Shiny Look" from SAKS Off Fifth.  She also rocked a series of fierce portraits with colorful flowers in hand...and mouth!

As the sun went down and the evening approached, the lights were bright just like our next model. Aoydele delivered exquisite poses and looks - dripping with jewelry in her designer dress.
imagejpeg_0_16_1_MG_0923_v1 _MG_0936_v1
To top off the studio shoot; was Jenny Purtee “wigging out” in hot pink with matching make-up and glitter. She was a vibrant beauty and was perfect for our mono-colored concept portrait.


Did we finish all four concepts? Guess you’ll have to check back with us to see the finished product. 

Leave With Me at the Bare Bones International Independent Film & Music Fest

Some exciting mid-week news: “Leave With Me” made it into the Bare Bones International Independent Film & Music Festival in Oklahoma. Our first music video which we collaborated on with friend and musician Joshua Danyel is making it’s rounds on the film fest circuit and kicking butt!

We're stoked to have had the chance to bring his musical story to life.
The Bare Bones International Film and Music Festival happens in April, but you can catch our music video here: 

North Island Credit Union: Capturing the San Diego lifestyle

4 days. 12 locations. As we reminisce on the fun we had in 2014, there's no forgetting the shoot that had us running all over sunny San Diego, showing off the greatness that is our beautiful city. We happily jumped into this collaboration with Fresh Form Interactive (the brilliant minds of Ali Palmer & Seth Gravette) and reunited with an old friend & Creative Director, Tracy Meiners.

Our goal: to create a beautiful photo library for use by North Island Credit Union (NICU).  With stops at places like Hodad's, OB Dog Beach, Mission Trails - each day brought it's own adventure....   


Day 1: Undoubtedly, one of the greatest things about San Diego are our micro-breweries and killer food. Our gracious and wonderful hosts  Societe Brewing Co. & Hodad's in OB made our first day a real treat -


IMG_0647  IMG_0645
Day 2: Carlton Oaks Golf Course showed us some real VIP treatment, as we zipped around in their golf carts from hole to hole. We also ventured to Mission Trails and Morley Park - with a few stops in between.


Day 3: Shop til’ you drop!  A cute couple contemplated their first home and Tallgrass was there to capture that significant moment. The rest of the day was spent at the lovely boutiques in La Jolla and the North Park Farmer's Market.


Day 4: When one of our locations fell through, we were saved and treated by our friends from Pappalecco, in Little Italy.  Pappalecco not only welcomed us with open arms but fed us like family. The rest of the day was filled with what San Diego is known for best - sunny, sandy, San Diego beaches.

And of course, we stopped by North Island Credit Union to grab the brand shots. 


This was a blast of a shoot - we hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them!

Under My Roof VFX Test Shoot

Here’s a sneak peek of what we’re working on for “Under My Roof” - our very first Tallgrass Pictures feature film.

It was a fine Friday night for a test shoot…which is a favorite past time of Tallgrass Pictures. A test shoot is where our director and team experiment with  shots before a production to ensure high quality work. On this particular Friday night, the scene was set for Under My Roof’s big battle scene and a VFX test shoot was under way.


Our very own TGP boys stepped in as the war heroes going against invisible helicopters and enemies:

Meanwhile, our production coordinators helped set the mood by creating a flickering light through some very sophisticated dance moves:


All in all, it was a very successful night with lots of fun. But this was just the first step. The footage is now in the tender hands of our VFX artists who are adding chaos and mayhem to the scene. Spoiler alert - there will be explosions galore.

We can’t wait for the finished footage. For now, we’ve got some great BTS videos to share. Check out how Tallgrass Pictures gets down on Friday nights:

YouTube Preview Image

 YouTube Preview Image

“Under My Roof” is a Tallgrass Pictures feature production scheduled for 2015.

Keep up with all the Under My Roof news and happenings in Weinbergia by following us!

2014 in the Life of Production At Tallgrass

Ever wonder what a year is like in the life of a production company?

As we head into the new year, we can’t help but spend a little time reminiscing on what 2014 held. From traveling the US to muddy productions, we’ve had a blast in 2014. We asked the Tallgrass team to share their favorite TGP moments from the year and here’s what they said….

Laurelena, our glowing graphic design intern ninja said:

“My favorite memory is decorating christmas stockings and seeing the surprises inside.”


Christiaan, our battle dancing new account exec said:

“1. My favorite moment would have to be the time I had to shoot down a pretend helicopter with a super soaker. It was the first time being out with the crew shooting test shots for “Under my Roof”.

2. Surprise Bday up stairs. Was definitely surprised, took shots, and ate cake. 

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 4.55.44 PM jack

Katsie, our brand new ball of energy PC shared:

  “Some of my favorite Tallgrass moments from 2014:
- Helping on the TruGreen location shoot.
- Cooking for the Tallgrass team at the Wrap Beach Party for TruGreen
- Laurelena loving Spencer's cream filled pancakes
- The table read for UMR
- Making origami swans with Rachel for our shoot with Digitaria
- Watching JB fly the helicam for the first time"


Spencer, our walkin' on sunshine 2nd AC said: 

"My favorite time at Tallgrass so far in my 1 3/4 months working here would have to be the Under My Roof test shoot.  It was a Friday so everyone was in good spirits and we got to get pretty creative with production because it was ours.  My favorite part of the night was when we had to tie a rope around Josh and pull him to the ground as if he got shot. Or having Jordan and Katsie dance in front of the Kino lights to simulate fire.  Also when Jordan sweetalked security because we didn't have a permit. Or when JB, Keith and I we  re blinded because Michael had to point the 1600 watt joker at the camera for a shot."

IMG_2470  IMG_2525

Keith, our fierce and coffee addicted 1st AC said:

“Definitely flying out to Dallas, then coming back to JB’s street to find my car was parked in the middle of a destroyed street, perfectly on a tiny piece of pavement they had left. Erik and I had to drive through the rubble to get out. Haha."

IMG_20141104_235452340 IMG_3173-20141104-140810

Angellyne, current blog author & digital marketing coordinator said: 

"My favorite moments would include - 
1. Being able to work on the digital marketing for our first feature movie; thinking of ways to promote it online & observing this story come to life.
2. Working as a production coordinator for Publicis Hawkeye for the TruGreen Project...a lot of stuff going on there but really enjoyed it all.:) Especially meeting awesome folks from Texas and seeing the advertising collateral from the other side.
3. A tiny part of me will always have to laugh at how I jumped in mud for a test shoot...see story below..."

IMAG3050  Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 5.29.31 PM

Jordan, our champion production coordinator said:

“If I had to choose a favorite moment here at Tallgrass - it would be tough, but one that makes me laugh every time I think about it was during our time test shooting for Spot Shot.
We created a mud pit up in the North 40 (our director’s expansive farm in the middle of urban San Diego) for kids and dogs to get crazy muddy for the day of the shoot. To make sure it was the right muddy consistency for maximized success during our shoot we decided to recruit a little help from our very own, adorably child size Angellyne - who thought we were joking when she accepted the task. 
As Angellyne sat in the muddy pool, JB felt that more mud was merrier…I was then tasked to muddy up Angellyne, and had to take a huge scoop of mud and plop it directly on top of Angellyne’s sad, beautiful head.”

jordan spot shot  1924343_874639575898621_6537626965703063399_n

Beau, our senior VFX rockstar & Rachel, our VFX magician both agreed:

“Grip Olympics”*

*Grip Olympics was a friendly production competition on setting up and breaking down shoot equipment.*

_MG_9961 _MG_9885

Nico, TGP’s one and only fantastic French editor:

“My best moments of 2014:
1. The whole CH in PA shoot
2. Spot Shot shoot day in the studio. I was a hybrid 1st AC, B camera operator and coffee/grease thrower for extra slo-mo shots
3. World Viz shoot in Santa Barbara
4. Ingram Micro Shoot”

IMG_5540 1506473_948233585205886_4605737831734915173_n

Gavin, our mix masterin' senior editor said:

“For me, it was Coordinated Health because it was close to home.”


Aly, our expert socialite business development director said:

“The Addy Raid - we hosted the Addy Raid at the studio with a live green screen…helped with the Addy Awards promotional pieces, watched them play on the big screen in front of all the Addy Awards participants and cut the video announcing the new SDX.”


And finally…our director, principal photographer & fearless founder JLB shares his top moments:

“Top TGP Memories from 2014:
PreProduction on Under My Roof (Script Development, American Film Market, Casting) 
Coordinated Health - meeting the great people of central Pennsylvania and the honor of filming student athletes. 
Spot Shot - a kickass shoot making big messes.”

IMG_20141012_152509373   10626199_926934980669080_4733501047275357205_o

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 4.10.30 PM

It's been a great time 2014...we're looking forward to more adventures and fun in 2015! 

Drones in commercial film magic


 It’s a bird, it’s plane…no it’s new filmmaking technology in action, right in the heart of Palm Springs Motors!


In fact, it’s our director JLB using FPV (first person view) goggles for a production with Palm Springs Motors. With these goggles, JB was able to see live footage transmitted from a helicopter mounted GoPro that he controlled.


What’s it like, you ask? Imagine taking a ride on a roller coaster and that feeling you get over that 1st big drop - a truly amazing experience! And the shots? Well, take a look for yourself. We were able to capture great aerial footage of the expansive Palm Springs Motors facility!

YouTube Preview Image

This technology makes it possible for filmmakers to expand their creative reach (literally) and explore new views for storytelling success. We’re excited to have it in our filmmaking arsenal and glad we got to bust it out for our friends at Brandtailers. Many thanks to Cheril from Brandtailers for a cool project! And a special shout out to Juan, the fantastic porter, who moved over 500 cars for us - a true MVP of the shoot.

(Cheers to getting some sweet footage!) 

 Mini-Coopers & Micro-Climates

What do mini-coopers & micro-climates have in common?

....a hilariously chaotic production with Tallgrass Pictures!

Earlier this year, we shot a spot called “Climate Change” - a wacky concoction conceived by creative directors (and TGP friends) Robert Borges and Brad Copeland. In it, we find two scientists on a thrilling ride in a bright, red Mini.

For this shoot, the Tallgrass team took a little trip into the mountains of Julian, CA. Our action packed day included taking over Sunrise Highway with corrupt cops and then off-roading at Lake Cuyamaca (yes, in the mini cooper). We even sprinkled in some movie magic, literally - with a homemade rain machine! The rangers pumped water from the lake into the machine and created a whole new stormy scene for us - no rain dance needed - just PVC pipes and a little elbow grease. 

_MG_1580 IMG_1642

We brought some devious fun to Julian mountains! Check out the full video below:

First Music Video Success

Tallgrass Pictures collaborates with Joshua Danyel to create a musical dream.

One day. One song. One killer music video.

Tallgrass Pictures recently collaborated with musician and friend Joshua Danyel to create our very first music video for his song “Leave With Me”. With the vision of a Shakespearean world,our director and crew headed to Santa Barbara to make music video magic!

Santa Barbara High School (our musician’s alma mater) generously gave us access to their grand theater as well as their fantastical props, wardrobe & stellar fog machines. The team was armed and ready for the one day production! Our director JB along with Jordan, Keith & Josh crafted a Midsummer Night set better than we could have dreamed up. From sunrise until midnight, they captured ethereal images creating a visual story for Joshua's passionate song.


When they got back, it was our champion editors’ Nico & Gavin’s turn! Mixing together the images and sound, they finished the story in time for Josh’s album release party.

And now we’re so excited to hear that our music video has been selected to be screened at the inaugural San Diego Fall Film Festival! Cheers to a beautiful collaboration coming together on the silver screen.

For your viewing pleasure, we present Joshua Danyel's "Leave With Me"

MoHo Productions
Buy on iTunes here:

Casting Under My Roof in Los Angeles, California

This Week Casting Under My Roof in Los Angeles with Gabrielle Schary 

The latest news at Tallgrass Pictures this week is that Jeni, Jennifer, JB, and casting director Gabrielle Schary are heading to Studios West in Santa Monica to cast the leads in Under My Roof. With hundreds of submissions our team is sure to have an action packed a couple of days. Over the next that week couple weeks the team will be casting in Los Angeles, San Diego, and New York. For more information about this casting find us on IMDB.


Stay tuned or more production updates @TallgrassFilms & @_UnderMyRoof 

Bet Performances GIF

American Sock Now Available in 4K

Big things are happening at Youtube as 4K, or Ultra HD video becomes available on the prolific service. An article by Mashable’s Pete Pachal stated earlier this year that 4k, or Ultra HD footage will come in a new format called VP9, a royalty-free codec that will also reportedly offer a better experience with Google Hangouts, according to GigaOm. Pachal also states that the VP9 codec consumes considerably less data than other commercial codecs (such as H.265), letting the service stream higher-quality streams with less bandwidth.

For us at Tallgrass Pictures this is fantastic news! As a commercial production company, we produce everything from high speed motion capture, to aerial helicopter footage, computer generated graphics, and feature films all in High Definition.  

For Gavin, TGP senior Editor, his interest in UHD started at NAB last year when he got to screen video on an 8K tv. “It was like looking out a window” Gavin remembers while explaining the differences between 4k and 1080p mastering. According to Gavin,  there are not many differences in mastering 4k versus 1080p, except for increased render times and larger files; but beyond that 4k monitors are not household items, at least not yet. For us  this had meant that  the Ultra HD footage we’ve been shooting for 5 years can now finally be realized in online video, creating a richer viewing experience for our clients.

In the past with sites like Youtube our crisp, surreal imagery would lose and great deal of its luster when compressed to for web, it simply did not do it justice. Today that is a thing of the past, now with this new codec TGP and creators of all sorts are able to more easily share beautifully crafted content online!

This is exciting news to our team, and we’d like celebrate by sharing one of our Award Winning comedy shorts American Sock.


American Sock now available in 4k.

American Sock now available in 4k.

Under My Roof, A Tallgrass Production

Under My Roof poster gif

Production begins this November!

Herbert Weinberg’s father is striking a blow for freedom. Implanting a nuclear device within a garden gnome in the front yard of their Southern California home, he’s declared independence from the U.S. The household is understandably is an uproar. Mother’s gone, the local weatherman has moved in, and 13-year-old Herbert is simultaneously a hostage and the Minister of Information. Even while troops surround the belligerent house-state of Weinbergia, the call to freedom has been sounded. The house is rapidly filling up with American refuseniks. Can the refrigerator hold out? Will Herbert’s and Daniel defeat imperialism and reunite the family?  Based on Aristophanes’s Archanians, Under My Roof is funny, ambitious film.

For more live updates and behind the scenes content through out production, follow @_UnderMyRoof on twitter and check us out on Facebook.

Under My Roof  Movie Poster

Three New Faces!

The men are taking over Tallgrass Pictures!

We'd like to formally introduce a couple of the newest faces at Tallgrass. Please join us in welcoming Marvin, Keith and Josh to the Tallgrass Pictures team.

NewHires-Fall2014-Josh NewHires-Fall2014-Keith NewHires-Fall2014-Marvin

Spot Shot TV Commercial: messy fun

Mud pits, coffee stains, and erupting marinara sauce. Some people may call this their worst nightmare, but Tallgrass Pictures calls it a great day at the office.

Over the summer, we filmed a commercial for Spot Shot carpet cleaner with the fun team at O'Leary & Partners. Our shoot was a wild ride including mud flinging from dogs and children, tossing mugs of coffee around the studio, to Zorro initiating a sword fight. 

Team members went home covered in mud, marinara, lipstick, and smiles. Thanks Spot Shot and O'Leary & Partners for a great shoot! 


2-Day Roloxin Shoot

Kicking off a busy week of shoots was Roloxin Lift; a two-day shoot where we produced both a brand video and tutorial for Roloxin.

Day one focused on the Roloxin Lift brand video showcasing various women’s bathrooms. This shoot took place in Mission Viejo, CA at The Bath Company, a bathroom fixture superstore featuring several bathroom vignettes making it the perfect location for this shoot. After a little prop styling and strategic camera angling we had four beautiful bathrooms and you’d never know that we were in an operational store with looky-loo customers surrounding our set!

On day two, we were back at Tallgrass Pictures studio where Tsukuru built a working sink in the middle of the studio for the Roloxin tutorial! The natural light from our open studio made for beautiful imagery with light reflecting off each drop of water as our talent splashed water on her face.

The only thing more breathtaking than the shots were the instant results our talent got from Roloxin Lift itself. It left all of the women (and men) asking where they can get themselves some Roloxin!

_X3F5570 Roloxin1

Guild Mortgage

On Wednesday, Guild Mortgage welcomed us into their offices to film the company’s brand video._X3F8842 Guild Mortgage

We got amazing time lapse footage in front of the building and captivating shots of the Guild Mortgage staff hard at work; all narrated by their President and CEO Mary Ann McGarry. We loved spending the day at such a beautiful location and working with everyone from Guild Mortgage who, we must say, are naturals in front the camera.


Filming into the Future with Ingram Micro

As part of a new brand video for Ingram Micro, we shot a futuristic scene of a young couple announcing an upcoming baby. How did we make the scene look like 2030 and not 2013? By shooting at a stunning, mostly glass, modern-style home at the top of Mt. Helix, a small mountain right here in San Diego.

We captured the soon-to-be grandfather video chatting with the expecting couple on a 2D holographic image projected on glass. Since it’s still 2014, we used blue lighting to create the visual effect of a hologram shining on the actor’s face. In post-production, our very talented Beau Runnells worked his magic with the footage, making the couple look as if they are the ones in the hologram!

We had a blast capturing the essence of a precious family moment and highlighting the role of Ingram Micro’s technology in creating it. All while getting to pretend it was high-tech 2030!

Shooting the Skype scene

A Proposal to Remember, Ingram Micro

Ingram Micro, a global Fortune 500 technology company, assigned us to collaborate on a brand essence video for use company wide capturing technology in life's biggest moments.

Ingram’s Dan Iorgulescu, Ewan Pidgeon and Jason Williams have been invaluable collaborators, writing a fantastic script based in human emotion and experience, being very helpful on set and in the editing bay. 

We shot footage from 3 continents including India and Africa, but one of our favorites? The Japanese Friendship Garden, where friendships grow! Set in the lovely Balboa park, this venue captured the perfect mood for the ultimate Geo Cache adventure. 

With two talent and one GPS, you’ll see a couple hunting for treasure with nothing but a set of coordinates. The prize you ask? A wedding proposal! Recording one of life’s biggest moments, and highlighting how GPS technology was able to help make this memorable moment come to life? Mission accomplished!  

Thank you to the Japanese Friendship Garden for allowing us to film at such a fantastic location!

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photo 3


Masculinity: Concept Shoot

Joselle Mariano for Masculinity Concept shoot
We love shooting so much, once a month we become our own client, concepting and assigning a Tallgrass creative shoot for our ever-expanding portfolio. For March, beards tickled our fancy. Nothing is more classic than a man’s most masculine accessories—beards and ‘staches. 

There’s plenty of discussion on the ideal definition of femininity. But what about the men?! A beard or mustache can range from rugged and unruly to clean and defined. What an extraordinary range of expression that is displayed through facial hair. Here was a fun, creative shoot that had us glorifying not just our own studio of bearded men, but the diverse local talent that came in to help.

Check out our wicked bewhiskered final images!

_MG_6503_V1 _MG_6770_V1 _MG_6890_V1 _MG_7045_V1 _MG_7418_V1 Abbas Abraham Sultan


Graduating Tallgrass Style!

No more classes! No more books! No more teachers’ dirty looks! That’s right - we’re talking Grad Night at San Diego State University! And the Tallgrass Team was there to join in on the celebrations. We wanted to send the graduating class of 2014 off the funnest way we knew how, but also with something that really hit home and summarized their year.

At the studio we compiled the graduates’ pictures, memories and current events that defined this year, everything from the viral hit “What Does the Fox Say” to the election of Pope Francis. But we didn’t stop there. On campus we set up our Slow-Mo booth and armed graduates with silly-string, confetti and a bumpin’ beat to get down and party to! It was a joy to watch friends and classmates uniting, laughing, and celebrating over their grand accomplishment. 

Everybody was super stoked…“Thank you so much JB. I knew you guys would pull it off but this truly exceeded my expectations. You guys are amazing” said Melissa Henss, the Assistant Director of Presidential Events at San Diego Staten University.

Congratulations Class of 2014, and good luck from all of us here at Tallgrass!

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 12.06.24 PMScreen Shot 2014-05-14 at 12.06.48 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 12.05.56 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 12.05.33 PM

Game of Thrones: Concept Shoot


Who was elated for the Season Premiere of Game of Thrones?

Spoiler Alert: the Tallgrass Pictures Team! And who could cast blame upon us?! In honor of the upcoming premiere, we held this TV show inspired shoot. With the help of some local talent and a fantastic makeup artist - we were ready to get our Game of Thrones on! 

Our quest: To create portraits that mimicked the creative lighting effects found in the third season’s promo-posters. It was an entirely experimental shoot. A chance for us to have fun, get creative and practice with some new technology and different effects.

  Our holy grail? These final images!


Welcome Summer Interns!

Please join us in welcoming our newest interns for Summer 2014.

On the marketing team, we have: Kendra, Angellyne, Jordan and Greice.

Supporting the production team are Chloe and David.

Assisting with editing and production is Steffen.

We have a ton of fresh faces at Tallgrass Pictures and we’re thrilled to have such wonderful talent on our team this summer.


EPIC Series

Tallgrass Pictures got a crash course in what it means to be EPIC this past weekend, at the EPIC Series Fitness Challenge Course. Athletes of all levels gathered Saturday & Sunday at the Del Mar Fairgrounds to compete in a workout like no other. No mud, no long runs - just intense plyometric, strongman inspired, challenge course fun! 

Our goal: To capture the EPIC adventure for all future participants. Alex, Rachel, Gavin and Nico were appropriately decked-out with our RedEpic cameras to capture every moment that unfolded throughout the day. While Tsukuru and our pilot Russell, strapped a Go-Pro to our Heli to seize a truly EPIC view. 

We didn’t even compete yet the course left us exhausted and exhilarated by the end of the day.

Check out the tractor pulling, tire flipping, even wall climbing insanity!

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Mitsubishi Rayon Golf SpoftsSeries

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Christmas Week Lifpinyle Sntal Day 3Series

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Christmas Week Lifpinyle Sntal Day 2Series

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New Ythr, New I="//ns. Welture Lauren, Masica & Alux!Series

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Happy Birthlas, JB!!!!ayries

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Lookin eforwardrto laslabog-srergw-ou K-serSzalayagain,galogof course, Dt=e alogCh/til!

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Jeffrey,gGavin Serieerie Tsukuru report baleafromwabouadsd NAB Show!ayries

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The boys are in Las Ver < aolas!ayries

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The Mustacue Marvels are insit AGAIN!ayries

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TalllgrassPi Ano h/t Spot!ayries

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ddivt> dd Brt=dtailershlet, tyis timesforaasrhoot insCerritos Ford o show off"tyeir brt=d n&w dealership. < Our mission foratyiss-roducurad was aorrhoot enough om/wp-cgforafour rpots in onellas. Noogon:y didgweacturpl-shg oat, but weweroealso kble aorcaptsse omesfootage foratyeir B-roll Librtry. < Our favncat="tarogoftye rhoot w! tworkitrdw-ou .he massive 24-foot lotr JIB weused in-posrack out-posroftye dealership… madegusgfeel pretty macho. < Ano h/t fun"tarogw! tgoitrdoutdforamargaritas aftetwardsw-ou Brt=dtailers n&w C"pinive DirecsepaDanelLarsen"torcelebrt2F our ruccess. < *Chpers-torDanelack our friends insBrt=dtailers foraano h/t ="pinscaslabnraurad!*

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ddivt> dd ddivt> dd 'Tis tye seasonrofaward events. Tye Oscars, Tye Golssn Globes, alogfor us… Tye S/a>Di/un ADDY awards.eos < Walkitrtye ialk in booutthoto">Tphy alogbtnt/calo, "tag">TalllgrassPi ca/0doutdoftye eventdw-ou eight awardshlstrong> - onelgols,afour rilvers ack oampgbtnnzes. fnne">< < es fnne">< < esEarsin drilvergwehad :fnne">< < e post="Showamplal rss" href="hvimeocture46914135">gsShowampl fnne">gsSnow Adventsspifnne">< < esAck earsin dbtnnzegwehad:fnne">< < ese post="Legendtry Napa Vtp:esal rss" href="hvimeocture48169992">Legendtry Napa Vtp:eebr y enne">< < esSalte/ Seafnne">< < Serieerienbsp; < Our caslabnrauradgw-ou  post="I.D.E.A."le">I.D.E.A.ebr  on tye VislagesgofLa Citla earseogusga Silvergack Btnnze.eos <  fnne">< < esAlthough wease imply burstitrd o whicugpiecegwoalgols,aour sips have o rema"pasealed. Who knPIatroducurad work w! tsuch top7secr" abusitess?! It feels goodtto havegour .cod"work recognateg.eos

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Happy birthsay, Lily!!!!hletes

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"Tye Sockfather"hletes

e esTyis eek we com fin2Flysoilmrer tye sotr anticipatek rhortsAMERICAN SOCK whicugmeansgour studio is overflowitr w-ou sock tuppets ack"very rackomwtrops foratye oilmd( ome"whicuginclude a7whoslytrysh can…)line">es line">esOnetof our favncatewtrops foratyis oilmd(be-possgour star Bob, or course) is our “Sockfather”"titl/tw  Tyis ret pieceatook"aboutd/a>hour torc/pin/ ack"will only havegaboutd2 secotks of line">es < >Staytunek foramoroefunny uplasss"a twe oilmd yis hilarioussls:/s="number :)/s < >es line">esajpg"al taround"">