2014 in the Life of Production At Tallgrass

Ever wonder what a year is like in the life of a production company?

As we head into the new year, we can’t help but spend a little time reminiscing on what 2014 held. From traveling the US to muddy productions, we’ve had a blast in 2014. We asked the Tallgrass team to share their favorite TGP moments from the year and here’s what they said….

Laurelena, our glowing graphic design intern ninja said:

“My favorite memory is decorating christmas stockings and seeing the surprises inside.”


Christiaan, our battle dancing new account exec said:

“1. My favorite moment would have to be the time I had to shoot down a pretend helicopter with a super soaker. It was the first time being out with the crew shooting test shots for “Under my Roof”.

2. Surprise Bday up stairs. Was definitely surprised, took shots, and ate cake. 

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 4.55.44 PM jack

Katsie, our brand new ball of energy PC shared:

  “Some of my favorite Tallgrass moments from 2014:
- Helping on the TruGreen location shoot.
- Cooking for the Tallgrass team at the Wrap Beach Party for TruGreen
- Laurelena loving Spencer's cream filled pancakes
- The table read for UMR
- Making origami swans with Rachel for our shoot with Digitaria
- Watching JB fly the helicam for the first time"


Spencer, our walkin' on sunshine 2nd AC said: 

"My favorite time at Tallgrass so far in my 1 3/4 months working here would have to be the Under My Roof test shoot.  It was a Friday so everyone was in good spirits and we got to get pretty creative with production because it was ours.  My favorite part of the night was when we had to tie a rope around Josh and pull him to the ground as if he got shot. Or having Jordan and Katsie dance in front of the Kino lights to simulate fire.  Also when Jordan sweetalked security because we didn't have a permit. Or when JB, Keith and I we  re blinded because Michael had to point the 1600 watt joker at the camera for a shot."

IMG_2470  IMG_2525

Keith, our fierce and coffee addicted 1st AC said:

“Definitely flying out to Dallas, then coming back to JB’s street to find my car was parked in the middle of a destroyed street, perfectly on a tiny piece of pavement they had left. Erik and I had to drive through the rubble to get out. Haha."

IMG_20141104_235452340 IMG_3173-20141104-140810

Angellyne, current blog author & digital marketing coordinator said: 

"My favorite moments would include - 
1. Being able to work on the digital marketing for our first feature movie; thinking of ways to promote it online & observing this story come to life.
2. Working as a production coordinator for Publicis Hawkeye for the TruGreen Project...a lot of stuff going on there but really enjoyed it all.:) Especially meeting awesome folks from Texas and seeing the advertising collateral from the other side.
3. A tiny part of me will always have to laugh at how I jumped in mud for a test shoot...see story below..."

IMAG3050  Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 5.29.31 PM

Jordan, our champion production coordinator said:

“If I had to choose a favorite moment here at Tallgrass - it would be tough, but one that makes me laugh every time I think about it was during our time test shooting for Spot Shot.
We created a mud pit up in the North 40 (our director’s expansive farm in the middle of urban San Diego) for kids and dogs to get crazy muddy for the day of the shoot. To make sure it was the right muddy consistency for maximized success during our shoot we decided to recruit a little help from our very own, adorably child size Angellyne - who thought we were joking when she accepted the task. 
As Angellyne sat in the muddy pool, JB felt that more mud was merrier…I was then tasked to muddy up Angellyne, and had to take a huge scoop of mud and plop it directly on top of Angellyne’s sad, beautiful head.”

jordan spot shot  1924343_874639575898621_6537626965703063399_n

Beau, our senior VFX rockstar & Rachel, our VFX magician both agreed:

“Grip Olympics”*

*Grip Olympics was a friendly production competition on setting up and breaking down shoot equipment.*

_MG_9961 _MG_9885

Nico, TGP’s one and only fantastic French editor:

“My best moments of 2014:
1. The whole CH in PA shoot
2. Spot Shot shoot day in the studio. I was a hybrid 1st AC, B camera operator and coffee/grease thrower for extra slo-mo shots
3. World Viz shoot in Santa Barbara
4. Ingram Micro Shoot”

IMG_5540 1506473_948233585205886_4605737831734915173_n

Gavin, our mix masterin' senior editor said:

“For me, it was Coordinated Health because it was close to home.”


Aly, our expert socialite business development director said:

“The Addy Raid - we hosted the Addy Raid at the studio with a live green screen…helped with the Addy Awards promotional pieces, watched them play on the big screen in front of all the Addy Awards participants and cut the video announcing the new SDX.”


And finally…our director, principal photographer & fearless founder JLB shares his top moments:

“Top TGP Memories from 2014:
PreProduction on Under My Roof (Script Development, American Film Market, Casting) 
Coordinated Health - meeting the great people of central Pennsylvania and the honor of filming student athletes. 
Spot Shot - a kickass shoot making big messes.”

IMG_20141012_152509373   10626199_926934980669080_4733501047275357205_o

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 4.10.30 PM

It's been a great time 2014...we're looking forward to more adventures and fun in 2015! 

Drones in commercial film magic


 It’s a bird, it’s plane…no it’s new filmmaking technology in action, right in the heart of Palm Springs Motors!


In fact, it’s our director JLB using FPV (first person view) goggles for a production with Palm Springs Motors. With these goggles, JB was able to see live footage transmitted from a helicopter mounted GoPro that he controlled.


What’s it like, you ask? Imagine taking a ride on a roller coaster and that feeling you get over that 1st big drop - a truly amazing experience! And the shots? Well, take a look for yourself. We were able to capture great aerial footage of the expansive Palm Springs Motors facility!

YouTube Preview Image

This technology makes it possible for filmmakers to expand their creative reach (literally) and explore new views for storytelling success. We’re excited to have it in our filmmaking arsenal and glad we got to bust it out for our friends at Brandtailers. Many thanks to Cheril from Brandtailers for a cool project! And a special shout out to Juan, the fantastic porter, who moved over 500 cars for us - a true MVP of the shoot.

(Cheers to getting some sweet footage!) 

 Mini-Coopers & Micro-Climates

What do mini-coopers & micro-climates have in common?

....a hilariously chaotic production with Tallgrass Pictures!

Earlier this year, we shot a spot called “Climate Change” - a wacky concoction conceived by creative directors (and TGP friends) Robert Borges and Brad Copeland. In it, we find two scientists on a thrilling ride in a bright, red Mini.

For this shoot, the Tallgrass team took a little trip into the mountains of Julian, CA. Our action packed day included taking over Sunrise Highway with corrupt cops and then off-roading at Lake Cuyamaca (yes, in the mini cooper). We even sprinkled in some movie magic, literally - with a homemade rain machine! The rangers pumped water from the lake into the machine and created a whole new stormy scene for us - no rain dance needed - just PVC pipes and a little elbow grease. 

_MG_1580 IMG_1642

We brought some devious fun to Julian mountains! Check out the full video below:

First Music Video Success

Tallgrass Pictures collaborates with Joshua Danyel to create a musical dream.

One day. One song. One killer music video.

Tallgrass Pictures recently collaborated with musician and friend Joshua Danyel to create our very first music video for his song “Leave With Me”. With the vision of a Shakespearean world,our director and crew headed to Santa Barbara to make music video magic!

Santa Barbara High School (our musician’s alma mater) generously gave us access to their grand theater as well as their fantastical props, wardrobe & stellar fog machines. The team was armed and ready for the one day production! Our director JB along with Jordan, Keith & Josh crafted a Midsummer Night set better than we could have dreamed up. From sunrise until midnight, they captured ethereal images creating a visual story for Joshua's passionate song.


When they got back, it was our champion editors’ Nico & Gavin’s turn! Mixing together the images and sound, they finished the story in time for Josh’s album release party.

And now we’re so excited to hear that our music video has been selected to be screened at the inaugural San Diego Fall Film Festival! Cheers to a beautiful collaboration coming together on the silver screen.

For your viewing pleasure, we present Joshua Danyel's "Leave With Me"

MoHo Productions
Buy on iTunes here: itunes.apple.com/us/album/shi...

Casting Under My Roof in Los Angeles, California

This Week Casting Under My Roof in Los Angeles with Gabrielle Schary 

The latest news at Tallgrass Pictures this week is that Jeni, Jennifer, JB, and casting director Gabrielle Schary are heading to Studios West in Santa Monica to cast the leads in Under My Roof. With hundreds of submissions our team is sure to have an action packed a couple of days. Over the next that week couple weeks the team will be casting in Los Angeles, San Diego, and New York. For more information about this casting find us on IMDB.


Stay tuned or more production updates @TallgrassFilms & @_UnderMyRoof 

Bet Performances GIF

American Sock Now Available in 4K

Big things are happening at Youtube as 4K, or Ultra HD video becomes available on the prolific service. An article by Mashable’s Pete Pachal stated earlier this year that 4k, or Ultra HD footage will come in a new format called VP9, a royalty-free codec that will also reportedly offer a better experience with Google Hangouts, according to GigaOm. Pachal also states that the VP9 codec consumes considerably less data than other commercial codecs (such as H.265), letting the service stream higher-quality streams with less bandwidth.

For us at Tallgrass Pictures this is fantastic news! As a commercial production company, we produce everything from high speed motion capture, to aerial helicopter footage, computer generated graphics, and feature films all in High Definition.  

For Gavin, TGP senior Editor, his interest in UHD started at NAB last year when he got to screen video on an 8K tv. “It was like looking out a window” Gavin remembers while explaining the differences between 4k and 1080p mastering. According to Gavin,  there are not many differences in mastering 4k versus 1080p, except for increased render times and larger files; but beyond that 4k monitors are not household items, at least not yet. For us  this had meant that  the Ultra HD footage we’ve been shooting for 5 years can now finally be realized in online video, creating a richer viewing experience for our clients.

In the past with sites like Youtube our crisp, surreal imagery would lose and great deal of its luster when compressed to for web, it simply did not do it justice. Today that is a thing of the past, now with this new codec TGP and creators of all sorts are able to more easily share beautifully crafted content online!

This is exciting news to our team, and we’d like celebrate by sharing one of our Award Winning comedy shorts American Sock.


American Sock now available in 4k.

American Sock now available in 4k.

Under My Roof, A Tallgrass Production

Under My Roof poster gif

Production begins this November!

Herbert Weinberg’s father is striking a blow for freedom. Implanting a nuclear device within a garden gnome in the front yard of their Southern California home, he’s declared independence from the U.S. The household is understandably is an uproar. Mother’s gone, the local weatherman has moved in, and 13-year-old Herbert is simultaneously a hostage and the Minister of Information. Even while troops surround the belligerent house-state of Weinbergia, the call to freedom has been sounded. The house is rapidly filling up with American refuseniks. Can the refrigerator hold out? Will Herbert’s and Daniel defeat imperialism and reunite the family?  Based on Aristophanes’s Archanians, Under My Roof is funny, ambitious film.

For more live updates and behind the scenes content through out production, follow @_UnderMyRoof on twitter and check us out on Facebook.

Under My Roof  Movie Poster

Three New Faces!

The men are taking over Tallgrass Pictures!

We'd like to formally introduce a couple of the newest faces at Tallgrass. Please join us in welcoming Marvin, Keith and Josh to the Tallgrass Pictures team.

NewHires-Fall2014-Josh NewHires-Fall2014-Keith NewHires-Fall2014-Marvin

Spot Shot TV Commercial: messy fun

Mud pits, coffee stains, and erupting marinara sauce. Some people may call this their worst nightmare, but Tallgrass Pictures calls it a great day at the office.

Over the summer, we filmed a commercial for Spot Shot carpet cleaner with the fun team at O'Leary & Partners. Our shoot was a wild ride including mud flinging from dogs and children, tossing mugs of coffee around the studio, to Zorro initiating a sword fight. 

Team members went home covered in mud, marinara, lipstick, and smiles. Thanks Spot Shot and O'Leary & Partners for a great shoot! 


2-Day Roloxin Shoot

Kicking off a busy week of shoots was Roloxin Lift; a two-day shoot where we produced both a brand video and tutorial for Roloxin.

Day one focused on the Roloxin Lift brand video showcasing various women’s bathrooms. This shoot took place in Mission Viejo, CA at The Bath Company, a bathroom fixture superstore featuring several bathroom vignettes making it the perfect location for this shoot. After a little prop styling and strategic camera angling we had four beautiful bathrooms and you’d never know that we were in an operational store with looky-loo customers surrounding our set!

On day two, we were back at Tallgrass Pictures studio where Tsukuru built a working sink in the middle of the studio for the Roloxin tutorial! The natural light from our open studio made for beautiful imagery with light reflecting off each drop of water as our talent splashed water on her face.

The only thing more breathtaking than the shots were the instant results our talent got from Roloxin Lift itself. It left all of the women (and men) asking where they can get themselves some Roloxin!

_X3F5570 Roloxin1

Guild Mortgage

On Wednesday, Guild Mortgage welcomed us into their offices to film the company’s brand video._X3F8842 Guild Mortgage

We got amazing time lapse footage in front of the building and captivating shots of the Guild Mortgage staff hard at work; all narrated by their President and CEO Mary Ann McGarry. We loved spending the day at such a beautiful location and working with everyone from Guild Mortgage who, we must say, are naturals in front the camera.


Filming into the Future with Ingram Micro

As part of a new brand video for Ingram Micro, we shot a futuristic scene of a young couple announcing an upcoming baby. How did we make the scene look like 2030 and not 2013? By shooting at a stunning, mostly glass, modern-style home at the top of Mt. Helix, a small mountain right here in San Diego.

We captured the soon-to-be grandfather video chatting with the expecting couple on a 2D holographic image projected on glass. Since it’s still 2014, we used blue lighting to create the visual effect of a hologram shining on the actor’s face. In post-production, our very talented Beau Runnells worked his magic with the footage, making the couple look as if they are the ones in the hologram!

We had a blast capturing the essence of a precious family moment and highlighting the role of Ingram Micro’s technology in creating it. All while getting to pretend it was high-tech 2030!

Shooting the Skype scene

A Proposal to Remember, Ingram Micro

Ingram Micro, a global Fortune 500 technology company, assigned us to collaborate on a brand essence video for use company wide capturing technology in life's biggest moments.

Ingram’s Dan Iorgulescu, Ewan Pidgeon and Jason Williams have been invaluable collaborators, writing a fantastic script based in human emotion and experience, being very helpful on set and in the editing bay. 

We shot footage from 3 continents including India and Africa, but one of our favorites? The Japanese Friendship Garden, where friendships grow! Set in the lovely Balboa park, this venue captured the perfect mood for the ultimate Geo Cache adventure. 

With two talent and one GPS, you’ll see a couple hunting for treasure with nothing but a set of coordinates. The prize you ask? A wedding proposal! Recording one of life’s biggest moments, and highlighting how GPS technology was able to help make this memorable moment come to life? Mission accomplished!  

Thank you to the Japanese Friendship Garden for allowing us to film at such a fantastic location!

unnamed PreRough_V5.1.Still011
photo 3


Masculinity: Concept Shoot

Joselle Mariano for Masculinity Concept shoot
We love shooting so much, once a month we become our own client, concepting and assigning a Tallgrass creative shoot for our ever-expanding portfolio. For March, beards tickled our fancy. Nothing is more classic than a man’s most masculine accessories—beards and ‘staches. 

There’s plenty of discussion on the ideal definition of femininity. But what about the men?! A beard or mustache can range from rugged and unruly to clean and defined. What an extraordinary range of expression that is displayed through facial hair. Here was a fun, creative shoot that had us glorifying not just our own studio of bearded men, but the diverse local talent that came in to help.

Check out our wicked bewhiskered final images!

_MG_6503_V1 _MG_6770_V1 _MG_6890_V1 _MG_7045_V1 _MG_7418_V1 Abbas Abraham Sultan


Graduating Tallgrass Style!

No more classes! No more books! No more teachers’ dirty looks! That’s right - we’re talking Grad Night at San Diego State University! And the Tallgrass Team was there to join in on the celebrations. We wanted to send the graduating class of 2014 off the funnest way we knew how, but also with something that really hit home and summarized their year.

At the studio we compiled the graduates’ pictures, memories and current events that defined this year, everything from the viral hit “What Does the Fox Say” to the election of Pope Francis. But we didn’t stop there. On campus we set up our Slow-Mo booth and armed graduates with silly-string, confetti and a bumpin’ beat to get down and party to! It was a joy to watch friends and classmates uniting, laughing, and celebrating over their grand accomplishment. 

Everybody was super stoked…“Thank you so much JB. I knew you guys would pull it off but this truly exceeded my expectations. You guys are amazing” said Melissa Henss, the Assistant Director of Presidential Events at San Diego Staten University.

Congratulations Class of 2014, and good luck from all of us here at Tallgrass!

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 12.06.24 PMScreen Shot 2014-05-14 at 12.06.48 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 12.05.56 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 12.05.33 PM

Game of Thrones: Concept Shoot


Who was elated for the Season Premiere of Game of Thrones?

Spoiler Alert: the Tallgrass Pictures Team! And who could cast blame upon us?! In honor of the upcoming premiere, we held this TV show inspired shoot. With the help of some local talent and a fantastic makeup artist - we were ready to get our Game of Thrones on! 

Our quest: To create portraits that mimicked the creative lighting effects found in the third season’s promo-posters. It was an entirely experimental shoot. A chance for us to have fun, get creative and practice with some new technology and different effects.

  Our holy grail? These final images!


Welcome Summer Interns!

Please join us in welcoming our newest interns for Summer 2014.

On the marketing team, we have: Kendra, Angellyne, Jordan and Greice.

Supporting the production team are Chloe and David.

Assisting with editing and production is Steffen.

We have a ton of fresh faces at Tallgrass Pictures and we’re thrilled to have such wonderful talent on our team this summer.


EPIC Series

Tallgrass Pictures got a crash course in what it means to be EPIC this past weekend, at the EPIC Series Fitness Challenge Course. Athletes of all levels gathered Saturday & Sunday at the Del Mar Fairgrounds to compete in a workout like no other. No mud, no long runs - just intense plyometric, strongman inspired, challenge course fun! 

Our goal: To capture the EPIC adventure for all future participants. Alex, Rachel, Gavin and Nico were appropriately decked-out with our RedEpic cameras to capture every moment that unfolded throughout the day. While Tsukuru and our pilot Russell, strapped a Go-Pro to our Heli to seize a truly EPIC view. 

We didn’t even compete yet the course left us exhausted and exhilarated by the end of the day.

Check out the tractor pulling, tire flipping, even wall climbing insanity!

 Epic Still 4Epic_Still 1Epic Still 7Epic-Still-5

Aly & Allison take on S.F.


Here’s to new friends and old! Ten meetings. Two days. Aly and Allison rocked their way through San Francisco, ’wining and dining’ with SF’s top ad agencies and mastering its public transport. 

By BART, bus, trolley and foot, these ladies made it everywhere from the beautiful shorelines of the Embarcadero to the historical docks of Fisherman's Wharf! Our friend, Angus at Dolby, welcomed us by taking us back to school. Wait, we mean Skool - a delightful lunch spot in SF where the menus were appropriately printed on binder paper! While our new friends at First Person were introduced to us over cocktails at a hip speakeasy bar named Local Edition. 

We also had the opportunity to meet with Doremus, Eleven Inc., and OneWorld…just to name a few. Everyone is so busy! So it was a great time for our team to see what these agencies are working on, and share our own work as well.





Harrah’s “See it up close”

Filming at Harrah's Resort, Southern California what a blast! A strong collaboration between I.D.E.A. creatives Ryan Berman and Joe Nafziger, Harrah’s Ryan Thompson and Jeffrey Lamont Brown. With 9 setups in one day, we were lucky to have the incredible Nicole Miller, Amy Lorenzen and Harrah’s very own Patty Olvera making everything flow as smooth as the lazy river.

The concept: “See it up close” opens with extreme closeups of guests enjoying the key amenities of the property. Massage, juicy steak, beautiful hotel room, lazy river and a win in the casino. We cover a lot of ground in 30 seconds with this spot. And oh yeah, we shot some cool slow-mo helicopter footage of the new hotel tower for the end card!

Look out for this television commercial; it’s enough to make you say, “DAMN!”


He blinded us with Science!

Bigger, Better, Faster! Tallgrass

Over here at Tallgrass not only are we picture people, but every once in a while we build a computer! A spiffy new animation workstation at that…

Stay tuned for more about our graphics and animation capabilities! 

_MG_6454 _MG_6416 _MG_6420 _MG_6430

Time Lapse San Diego

YouTube Preview Image

Tsukuru has been shooting a ton of beautiful time lapses around San Diego with our new Kessler Crane.

Check out this sample of the awesome results he is getting!


Congratulations Tallgrass Pictures Interns

Congratulations are in order for our student filmmakers Monica Nguyen & Alex Drachnik!

Check out their films below or you can attend the showcase at San Diego State University this Thursday, May 15th!


Hard Lemonade


Tallgrass Pictures at the San Diego Film Awards

It was a great time last night at the first ever San Diego Film Awards, and we're happy to announce that Tallgrass short American Sock took home an award for Best Writing! So we'd like to send out a big thanks to screenwriter Jason K. Allen, the Film Consortium of San Diego, and our wonderful team!

TallgrassPictures-SanDiegoFilmAwards-BestWriter-ShortFilm-RedCarpet TallgrassPictures-SanDiegoFilmAwards-BestWriter-ShortFilm-Winning TallgrassPictures-SanDiegoFilmAwards-BestWritier-ShortFilm-Marquee TallgrassPictures-SanDiegoFilmAwards-BestWriting-ShortFilm-GreenHornetCar TallgrassPictures-SanDiegoFilmAwards-BestWriting-ShortFilm-StreetInterview

Behind the scenes, Oscar Vine Parodies

The 86th Academy Awards are tomorrow so we at Tallgrass figured it be fun do Oscar Vine Parodies with a few of our new interns.

Enjoy these behind the scenes photos and be sure to mark your calendar for March 2, 2014 because we'll be live tweeting the Oscars at @TallgrassFilms and you don’t want to miss our Best Picture Vine Parodies!

TallgrassPictures-86thOscarsVineParodies-12YearsASlave TallgrassPictures-86thOscarsVineParodies-Her TallgrassPictures-86thOscarsVineParodies-Frozen TallgrassPictures-86thOscarsVineParodies-CaptainPhillips TallgrassPictures-86thOscarsVineParodies-AmericanHustleTallgrassPictures-86thOscarsVineParodies-TheWolfOfWallStreet

 Check out our :30 version on Youtube! 

ADDY Awards Gala!

Happy awards season everyone!  Yes, it that time of year once again. Time for the annual round up of everything awesome in advertising, the ADDYs! Every year the American Advertising Federation hosts an event to showcase the best in the business and this year Tallgrass Pictures is a big part of the festivities.  The local chapter of San Diego's AD Club enlisted our help  in hosting their annual ADDY Raid, we were to  happy to oblige. (Stay tuned for the behind the scenes photos)


JB christening the Slomo Booth, ADDY Raid 2014

JB christening the Slomo Booth, ADDY Raid 2
San Diego AD Club, ADDY Raid Slomo booth at Tallgrass Pictures Studio

San Diego AD Club, ADDY Raid Slomo booth at Tallgrass Pictures Studio

San Diego AD Club, ADDY Raid Slomo booth at Tallgrass Pictures Studio

San Diego AD Club, ADDY Raid Slomo booth at Tallgrass Pictures Studio

The ADDY's awards gala is this Friday at 6pm at the Gaslamp's US Grant Hotel, this  Gatsby themed event promises to be swinging time! 

ADDYs | San Diego Ad Club

National Spot for San Diego State

Tallgrass Pictures shoots it’s fourth national spot for San Diego State University. The assignment: To highlight the research and science opportunities the school has to offer. Boring you say? Not! We open the spot to a lab full of students making bionic limbs; then walk directly onto the deck of a 100ft boat doing cutting-edge virus research, launch the Mars Rover, and end with an ensemble cast at Hepner Hall, all in one continuous shot. Cheers to our CGI team for all their hard work to make those transitions flawless! 

Shooting at sea can be rough and even seasick we didn’t fall overboard. The team stayed strong and got incredible footage. Great job! It was a combination of every team members’ individual efforts that let us get so many shots that appeared effortless. 

We also couldn’t have accomplished getting that warm atmosphere of campus without the Aztec students who volunteered as extras. We’re excited to premier the SDSU spot; look out for it this coming spring! 

_MG_3319 _MG_3454 IMG_4452

Harrah's Rincon Casino & Resort

Our recent shoot at Harrah’s Rincon Casino & Resort was like the great casino itself, big and bold. It was a nicely sized production with 30 cast & crew. We shot with a couple of RED epics, capturing both stills and video. The stills looked amazing and, at 50 MB, huge. Harrah’s also hooked us up with their amazing buffet, providing steak and lobster for everybody. (Many thanks for Ryan, Amber & Patty for that!)
Production base was composed of 2 of the casino’s largest suites, jacuzzis included. This housed all the wardrobe and the equipment that we couldn’t haul to our 8 shooting locations. It was certainly our first time having hair, make up & wardrobe in the same room as a jacuzzi.
In our assignment, we illustrated Harrah’s Rincon Casino & Resort's transition to a luxury resort, so we spent the day capturing several of their upgraded amenities, like Dive, their new outdoor pool area, which is complete with lazy river, swim up bar and spa. By wrap time, we had shot 10 talent in 8 places in 12 hours, and had plenty of great footage to show for it.

_MG_6857 _MG_6853
_MG_6875 MRCblogpic1 _MG_6914

Mitsubishi Rayon Golf Shafts

We were thrilled when our friends at Simpler & Simpler asked us to do another video shoot for Mitsubishi Rayon Golf Shafts. Last year we found and executed a unique way to capture this company’s premium and super-premium golf shafts golf shafts, and we were ready to step up to the challenge once again.

For this shoot we took a normal-sized production and made it miniature. We shot the golf clubs with macro lenses, which let us make the products appear far bigger than their actual size. This made the shots very dramatic because of the great level of detail these cameras capture. Making slight lighting adjustments or moving the camera a mere 1 mm would change the composition. 

With the hands of “surgeons”, we were able to get all the shots we wanted with great precision. The videos, once edited & finalized, will be used in both the American and Japanese markets.

_MG_9570 copy

Christmas Week Lifestyle Shoot Day 3

On our last day of our lifestyle shoot Christmas week, we headed to the cliffs of Torrey Pines, where we had 2 cameras right at the cliff’s edge. Our talent were champions, running up narrow goat trails and posing in stretching positions above the legendary Black's Beach. 

We ended the week of shooting in the chic offices of Digitaria. We capture amazing views of both our talent and "aerials" down into PETCO park baseball stadium at sunset. To get so many great images in such a variety of places took complete commitment from everyone involved, and, wrapping that day, everyone felt extremely proud to be a part of this dedicated team. 

  a_1 a_2 _MG_0636 _MG_0719

Christmas Week Lifestyle Shoot Day 2

Day 2: Downtown San Diego. We were immersed in San Diego’s downtown Gaslamp quarter. The weather was sunny and beautiful for shooting, but so warm that it posed a threat to the "Ice Cream" scene. APC Britney, literally ran from the ice cream shop to our set to keep the tub of cones from melting! 

By the time the sun was setting that same day, we decided to capture some extra shots at our final location: Goorin Brothers, a stylish downtown hat shop loaded with Fedoras, Boaters and many other cool hats. To get enough light in the store’s second floor terrace, G+E  stood in the street with shiny boards to capture the remaining sunlight. Inside, JB shot above from a bird’s eye view, while Gavin rolled low angle "B" camera.   By the time the sun had gone down, we knew our clients were going to be spoiled.

_MG_0402 _MG_0431 _MG_0477

Christmas Week Lifestyle Shoot Day 1

With 3 days notice, we pulled together a rocking 3 day lifestyle shoot the week of Christmas. From the Torrey Pines cliffs to downtown, our crew of 13 shot 14 talent in 8 locations in 3 days. 

The first day we shot at beautiful home in Bay Ho, a cool neighborhood overlooking Mission Bay, where our team had fun assembling our largest prop to date, a 14 ft trampoline. It was a great team building exercise to build it "on the day" with agency/client in the house. Our "boss" set dec team took the house from Christmas to "Season Agnostic" and back to it's festive state. JB and the A + B camera teams rocked it, keeping 4 kids (and "Parents") happy throughout the day. One 5 year old had so much fun her mom sent this email. "Alana had such a great day today!  In the car she told me that she wishes she could wake up "at night" and do this every single day.

_MG_0015 _MG_0051 IMG_9980

New Year, New Interns. Welcome Lauren, Monica & Alex!

Say hello to our new nuggets Monica, Alex, & Lauren! We’re so happy to have these wonderful ladies in the studio.
All SDSU students, Lauren joins our marketing team, and Monica & Alex come on in production. Welcome Ladies!

Lauren Walberg, Monica Nguyen, Alex Drachnik

Lauren Walberg, Monica Nguyen, Alex Drachnik