White Board Portrait Game - Congrats Alex!

We had a friendly little competition on the studio white board today. Everyone had to draw someone else on the board, and the most creative (or hilarious) illustration won a hug & a beer! Congratulations Alex for making an awesome rendition of Rusteen AKA “The Situation" ;)

Shout out to the talented Greg Keuhn!

YouTube Preview Image

Today we take some time to send a shout out to a special collaborator of ours, the talented Greg Keuhn. Greg has been a very special sound designer and composer for us, and has worked with us for the past three years, always creating something unique and original out of nothing.

Greg got his start in a little band called T.S.O.L., who’s tunes have rocked the punk scene since the late 70s. We’re lucky to work with such a talented musician like Greg, and we’re always glad to see how well he’s doing.

To find out more about Greg Keuhn and his work, check out his website at http://www.peligromusic.com

The start of a new scene

Today we welcomed the lovely Jennifer Atlas into the family as our new script developer. And with that, we also just purchased the rights to two new scripts that we can’t wait to get started on: “Touring Toilets" and “American Sock". Stay tuned for more updates on these projects coming soon.



‘Tis the season to spend time with the ones you care about, so today at the Tallgrass studio we took a special three hour lunch to ring in the holiday season with our good friends at Oster & Associates and our new friends from Parallel 16. We spent the morning fixin’ up holiday home cookings for our guests, complete with rotisserie chicken, scalloped sweet potatoes with creamy goat cheese, artisan mac and cheese, and Tsukuru’s Japanese masterpiece “Konnyaku" topped off with sweet pumpkin pie and hot coffee! Yum!

After a joyous and belt-loosening meal we were swamped with leftovers. We didn’t want it to go to waste, so we loaded up some plates and extended our “Friendsgiving" to those in need. From everyone here at Tallgrass Pictures, we hope you enjoy this holiday season with the ones you love!

Legendary Napa Valley spot wins silver!

We were all very proud of our Napa tourism commercial, and it turns out we are not the only ones. The Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International awarded our spot a silver medal at their annual Adrian Awards! This one goes out to our dear friends at Burghardt+Doré who made it all possible.

Adrian Award

Welcome Yoshi to the Tallgrass Pictures Team!

You may know Yoshi as Super Mario’s reptilian companion, but after today you’ll know him as the newest Tallgrass Pictures employee! We’re all glad to see him join our team full time. What a great way to end Thanksgiving, don’t you think? Yoshi

Huntington Beach AKA Surf City USA

The latest Tallgrass Pictures journey sent us to the one and only Surf City, USA - Huntington Beach. Its not that we don’t get enough beach time here in San Diego, but what makes Huntington Beach so different are the miles of unobstructed beaches and roaring waves just waiting to be surfed. When you think of Southern California, this is the place you picture in your mind. What makes Huntington Beach so unique is that even though its a surfer’s paradise, there’s even more to do for those who want to stay dry. We explored all the unique Huntington Beach sights, like the leisurely gondola ride that allows you to enjoy the water while relaxing, we piled into a four seater surrey bike with camera gear in hand and performed some drive by filming. We plopped down in the sand right beneath the net of a volleyball game going and discovered that the games can get pretty competitive! When the sun set the bonfires light up and the sounds of crackling embers and crashing ocean waves was the perfect place to call a wrap on our perfect shoot. Surfing isn’t just one of the many activities here, it’s a lifestyle that touches every one of its residents. That unbelievably relaxed atmosphere worked its way inside all of us, and soon our spot will do the same for you. Special thanks to Madison and Jamila at Huntington Beach Marketing and Visitors Bureau!

Shoot for the stars!

With several SDSU alumni working at Tallgrass Pictures, returning to the campus to shoot our third commercial was a nice homecoming. This year the spot featured the lives of the 8 alumni who helped NASA land the “Curiosity” rover on Mars.

By focusing on SDSU’s talented aerospace and astronomy department, we captured some of the years of training and experiences that these alumni gained from their alma mater. We started right at the beginning with children dreaming of space, transitioning to college students studying in high tech labs, and finally launching their dreams into action inside NASA mission control, celebrating as the rover set down on Mars. It was truly a cinematic tribute to their hard work and accomplishments made possible by SDSU.

We had so much fun on this shoot. It's not too often that you get to play with giant telescopes, wind tunnels, and rockets. Many thanks to Jack Beresford and everyone at SDSU for letting us shoot for the stars!



Spend some quality time at the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe!

Some things are inherently romantic: two chilled glasses of chardonnay, starry winter nights, and horse back riding at dusk. What better way to experience this then spending some quality time at the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe. This San Diego gem has been accommodating locals and tourist for over half a century and are currently going through a complete transformation. So, Tallgrass Pictures has been to ask to create some beautiful lifestyle still images to lure visitors to this brand new experience.

We had two shoot days, which consisted of capturing many activities the Inn has to offer, such as a romantic picnic, court side cocktails, lounging beside a sublime pool, and 5 star dining delights that made everyones stomach’s beg for a bite!

Don’t worry, we didn’t go hungry, the staff at IRSF spoiled us with exceptional dinners such as mouth watering filet mignon and local mussels cooked to perfection. Not only that, but they put us in their best rooms and allowed the crew to get a first hand feel of what the Inn is truely about.

Special thanks to Rob Stirling, Brad Copeland, The Starmack Group, and the entire staff at the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe who made this so enjoyable. Stay tuned for our final photos that will be posted on www.tallgrasspictures.com.

Behind the Scenes: The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe

Take a look behind the scenes of our hospitality shoot at The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe… We had fun, can’t you tell?

Making specks of dust appear Godzilla-sized!

We’ve all heard stories of awful Mondays spent in a cubicles staring at an Excel spreadsheet for hours on end, but we don’t believe in that here at Tallgrass.

This week we’re starting out our Monday doing a very special shoot of Mitsubishi Rayon golf shafts. They will be captured with an Innovision Probe snorkel lens that will give these shafts their ultimate close up. To give you an illustration of how amazing this lens is: it makes specks of dust appear Godzilla-sized!

With a bug’s eye view on these shafts we’re capturing something totally unique from a perspective you haven’t seen before, and boy is it going to be good!

Everyone watch out, because we’re on fire!

We’re closing in on the end of 2012, and we’re going out strong! We’ve jam packed back-to-back-to-back productions, so everyone is kicking it into high gear to keep this barreling production on the tracks.

But our schedule is not the only thing we’ve jam packed; the whole studio has been taken over by shoots and pre-production. Even our old painting studio in the back has been put to good use as the new home base for the super powered pre-production ameoba. Everyone watch out, because we’re on fire!

What do you get when you combine the forces of Danica Patrick, Bon Jovi, and “America"?

What do you get when you combine the forces of Danica Patrick, Bon Jovi, and “America"? The Tallgrass trick-or-treating A-team!! This year Halloween fell mid-week on a Wednesday, but that did not stop the marketing team here at Tallgrass from spreading its spooky spirit. Danica (Aly), Mr. Bon Jovi (Kyron), and “America” (Lindsey) went on an afternoon excursion through downtown San Diego stopping in at some local agencies. The adventure began at the Jacob Tyler Creative Group, where CEO Les Kollegian was festively dressed as a cute little girl scout. Next the gang headed to San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau, where Annie Pearson gave the crew a marvelous tour of the haunted halls. A few other highlights of the day included visiting our friends at Fuelhaus and I.D.E.A, and finishing the day at Oster and Associates where the team got to spend some time swapping scary stories over a batch of delicious Jack-O-Lantern frosted cookies. We sure do love trick-or-treating!

At the crack of dawn

We started our latest still-­‐photo shoot at the crack of dawn in a scenic pumpkin patch with talent bundled up in trendy winter clothes from Gabriel Brothers, a department store based out of West Virginia. Shortly after the sunrise, the heat reminded us that SoCal weather and East Coast threads are not the best combination. But we braved the sweat with big smiles and soon were relieved to be back in our cool and shaded studio. We took a quick break to enjoy Alex’s chili potluck, before shooting another anomaly: a nighttime football scene at noon on green screen. For our last setup we made our way to Mission Bay, which we creatively shot to look like an idyllic lake with bonfires and s’mores. Bringing an East Coast feel to Southern California was a fun challenge; one that we were excited to accept. Thanks goes out to the amazing creative director Sunshine Stevens, who was and always is, right on point. 

We're making it snow in San Diego!

We’re making it snow in San Diego! 12 tons of snow in the front yard and we’re about to have a snowball fight in 70˚ weather!!! :)

To Eat and Drink in LA :)

Isn’t summer supposed to be over?  "As if!" Aly and Linds spent a lovely afternoon in Los Angeles meeting with a few clients and friends.  Topping off the day with a stop at our beloved Brandtailor’s, only to find it was Thirsty Thursday!  The girls enjoyed awarm catch-up session and introduction to the newest members of the agency. Sending out our TGP love and thanks to the entire Brandtailor’s team for having us, with special thanks to Cheril Hendry, Kristen Roberts, Laura Wakeman, and Sean Gilpin for always “hangin’". CHEERS!!

Wonderful Machine Shares New Tallgrass Pictures Showreel To Discovery!

On Kayleen & Sean’s most recent portfolio sharing adventure, they brought along our iPad portfolio to share, and it turned out to be a great hit! :) Here is a little photo-excerpt from their blog post this morning… (click image to visit their blog) Thank you for sharing the love Wonderful Machine! We are very thankful of your support.

Fun in the Del Mar Polo Fields!

This weekend we decided to make use of the Canon 800mm 5.6 lens by bringing it out to the Del Mar Polo Fields! It was a great time for everyone, especially Jeffrey’s son Sacha who was able to hang out with Dad and run around barefoot on the soft grass of the polo fields. We can’t wait to share what we captured so stay tuned…

Our brand new showreel!

It's here!!  We’ve been long awaiting and now ecstatically present to you…for your viewing pleasure…our brand new showreel!!

The Countdown To The New Showreel Release Continues...

2 more days!!! Aren’t you excited?


END OF SUMMER BBQ!!!  Thanks to all friends and family of Tallgrass Pictures! The weather was sunny, the ocean was warm and welcoming, and thanks to chef Jeffóis, the burgers were absolutely tasty! But what we enjoyed the most was wrapping up this beautiful summer with the folks we love. We’re looking forward to a great fall :)

Chargers Cheerleaders take over the studio for a workout video

Former San Diego Charger’s safety Jason Perry brought over his entourage of beautiful and spunky Chargers cheerleaders to participate in his first workout video. This 30 minute video is called Exercise With Benefits and features his personalized workout regiment that he uses when training the Chargers cheerleader squad. After hosting a live editing session in our viewing theater, we are well under way of completing this project. It will soon be released and available for purchase on Jason’s website: chasingfit.com

We’ll work for Skateboards!!!

Today we accepted the delivery of two custom made Loyal Dean longboards made from recycled organic materials. We’re going to take these beauties out and film what they can do on the glorious streets of SD, and afterwards we get to keep them! Man, it feels just like Christmas! Thanks Shawn Gill and all the folks at Loyal Dean!! :)

Did you watch the commercial we filmed air nationally during the America's Cup on NBC Sports?

What did you do this weekend? Oh, went to the park, that’s nice. What did we do? Oh, you know… watched the commercial we filmed air nationally during the America’s Cup on NBC Sports!!! :) As you can tell we are very proud of this accomplishment. But we couldn’t have done it without great creative from Jeff Burghardt and Nicole Doré.  Thanks Tallgrass team, your focus and passion your focus and passion from pre-pro to mastering was amazing.   Enjoy!

Tallgrass' spot for The Napa Valley is running nationally on NBC Sports now!


Workbook 34 Spread Goes Lucha!

This still image was pulled from RED camera footage and has been iconic in our marketing materials for the past couple of months. You’ll find this happy luchador on our postcards, leave-behinds, and even featured in action on our brand new showreel. Our new showreel debuts on September 12!! If you’re expecting a copy of the new Fall 2012 Workbook that’s shipping out soon, check out our spread on pg 346-347!:)

Jeffrey is featured on Altpick.com today!

Check out this special feature of Jeffrey Lamont Brown at Altpick.com

Jeffrey Named Member of Advisory Committee at Kroc School of Peace Studies

Continuing with his commitment to social issues, Jeffrey has been named as an honorary member of the advisory committee for the Re-Imagining Border Photography Contest at the Kroc School of Peace Studies, University of San Diego. The contest will give young students and younger audiences a chance to explore border related issues and challenges. Jeffrey was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for his photo essay which chronicled a young man’s migration across the border from Mexico to Chicago.

Picture-Lock on The Napa Valley TV spot!!!

What better way to end the week then celebrating? Only 7 days after wrapping our shoot in The Napa Valley, with a record-breaking 3 TB of footage, and we already recieved picture-lock! Cheers to the editing team who has worked around the clock to achieve this success. Now we are moving on to color-correction and final touch ups. We can’t wait to deliver the final product!

Wrapped with a Splash!

Just finished a week of shooting in The Napa Valley’s blistering heat, now it’s time to cool off! To celebrate, everyone jumped in the pool and played a good ole fashion game of water volley… well, that was until somebody popped the the beach ball. …It wasn’t me.

Day 3 of the incredible Napa Valley shoot!

The Napa Valley: Shoot Day 3 Today began up valley at Auberge Du Soleil where we filmed the incredible scenic views from the infinity pool at the spa to the gorgeous balcony suite. We later moved back down valley to The Carneros Inn to film hospitality shots. The suites at Carneros are amazing, with apple and pear orchards down the walkways, outdoor claw foot bath tubs, and a pool that looks over sweeping vineyards. We were very fortunate to film here and all of the other magnificent locations. If you would like to check out the final spot, it will be airing nationally during the America’s Cup on NBC Sports on Sunday August 26th between 2:30pm - 4pm (EST) Our Napa behind-the-scenes video is coming soon!

Poison oak won't even stop us!

The Napa Valley: Shoot Day 2 We started the day off right by heading into the woods to do some foraging with Triple-Michelin Star Chef Christopher Kostow and his team. JB came across some poison oak, but that didn’t stop him, he just kept on shooting! Next, we moved to the amazing kitchen at the Restaurant at Meadowood to see where all of the magic happens. From grill to plate, we shot high-end dishes beautifully garnished with wild herbs that grow in the woods surrounding the restaurant. After a delectable lunch we headed over to film a lovely evening dinner amidst the vines. After propping the set with a little over 50 candles, we tamed the talent with a couple glasses of red wine and filmed until sunset. Afterwards, the crew treated to a tour of the cave where they store all their precious wine. It was a perfect ending to a magnificent day!

Time to represent the beauty of wine tasting in Napa Valley!

The Napa Valley: Shoot Day 1 Today we were up bright and early, and to our surprise - there was NO FOG! We were graced with beautiful sunshine so we headed out to the cabernet fields of the Trefethen Vineyards to film Jon Ruel, Director of Viticulture and Winemaking. Here he used his refractometer to measure the progress on some young grapes that had just turned purple. Later, we worked our way into their old, rustic barrel room that smelled of oak and aged vino. It was here that we aimed to represent the essence of time and the beauty of wine tasting. We wrapped the day with a sweeping sunset view over the rolling hills that were woven in trailing vines. All & all it was an amazing day!

Prepped and ready for Napa Valley!

The Napa Valley: Final Prep Day We stopped by a few of our locations today to button down some final details before our shoot, and meanwhile, learned the science of making wine! After a tour through Trefethen winery, we were fascinated to see the process from the lab, to the tasting room, and into the bottles. After that, we headed for the rolling hills and mapped out a good location to film an evening dinner in the vines, where Gavin & Aly acted as stand-in models for the scene-to-be. After rallying up with the rest of the team and greeting our talent, we ended the day filming poolside at The Carneros Inn. The light, talent, and atmosphere were everything we could ever ask for to start off a great week of filming in Napa. Shout out to Diane from The Carneros Inn - you are an exquisite host, thank you for the goody bag!

Scouting in Wine Country

Relaxing on the job JB? Not for a second! This was one of the most productive Saturday’s we’ve had all summer. By 5am JB and Aly were on a flight to Napa to scout a weeks worth of shooting locations in one day! The scout was in preparation of a luxurious TV spot for the Visit Napa Valley that will air nationally during the America’s Cup at the end of August. By the luck of good graces, we had found all of our locations by 6pm and allowed ourselves a quick break to enjoy a nice chilled glass of white wine and soak in our surroundings. We were very grateful to be under the guide of Burghardt+Doré Advertising. Thanks for the wonderful tour Jeff & Nicole! *Cheers*


Just got picture-lock on our new showreel that we will be releasing on September 12th. Can’t wait to share it with you!

Image Handpicked For Creative Finder

Our image was handpicked by Creative Finder’s portfolio crew for a feature on their main page, which will appear before thousands of creative professionals who use the network daily.

Comic-Con Refugees

In order to escape the hectic craze in the downtown San Diego region, we headed to Hollywood to meet a couple different creative agencies. During a quick stop to Papa’s Beard for some cream puffs after a tragic cooking dropping incident, Aly discovered a wax Leonardo DiCaprio statue. It was almost impossible to peel her away, as she was initially convinced that he was the real thing! But we managed to escape and get to our next meeting in time to make some great new connections with some wonderful creatives. All and all, it was a magnificent day!

Tallgrass supports biotechnology!

JB and Tsukuru recently returned from the Rocky Mountains where they collaborated with Traina Design on a still photo shoot for Ciris Energy.  Using biotechnology, Ciris harvests power naturally using simple activated microbes to transform coal into natural gas.  Their production of clean energy is sustainable, environmentally conscious and we are honored to support their cause.  In order to visually articulate their efforts, we created a series of executive portraits, captured engineers in their cutting-edge laboratories and 2 sweeping environmental motifs that will be deployed on the web and new media.  To find out more about their innovative methods visit their new website at cirisenergy.com.  

One Tough Tallgrasser

Even when she’s out of the office, Lindsey Irey’s running towards victory and aiming to succeed. To start July off right, Lindsey had a few challenges up her sleeve starting with an Independence Day 15K on Coronado Island, followed by the formidable Tough Mudder only 3 days later!
She ascended over walls, wriggled her way under barbed wire, and ripped through lashing taser wires… nothing can stop this girl!
We are so proud of you, great job Lindsey!

Chocolate covered bacon for all!

Del Mar Fair Lifestyle Shoot - Chocolate covered bacon for all! Thanks to Aly + Kate for the speedy pre production. And for our game-for-anything talent who rode tons of rides, ate crazy food and smiled through it all.

Cubscout graduation

Aly’s son Kaiden graduated from Tiger Scouts to Wolf Cubs, hip hip hooray!

Traina Design awards Ciris Energy still photo production to Tallgrass

eMaxx Partners awards Fisker Automotive Production/Post Contract to Tallgrass!

Tallgrass EP said, “The Fisker Karma is amazing. Beautiful design, hi performance and lower CO2 than the prius. Wow!" www.fiskerautomotive.com

Aly can take on anything...especially a 48 hour film project!

Tallgrass’s very own Aly Bucholz received 1st place “Audience Choice" at the 48 Hour Film Festival last night. Not bad, for her first year directing a 48 hour film project!

Behind the Scenes of our Marketing Team

Shooting some behind the scenes of our marketing team (Taken with Instagram)

BJ's Restaurant & Brewery FIRST EVER TV Spot!

We just finished the first ever BJ’s Restaurant & Brewery TV spot, which will be aired in different states around the US. Thanks for the excellent collaboration of Matt Hood from BJ’s Restaurants and Tim Blett from eMAXX Partners. This shoot brought a whole new meaning to “Will work for food!"

Team Trip to LA

The team took a trip to Los Angeles today to meet with a few amazing agencies. On our first stop, we were lucky enough to get a full tour of the legendary Hotrod Magazine’s photo studio while visiting Alan Alpanian at Source Interlink Media. It was tremendously difficult to keep our jaws from dropping when every corner we turned we discovered another sweet sports car! Thanks for the tour Alan. :) After that we had a nice sushi lunch with the good folks at RAPP. It was a pretty big group, we have the privilege of meeting about 20 of their creative staff, some of which really loved playing with the new RED Epic that we brought in. Then we finished the day off throwing back some Stella’s with the hilarious creatives at Skiver Advertising in Newport, who show no doubt of having a good time on a daily basis. We really enjoyed your company guys, thanks for having us over. Cheers!

"Model airplane" shot makes Photo of the Day on OneEyeland.com

ConGRADulations to our interns for graduating from their universities on Saturday!

Alex & Joe, we are very proud of you, and honored to work with such dedicated individuals :) <3 Tallgrass Family

La Costa Ad hits Dictionary.com!

Aly had a pleasant surprise today while she was looking up a word on Dictionary.com and ran across a photo that we shot back in March for an agency called i.d.e.a.
"There I was, just a browsing along, checking out the word of the day, and BAM! There it was in the banner ads on the side of the screen! I was so excited to see it, especially because I usually don’t notice those ads. I guess this one is just so good that it stands out on the page."
- Aly We’re happy we could collaborate with such a creative group as i.d.e.a.’s Amy Lorenzen, Kelly Day, and Adam Wagner who turned these landscape and interior stills into a "type" of living space, and a "bold" message about the luxury lifestyle of the Villages of La Costa. :)

Paralympics Ad Filmed In One Shot Without CGI Effects

In hopes of inspiring people with disabilities to take up para-sports to remain active, ad agency BBDO Toronto created an amazing commercial for the Canadian Paralympic Committee. The entire commercial was filmed in a single continuous shot without any CGI effects. In the commercial, an amputee runner (portrayed by Canadian paralympian Alister McQueen) is shown running past all the obstacles he had to overcome since his disability due to a car accident.

Cheers for Beers!

Today we continued the rally of tourism photography, this time we were at Stone Brewery in North County. We got to take a very educational tour of the brewery and while we were shooting one of the giant beer tanks showered us with fresh beer. After our tour, we nestled beneath the beautiful trees and enjoyed a tasting of Stone’s finest… and by “we" I mean our lovely talent. :) They may have had just the right amount because by the time we were shooting the conference meeting, they were drawing silly pictures of each others mothers and laughing hysterically. We couldn’t help but join with a chuckle or two. I’d like to give a shout out to the wonderful people who made this happen: Thanks Randy at Stone, Annie & Aki from ConVis, Dennis & Kristina from Mering Carson. You guys ROCK!

Reeling in Mexican Rockfish to Red Snappers!

There couldn’t have been a nicer day to shoot people enjoying a fishing trip out at sea then this Sunday! The morning started out cloudy, but by the time we reached the boats there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky and the warm sun was beaming down so nicely! We reeled in a bunch of fish from Mexican Rockfish to Red Snappers! Another successful day, but we weren’t done yet… once the boat snuggled into the dock, we headed for Belmont Park to eat some snow cones on the Boardwalk at sunset.

Super Moon De Mayo

May starts out the month right with a “Super Moon" and a super shoot! As we continue on our journey of the capturing the essence of San Diego tourism, we ventured to Hillcrest for a bit of color and craze at Urban Mo’s Bar & Grill! So many were celebrating Cinco de Drinko with their festive sombreros and endless margaritas. Afterwards, we retreated to North Park, where we enjoyed the peace and quiet of Urban Solace. The “urban to urban" was like night and day, and we were happy to wind down with our fancy steak and wine, watching the super moon rise.

Best burger join in all the land!...HODAD'S!

We cruised the streets of Ocean Beach this afternoon, adventuring around to all the tourist hot spots. Of course we had to make a pit-stop at the best burger joint in all the land: Hodad’s! The onion rings were enormous, not to mention the mouth watering burgers paired nicely with a chilled PBR. We captured some great shots and had a blast doing so, can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s shoot has in store…

Pa Party... Fiesta... Forever

Another beautiful day of shooting San Diego tourism. Today we started off at the beautiful Fashion Valley mall, where we explored Jimmy Choo and some other amazing high end stores. Afterwards the gang hit up Taco Tuesday at the best authentic Mexican restaurant in Old Town, Cafe Coyote! We learned how to make homemade tortillas, and how many margarita’s it would take to make the mariachi band sing for free!


On our first day shooting for SanDiego.org we went to a fifties diner called Clayton’s on Orange Ave in Coronado Island for a fun filled family outing! One of the kids in our family of talent wouldn’t stop eating all the “prop" ice cream, pie and burgers! All that modeling must surely make a kid hungry! Everyone was happy with the shoot, Dennis gave the cow a smooch, and the dish ran away with the spoon! .

Lindsey's first PC Rodeo!

Our little APC is growing up… She’s packing up the gear, making schedules, and down right building her very first shoot. Before you know it she’ll be casting talent and making interns cry! We’re happy to see you step up to the plate Linds, keep up the good work. Don’t forget the Red Bull… you’re gonna need them.

Ahhh Beautiful San Diego

ConVis awards Tallgrass Pictures contract for San Diego tourism photos… We’re excited to go out and explore the beautiful city we live in with our dear friends at San Diego Convention & Vistors Bureau and we’re looking forward to getting some great photos!

Quick & Sweet - For a Good Cause

JB, Tsukuru, and Aly made a quick trip to an Orange County high school yesterday to film a documentary shoot for our dear friend and strategic partner, Cheril Hendry of Brandtailers. The plans were a bit short notice, but the shoot was for a good cause, so we jumped right in because we’re always down to help the community out. We left with spirits lifted and smiles on our faces. What a good day!

Welcome to the family...

We would like to give a warm welcome to Lindsey, our newest APC. She’s actually been a member of the family since December, (as you’ll see in the Christmas family photo) but she’s such a hard worker it’s hard to drag her away for a quick head shot!

New High-Tech Google Glasses

I totally want a pair of these…
"Through the lens of the glasses, text messages, maps, weather information, and locations can be streamed in real-time. The glasses also records videos, take pictures, sends and receives messages, and makes video calls—all of which can be done through voice commands"
- DesignTAXI

We like having company over...

Bev Oster from Oster and Associates took a break from her work to join us for lunch today. We had some tasty homemade lasagna (mom’s special recipe) and exchanged some stories about each others recent fun-filled travel experiences. It’s nice to have company over, and folks like Bev add some value to what might generally be ‘just another day at work.’ We hope you join us again soon Bev :)

Sliding Into 1st Place!

Here’s a look back at a shot captured behind the scenes during the Big Bear shoot a couple weeks ago. JB, Gavin, and Joe took a little break to race each other down the slope to see who’s got the best sledding skills… …I guess they thought that having their tongues out would make them go faster.

A Camera Fit For Outer Space

"Canon has recently unveiled a camera for astronomy enthusiasts—a camera designed specially to capture the beauty of the night sky. Called the Canon EOS 60Da DSLR Camera, the camera offers a “modified infrared filter and a low-noise sensor with heightened hydrogen-alpha sensitivity”, the company wrote on its website"
- DesignTAXI.com

Torn Clouds

"North Carolina-based artist Scott Hazard creates clouds, smoke and secret portals on photographs by tearing shapes into multiples prints of the same image. After tearing them, he then stacks the photographs on top of each other, creating a series of abstract images, which he calls ‘Photo Constructs’."
- DesignTAXI.com

Great shoot at Estancia!

Estancia shoot was a great success! Thanks to Cheril Hendry, Laura Wakeman and Sean Gilpin on the Brandtailers team. And to the Estancia La Jolla Hotel + Spa team led by GM Terry Bucholz, you rock!

"Waking Up" to an Award!

"Waking Up" :60TV directed by JB for Reingold Agency wins AVA Platinum Award in the TV Spot/PSA category. Thanks for Roman Wyden and the team at Creable Films. Check out our post from Behind the Scenes!

Living the Mini-Life... APRIL FOOLS!

I wish these were real…
"Taking full advantage of April Fools’ Day as well was car brand MINI. The company ‘released’ camping solutions for MINI drivers, called the “Cowley Caravan” and “Swindon Roof Top Tent”, and a boating vehicle called “Mini Cooper Yachtsman”."
- DesignTAXI

Crazy hair day at school!

Crazy hair day at school!

Refrigerator Magnet Lets You Order Pizza Simply By Tapping It - DesignTAXI.com

Refrigerator Magnet Lets You Order Pizza Simply By Tapping It - DesignTAXI.com

Brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm!

Thanks to my friend and mentor Cheril Hendry, CEO of Brandtailers for inviting Kate + I up to collaborate with her class of rockin Chapman University Advanced Advertising students. In the space of a couple hours they brainstormed 4 compelling :30TV scripts for a performance tire company. Love it! Cheril received this note from one of her students this morning:
"Hi Cheril, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed yesterday’s class. Jeffrey was by far the best guest speaker I’ve had in any class this semester and I really enjoyed the class activity we did. I thought it was a realistic application of subjects we’ve discussed, and it was great to get the whole class involved in a creative process. Thanks for a great class!"

Sneak peek: Big Bear Shoot!

Here’s a peek behind the scenes of our shoot in Big Bear… it was so fun, can’t wait to go back!

We just finished the second day of our Big Bear Adventure shoot...

We just finished the second day of our Big Bear Adventure shoot, and boy was it fun! After we saw the forecast for a storm front rolling in on Thursday, we started making plans. The team decided on Friday morning that the shoot was a GO, and we put it all together over the weekend. By Monday morning we were chugging up the mountain, trucks packed full of gear, the snow had just let up and the trees were crystalized with sparkling white powder. We’ve been snowshoeing all around in the fresh powder, and can’t wipe the smiles off our faces. Wanted to share some of our memories with you…

Where is the SUN?

On Thursday morning we started getting nervous as storm clouds were blanketing overhead and at sunrise, the sun was nowhere to be seen! Our task for the day was to shoot beautiful landscapes images that illustrate the luxury and beauty of living in the Villages of La Costa. Weather sure was challenge, but we managed to pull off 7 landscapes with a 4 hour break in cloud coverage. Kelly Day from i.d.e.a. was sunshine to work with, as JB says, “she’s extremely creative and very decisive." Having a great team to work with is definitely a plus when pulling off what, to some, might seem unachievable… but we did it! :)

Ahh the beautiful relaxation of production work...

Ahh the beautiful relaxation of production work. As you see here, our 1st AC Tsukuru Matsumura is sprawled out on the massage table ready for his deep tissue Shiatsu Therapy …If only he weren’t just standing in for the model! :) Although we weren’t actually getting massages, we were definitely relaxed on this creative shoot, because everything went together seamlessly. It was a collaboration with our strategic partners Cheril, Sean, and Laura from Brandtailers, and freelance Creative Director Brad Copeland, who wrote the creative. The shoot was developed to capture the sensational moments of traveling and collecting memories. We are excited about the footage we captured and can’t wait to cut it up and share it with you! A big thanks goes out to Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa, for allowing us to film at their amazing hotel, and being so accommodating. And also to the great talent we had who were fun and easy to work with. Cheers!

Definition of "Entrepreneur"

I heard a great description on NPR and I’m paraphrasing, because I, like most, get my NPR fix in the car…
"An entrepreneur is someone who seeks opportunity with resources beyond their control." 
Love this because it opens the door for all of us to harness the spirit in our creative lives.

Great collaboration with SDSU!

We had a fantastic collaboration with Coleen Geraghty, Editor of 360: The Magazine of San Diego State University, in producing this cover shot of award-winning director, and SDSU film student, Hilary Bryce.

a poem recited over breakfast at our house today...by W.H. Auden

In Memory of W.B. Yeats

He disappeared in the dead of winter: 
The brooks were frozen, the airports almost deserted, 
The snow disfigured the public statues; 
The mercury sank in the mouth of the dying day. 
What instruments we have agree 
The day of his death was a dark cold day. 

Far from his illness 
The wolves ran on through the evergreen forests, 
The peasant river was untempted by the fashionable quays; 
By mourning tongues 
The death of the poet was kept from his poems. 

But for him it was his last afternoon as himself, 
An afternoon of nurses and rumours; 
The provinces of his body revolted, 
The squares of his mind were empty, 
Silence invaded the suburbs, 
The current of his feeling failed; he became his admirers. 

Now he is scattered among a hundred cities 
And wholly given over to unfamiliar affections, 
To find his happiness in another kind of wood 
And be punished under a foreign code of conscience. 
The words of a dead man 
Are modified in the guts of the living. 

But in the importance and noise of to-morrow 
When the brokers are roaring like beasts on the floor of the Bourse, 
And the poor have the sufferings to which they are fairly accustomed, 
And each in the cell of himself is almost convinced of his freedom, 
A few thousand will think of this day 
As one thinks of a day when one did something slightly unusual. 
What instruments we have agree 
The day of his death was a dark cold day. 


You were silly like us; your gift survived it all: 
The parish of rich women, physical decay, 
Yourself. Mad Ireland hurt you into poetry. 
Now Ireland has her madness and her weather still, 
For poetry makes nothing happen: it survives 
In the valley of its making where executives 
Would never want to tamper, flows on south 
From ranches of isolation and the busy griefs, 
Raw towns that we believe and die in; it survives, 
A way of happening, a mouth. 


Earth, receive an honoured guest: 
William Yeats is laid to rest. 
Let the Irish vessel lie 
Emptied of its poetry. 

[Auden later deleted the next three stanzas.] 

Time that is intolerant 
Of the brave and the innocent, 
And indifferent in a week 
To a beautiful physique, 

Worships language and forgives 
Everyone by whom it lives; 
Pardons cowardice, conceit, 
Lays its honours at their feet. 

Time that with this strange excuse 
Pardoned Kipling and his views, 
And will pardon Paul Claudel, 
Pardons him for writing well. 

In the nightmare of the dark 
All the dogs of Europe bark, 
And the living nations wait, 
Each sequestered in its hate; 

Intellectual disgrace 
Stares from every human face, 
And the seas of pity lie 
Locked and frozen in each eye. 

Follow, poet, follow right 
To the bottom of the night, 
With your unconstraining voice 
Still persuade us to rejoice. 

With the farming of a verse 
Make a vineyard of the curse, 
Sing of human unsuccess 
In a rapture of distress. 

In the deserts of the heart 
Let the healing fountains start, 
In the prison of his days 
Teach the free man how to praise.

Levi’s Teams Up With Korean Ballet Company, For Super-Stretchy Jeans

YouTube Preview Image Levi’s Teams Up With Korean Ballet Company, For Super-Stretchy Jeans This is a cool video. It’s a beautiful way to demo the stretchy.

OOH Campaign

I.d.e.a. awards contract to Tallgrass Pictures for print + OOH (out of home) campaign. We’re thrilled to work with this new, fresh world class agency based only 5 blocks from our studio!

Fresh Meat!!!

Tallgrass Pictures welcomes two new interns for the spring: Joe Henschel from SCU of San Marcos who’s majoring in Mass Media & Film Production. Check him out rocking a set of snow shoes on a shoot in Big Bear last week! And Alex Miyashiro from SDSU who’s majoring in Television, Film and New Media Production. Welcome! We’re looking forward to showing you the ropes …and having you mop the infinity wall a few times along the way ;)

The Gren Group shows JB's beautiful work in their video!

The Gren Group: An Introduction [on today’s Workbook Blog] The Gren Group represents number of brilliant professional photographers including Jeffrey Lamont Brown, Thomas Broening, Pete Barrett, Mark Katzman, Eric Kiel and Jonathan Chapman.

Whoa, serious production.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDGrfhJH1P4 The Guardian “Three Little Pigs" Ad.  - Whoa, serious production.  I wonder what the budget was?

What's the big I.D.E.A.?

We’re very excited about the new merger of two great companies in our neighborhood. Congratulations Bailey Gardiner & Fishtank for merging to make  i.d.e.a. - the idea brand. It’s good to see such a group of this caliber formulate and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for the future. So here’s to i.d.e.a and opening on the birthday of one of the founders of the group, Ryan… Cheers!

Helping One Another

Over the past week, Tallgrass Pictures collaborated with Children’s Initiative on a pro-bono basis to produce a capabilities video about their amazing work. If you don’t know about The Children’s Initiative yet, let me take this opportunity to fill you in… Children’s Initiative is a non-profit agency who’s main priority is to improve the well-being of children in San Diego County by aiding and supporting community based organizations, government institutions, schools and businesses. As a strategic partner of CI, we wanted to help them in creating this video because we believe in their values and encourage their movement. To learn more about The Children’s Initiative, or to help contribute to their network for good, please visit their website at www.thechildrensinitiative.org.

Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day

Jeffrey named "Entrepeneur In Residence"

Jeffrey has been named as an Entrepreneur’s In Residence at Chapman University’s Leatherby Center for Entrepreneurship and Ethics.  He will be mentoring MFA/MBA students at the university, participating in roundtables, and helping build credibility for the program. http://www.chapman.edu/launch/ The Leatherby Center was named #6 Entrepreneurship Undergraduate Program by Bloomberg Businessweek 2011.

We've gone "mad" talking in strange accents...

After many long days of hanging drywall, and getting itchy with insulation, these two hard working Tallgrassers have gone “mad" and are now talking in strange accents. I guess it’s time to give them a “tea break" Hahaha!

Jeffrey was featured in a "Sunday Spotlight" on the Wonderful Machine Blog

I believe in the kids of Luepp Public School!

YouTube Preview Image We’re so excited to provide a bit of inspiration to the kids of Luepp Public School in Flagstaff Arizona.  They entered this video in a statewide contest in Arizona, after being inspired by “I Believe", a commercial that Tallgrass Pictures filmed for San Diego State University last August. SDSU has launched their own video contest that encourages individuals to create their very own version of the spot. If you are feeling inspired and would like to learn more about submitting your version of “I believe" visit SDSU’s website. Go Aztecs!

Our work is getting "big"!

An image shot by Gavin & Tsukuru was placed on a billboard near the SDSU recently. It was created for San Diego State University’s campaign “Leadership Starts Here". We’re proud to see our work “get big" and wanted to share it with you :) Kudos Gavin & Tsukuru!

Construction project update…

Construction project update… The new theater is well under way. The girls of Tallgrass have been heading this project! They’ve built up the drywall, stuffed it full of insulation, wired electrical and now they are prepping the new wall for mud application tomorrow. We’re making some real progress and hope to be done with the wall construction by Friday and on to the other details… like interior decorating! We’ll keep you posted :)

Happy Valentine's Day from the Tallgrass Team!

A special joke for today…

A special joke for today… Q: What would you call your Aunt who ran off to get married? A: Antelope :) Happy Valentines Day!

"Construction?" you say…

Today marks the first day of our very own Tallgrass Pictures construction project! "Construction?" you say… Ah yes… Construction! Our skills don’t stop at production, we are a crafty bunch!  We are building up a 3D theater in the loft of our  downtown San Diego studio. With our Davinci resolve we’ll offer real-time, feature film quality color correction on a 120" screen powered by reference grade, calibrated 1080p projector. On the sound front we’ll be installing a calibrated 7.1 surround sound system.  Both will be THX certified.  It’s a project we’ve been planning for about 2 years now and we’re thrilled to be putting the project in motion. Today,  we’re framing the walls,  and wiring wiring for surround sound. We’ll let you know when we’re popping the popcorn and invite you over for the first movie screening! :)

San Diego local, Rita Hanscom, was selected for the One Eyeland Gallery!

Our photo of Master Athlete and San Diego local Rita Hanscom, was just selected for the One Eyeland Gallery! Part of our Passion of Sport photo series, she was a age 55 when she earned her title of WMA Master Athlele of 2009. As an All Time World Ranked track and field competator she has traveled extensivly across the globe to go up against the best. Rita is not only an 100, 200, and 400 meter sprinter (with a time of 28.16 seconds on her 200 meter Dash), she is also accomplished in the Short Hurdles, High Jump, Pole Vault and Long Jump events. Check out our viedo installment to the Passion of Sport series, Play: The Passion of Sport Vol. 1 , inspired from our work with Rita we strive to capture others with her same athletic spirit.

We mean business.

We mean business.

Here’s our secret to growing such wicked staches… shhh, don’t tell!

Behind the scenes of our team photos… Here’s our secret to growing such wicked staches… shhh, don’t tell!

"Picture Day" for the Tallgrass Team!

The team got together for “Picture Day" at the studio. We wanted to do something fun and original to represent ourselves in an image that we could use for promotions and Lunch & Learn invitations. So we agreed on the idea of creating our own mustaches and showing our silly yet serious selves. We had great fun with this shoot and wanted to share it with you… Enjoy.

Hungry for these photos?

We had such a great time shooting a TV spot at the BJ’s Restaurant test kitchen in Orange County this week. We were fortunate enough to have one of the country’s best food stylists on set with us and it was such a treat to experience the magic that goes into making food look so tasty!

Haywire - great use of new technology!

Haywire - Steven Soderbergh's new film - great use of new techology

Teaming up with some great folks for the Ford shoot!

Last week, the gang at TGP teamed up with the Cheril Hendry and the Brandtailers team on a two day shoot for Ford in Palm Springs, CA.  Great job by  Script Supervisor Sean Gilpin, who toughed it out in the cold.  With hundreds of cars perfectly placed, hours of hard work and so many great memories, this really was a team effort to make beautiful film. Special thanks to the staff at Palm Springs Motors and Fiesta Ford Lincoln!